CatStronauts: Mission Moon

CatStronauts Mission Moon CatStronauts you are needed When the world is thrust into darkness due to a global energy shortage the Worlds Best Scientist comes up with a bold plan to set up a solar power plant on the moon But s

CatStronauts Mission Moon Paperback CatStronauts Mission Moon Drew Brockington on FREE shipping on qualifying offers CatStronauts, you are needed When the world is thrust into darkness due to a global energy shortage CatStronauts Race to Mars Drew Brockington CatStronauts Race to Mars Drew Brockington on FREE shipping on qualifying offers In the sequel to CatStronauts Mission Moon , your favorite elite group of cat astronauts are thrust into the space race of the century Fresh off of their heroic mission to save the world Otter Award Nominees Washington Library Association Catstronauts mission moon by Drew Brockington Little, Brown Dragons and Marshmallows Zoey and Sassafras by Asia Citro, illustrated by Marion Lindsay The Innovation Press Game Over, Super Rabbit Boy Press Start by Thomas Flintham Branches Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen by Debbi Michiko Florence, illustrated by Elizabet Vukovic FSG Macmillian Kids Best Summer Space Reads for Kids Educational Gift Ideas A good book about space can feed a kid s obsession or inspire a brand new interest in exploring the wonders of the universe If you re hoping for a holiday gift, you re in the right place Here Great Words, Great Works Scripps National Spelling Bee Each year, the Scripps National Spelling Bee publishes its School Spelling Bee Study List, a list of words to help students prepare for a school level spelling bee. acaf Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival The Kids Have Chosen Their Favorites On June , , the annual Kids Comics Awards Ceremony was held at the Ann Arbor District Library, hosted by Zack Giallongo and Ellie Moody Nominees were suggested by kids via public ballot in April . Sumter County Library System Lincoln s last trial the murder case that pro Abrams, Dan, author. Graphic Novels Common Sense Media Graphic novels aren t only for Wimpy Kid fans or comic book enthusiasts All kinds of stories are now being told in this format, which mixes illustrations and text.Younger readers might like silly books about a superhero mouse or a wacky lunch lady, whereas mature teens can check out modern takes on classic novels, powerful historical fiction, and compelling memoirs.

  • Title: CatStronauts: Mission Moon
  • Author: Drew Brockington
  • ISBN: 9780316307475
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Hardcover
  • CatStronauts, you are needed When the world is thrust into darkness due to a global energy shortage, the Worlds Best Scientist comes up with a bold plan to set up a solar power plant on the moon But someone has to go up there to set it up, and that adventure falls to the CatStronauts, the best space cats on the planet Meet the fearless commander Major Meowser, brave butCatStronauts, you are needed When the world is thrust into darkness due to a global energy shortage, the Worlds Best Scientist comes up with a bold plan to set up a solar power plant on the moon But someone has to go up there to set it up, and that adventure falls to the CatStronauts, the best space cats on the planet Meet the fearless commander Major Meowser, brave but hungry pilot Waffles, genius technician and inventor Blanket, and quick thinking science officer Pom Pom on their most important mission yet

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    1. As a cat person, I am pretty into this tween graphic novel series, volume one, but the other cat people in this house (all of them smaller than me) seem to love it even SO MUCH more. H, 12, came to tell me I gotta read it, ASAP! Done!Problem: This (parallel) world is actually filled with cats, not humans. The world has a problem, though: In 60 days the world power-supply is gone. Solution? Meet the CatStronauts! Pilot Waffles (My fave, never far from food); Chief Science Officer PomPom: Chief Te [...]

    2. I loved absolutely everything about this book. It's adorable and hilarious and may possibly be my favourite read this year. Highly recommend to anyone who can appreciate a cat world. And puns. And terrible jokes. (Seriously, it's amazing)

    3. I liked the bit that included actual astronaut training. I hated that there were four catstronauts and every single one was male. My daughters wanted their space agency to be CASA.Library copy

    4. OK, this is for children, and it's very cute, and its intended audience will undoubtedly be into it.Ind of wanted more from it? Like the premise is cute and silly and I just wanted it to really lean into the cat puns and cuteness. 3/5 COULD BE CUTER

    5. Ahhh, this is so cute! Each of the cats have a different personality and it's funny from start to finish. Quick, light read.

    6. Astronaut cats going to the moon to save the earth from using up all of its energy? Yes please! Meet the CatStronauts! Pilot Waffles (always hungry); Chief Science Officer PomPom (no wet fur, please!); Chief Technical Specialist Blanket (and his sidekick cat robot); and Major Meowser, their truly fearless leader. Did you ever read the Commander Toad series? If you liked that - then you will enjoy this also. It's not quite as slapstick though there is some humor. And Catstronauts even squeezes in [...]

    7. Space x cats x dangerous missions x food! What could possibly go wrong?This was a wild guess when I bought it on , I couldn't find any excerpts, so I just had to go by the cover and the blurb, both of those sounded awesome, but I know that such a thing doesn't always mean the book is good. So I was just crossing my fingers. And then the book arrived a few days later, I opened it up, and knew I had a winner. I just couldn't stop reading, instead I was laughing my butt off during so many scenes, e [...]

    8. This is the first book in the CatStronauts series by Drew Brockington. The first two books were released apparently simultaneously, and the third book is expected to be published by Halloween this year. So either the author had a number of stories created and ready for publication or he is an incredibly fast artist. I discovered the first two books at our local library, and considering how much we enjoyed reading the saga of Binky the Space Cat by Ashley Spires, I thought this might be another h [...]

    9. Energy consumption is too high, and in only 60 more days the world is due to run too low on  power to keep everything going. The World’s Best Scientist’s coolest plan is to build a solar power plant on the surface of the moon, because it will always be exposed to the sun. Major Meowser (the leader), Waffles (the pilot), Blanket (the technician), and Pom Pom (the scientist) are called together and tasked with training for and completing the mission. I bought this as a birthday present for my [...]

    10. I picked this book up as an impulse buy because it was next to the cash register at my local , independent bookstore. I was longing for a bit of novelty and quirkiness and the image of four cats in a tuna can shaped spaceship fit the bill. In all honesty, I will probably donate this book to the "Little Free Library" box that is in my community tomorrow afternoon . I have no desire to read the next book in this series. My life will be just fine without knowing what the cat pilot known as "Waffles [...]

    11. Do you like cats? Do you like space? But most importantly, do you like cats??? If you like cats and graphic novels, CATSTRONAUTS: MISSION MOON by Drew Brockington is probably something you will enjoy. It's a cute children's graphic about a team of cats that go to the moon to prevent an energy crisis on an Earth run by cats. It was a very fun and cute way to spend about a half hour, as it reads fast and it a breeze to get through. The pictures are adorable, the characters are very fun, and I will [...]

    12. This is adorable. It is a kid’s book that involves cats going to the moon. The main characters are Waffles is the pilot-who is always hungry, Pom Pom is the navigator, Major Meowser is the commander, and Blanket is the tech specialist-who is also working on a robot cat called Catstrobot. It’s a simplistic story and the characters are pretty one dimensional so don’t expect anything amazing but it is cute.

    13. Earth's energy supply is running low so the president calls the smartest scientist he knows to find a solution to the problem. The scientist decides that a solar power plant on the moon will provide Earth with the needed power. It is up to a group of astronaut cats to land on the moon, build the power plant, and save Earth.Good for ages 6 and up.

    14. Catstronauts was just a barrel of fun. It’s one a tentative reader will love; it’s funny and colorful, and parents will like that it addresses real world concerns in a fun way. Energy use and alternative means of powering the planet are the reasons for our catstronauts to go to the moon, and their trip there is a fun romp. I’d definitely pick up others in the series.

    15. Super cute! I needed something light and silly and distracting and not requiring much thought and this fit the bill perfectly--thanks for the recommendation, Audrey! P.S. Blanket is my fave!

    16. Haha, this is great. The Presidents of the United States of America is hilarious. Also, good job solving the energy crisis cats!

    17. This new graphic novel series will be a sure fire hit with readers. Pulling in some STEM, I can't wait to see where in space the CatStronauts are off to next!

    18. A free copy was provided to me by Little Brown Publishers.I just got this ARC yesterday and was so excited when I saw that it was a thick graphic novel. I read both Mission to the Moon and Race to Mars, back to back. This is a fun, tongue in cheek, graphic appropriate for all ages, probably grade 2+, but I would even recommend for voracious teen graphic readers. Mission to the Moon is the first volume where you meet Pom Pom, Waffles, Blanket, and Major Meowser (last one always gets me

    19. There will be children who will love this graphic novel becausets in space! I mean, how could you not pick up a book with cats in space? See those space suits! They have little tail covers. And yet, the rest of the story leaves something to be desired. The cats have to go to the moon to create a solar array panel and they have little time to train. There are some jokes in there about rockets being built from kits and a hungry cat named Waffles but for the most part, the story falls pretty flat. [...]

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