Whose Furry Nose?: Australian Animals You'd Like to Meet

Whose Furry Nose Australian Animals You d Like to Meet Before turning each page the reader is invited to guess the partially shown Australian animal which will be revealed on the next page

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  • Title: Whose Furry Nose?: Australian Animals You'd Like to Meet
  • Author: Henrik Drescher
  • ISBN: 9780397322367
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Before turning each page, the reader is invited to guess the partially shown Australian animal which will be revealed on the next page.

    One thought on “Whose Furry Nose?: Australian Animals You'd Like to Meet”

    1. Once again, Henrik Drescher introduces the animal world to us as we now explore the various animals from Australia! “Whose Furry Nose?” like its predecessor “Whose Scaly Tail?” features the same young boy and his fascination with the animals in Australia which is brought to you by Henrik Drescher! “Whose Furry Nose?” also has cute illustrations like its predecessor “Whose Scaly Tail?” but the story is a bit too simplistic for many children to handle.This book is once again about [...]

    2. Cute picture book of Australian animals. Drescher introduces each animal by a distinguishing feature and then reveals the animal on the next page. The illustrations are playful, but the nerd in me wanted more facts about each creature than were provided on the last page that summarized all of the animals.However, if a kid is really interested in Australian wildlife, I would recommend Caroline Arnold's Australian Animals, which has huge full-color photos of animals and is packed with interesting [...]

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