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  1. Original review, August 19, 2015Huh, I somehow missed this excellent very-easy-reader when I was kid and only just encountered it as my baby niece had it. She handed it to me in exchange for my Michelin Must Sees Milan & Italian Lakes guide, which apparently I am not getting back. I did not get to keep this book, either. Babies are unfair like that. Update, February 8, 20165 months later this is still a firm favorite with my niece, who wanted it read three times before bed. She has memorized [...]

  2. This is just the bestest Lift-a-Flap book evah!This kid writes to the zoo, because they want a petHilarity ensues as the crates start arriving, and the kid ends up having to send the animals back.They get a giraffe. (view spoiler)[Too tall! (hide spoiler)]A lion. (view spoiler)[Too fierce! (hide spoiler)]A snake. (view spoiler)[Too scary! (hide spoiler)]A camel. (view spoiler)[Too mean! Watch out he spits (hide spoiler)]A frog. (view spoiler)[Too jumpy! (hide spoiler)]A puppy. (view spoiler)[Um, [...]

  3. I can't believe this was a new book when I first read to my children 25 years ago-they were babies! How fast time goes.I remember this book as being great fun. They both loved it.

  4. CƯNG HẾT CHỖ NÓI!Lần đầu tớ tận mục sở thị cuốn này là ở nhà sách Phương Nam. Thử một hai trang đầu, chúng tớ thấy thích quá thế là tớ quyết định gập lại để về trên kệ luôn. Má ôi! Thân gửi Sở thú với tớ lúc ấy như món ngon phải để dành ăn vào thời điểm thích hợp, ăn một mình, ăn ngay, ăn trọn, ăn từ từ, ăn không ngừng nghỉ. Tớ phải canh me trên Tiki đợt Hội sách Onl [...]

  5. I borrowed the words from this book and set the book aside for parents to look at and/or check out. Its much more fun when you're "reading" this with babies and toddlers and using something fun, furry and soft.When I "read" it, I had a box marked "From the Zoo" (as if the kids could read it) and I would just say the same line over and over again:"I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet" (That's a direct quote from the book) and then I'd pull out a different puppet from the box and bring it to life f [...]

  6. I've got a sticker on the back of my car that says "Dogs are for life, not just for Christmas" (What?!?! Ok, I'm one of those smug animal lovers who have naff, self righteous car stickers. And I couldn't say no to the animal charity where I got my dog from, when they asked me to stick it on my rear screen window.).Regardless. Is it a bit hypocritical of me to be endorsing this book, based on my ethical beliefs that animals are not toys to be swapped, sold on, imprisoned or treated as inanimate o [...]

  7. Book Review 3Rod CampbellDear ZooThis story is a fun introduction to animals and their characteristics. It is written in the first person, with repetitive sentences. The nature of repetitiveness enables young readers to predict and engage with the story. The story is written as a letter to a zoo asking them to send a pet to the reader. Each page has a flap which carefully hides the animal sent from the zoo and a written clue for example, ‘heavy’ or ‘danger’ on the animal’s container. A [...]

  8. This is a fun and interactive book, children will enjoy lifting the flaps. It describes they animals and explains why they would not be a suitable pet. This teaches children about the difference between wild animals and pets. Children can guess what animals they think will be behind the flap and explain why, which encourages verbal reasoning. The book provides ample opportunity for discussion the children can talk about what animal they would like as a pet. The children will be asked to explain [...]

  9. The book ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell was a favourite amongst the children at my nursery. It’s a story about a child who writes to the zoo asking for a pet, and receives a number of unsuitable animals from them. The children at my nursery really loved the interactive ‘lift the flap’ element and would ask for this book to be read to them again and again. After memorising the entire story they would then be reading it back to me! It was a great way to build children’s knowledge and under [...]

  10. A sadistic zookeeper attempts murder by luring a small child into close contact with a lion and a snakereads/2016/

  11. You have got to ask some serious questions about the ethics of a zoo that will send a tiger(!) to you at the merest postal request. That's just cavalier at best.

  12. As he hasn't ruled out one day becoming a zookeeper, Ben found the premise of this book intriguing; a kid writes a letter to the zoo and gets free stuff. Sounds great, right? After all, he's currently unemployed and can't very well buy his own things, let alone afford a pet. Also there's flaps and those always blow his mind. But as we read on and flipped the flaps he had some questions that kind of took him away from the story, like what are lions and how exactly does being fierce disqualify the [...]

  13. We have both a board book and a paperback. Baby loves them, and seems to make no distinction between board book or paperback. She's very good at waiting until just the right moment to lift the flap.I am worried about the moral of this story. I do not wish for my Baby to (a) think she can write to a zoo for a pet, (b) think she can keep wild animals as pets (c) think she can return gifts ad nauseum or (d) want a puppy.

  14. This is a super cute children's book that has flaps to reveal different animals the zoo sent to the writer. It all ends well and it's interactive for the child! I do think that the 'scary' animal was actually pretty cute.

  15. In this imaginative tale, a child writes to the zoo asking for a pet! The zoo responds by sending multiple pets, all unfit for the child's home; however, the last one is a keeper!! Read this book to see which animals the zoo sends and which one the child keeps!!

  16. This is currently the small human’s favourite book, with compulsory daily reading. I switch up the genders (except the lion’s!) because that’s how I roll 😁

  17. I read this book a while ago for a storytime, either last year or the year before. I've since done the flannel board version of it, which is great medium to tell this story through. It always gets a good response.

  18. Dear Zoo is a great interactive book in which the reader can be physically be involved with the book; it is a lift-flap book which will get the children completely engaged!The child in this book is in need of a pet, so they write a letter to the zoo to send them one. Throughout the book the zoo sends different animals until the child finds the right one suited to him and his house. Behind each flap was a different animal and each time the children anticipate what animal is behind the flap.Due to [...]

  19. 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell is a very simple story for young children that tells the story of a zoo delivering all sorts of unusual and inappropriate animals to a customer as a pet. The story is written in the first person, so any child reading the story would at once feel part of the action, the reader is never actually told who is receiving the pets. 'Dear Zoo' is also a lift the flap book, which makes it more interactive and kinaesthetic for children, it also encourages them to use their imagi [...]

  20. Dear Zoo is about child sending a letter to the zoo asking for a pet. The zoo send various animals not pleasing the child at all. At the end of the story the zoo delivers the perfect pet. This book is a lift the flap up book. I have read this story to many children, and it is an easy to read book. This book is mainly aimed at children ages 2-5years, the children that I read the book to enjoyed lifting the flaps in the book, they loved guessing what was behind the flaps. The flaps intrigued them. [...]

  21. Dear Zoo is a fun and interactive lift-the-flap book, based on a letter to the zoo for a pet. Underneath the flaps different zoo animals can be found, including: an elephant, a tiger, a snake and a monkey. All of these animals are deemed unsuitable pets and sent back to the zoo for being "too fierce", "too large", "too scary" or "too naughty". However, in the end the perfect pet is found.After rediscovering this book today, I found it nostalgic, remembering the fun I had as a kid guessing which [...]

  22. Book review 4 - Dear Zoo – Rod Campbell (2010) This book holds fond memories and still remains as a classic educational book for children in the past and present alike. You can almost sense the adventure the cook has to offer by taking a look at its front cover. It is colourful, exciting and fun. The book will aim at children from nursery to key stage one – and can be read quietly, aloud or listened. Why is this book such a charm to read and to look at? This book introduces children to the m [...]

  23. Dear Zoo by Rod CampbellA pop book in which a small child writes to the zoo requesting the zoo for an animal. The zoo sends him different animals, which are all inappropriate and are sent back until the zoo sends him a puppy which he is delighted with.This book is a brilliant read for beginners as it consists of basic words which beginners are familiar with, and the use ‘lift the flap’ encourages the children to guess what is beneath the flap. This book would appeal to children aged between [...]

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