Ada Goot ja Täiskuupidustused

Ada Goot ja T iskuupidustused J rg raamatule Ada Goot ja kummitushiir K imas on ettevalmistused T iskuupidustusteks ja Tontliku Gooti Koja suureks k psetamisv istluseks Sellele t htsale s ndmusele saabuvad paljud kuulsad kokad Tub

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  • Title: Ada Goot ja Täiskuupidustused
  • Author: Chris Riddell Heija-Liis Ristikivi
  • ISBN: 9789949565443
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
  • J rg raamatule Ada Goot ja kummitushiir K imas on ettevalmistused T iskuupidustusteks ja Tontliku Gooti Koja suureks k psetamisv istluseks Sellele t htsale s ndmusele saabuvad paljud kuulsad kokad Tubane metsavaht Maltravers k itub aga kahtlaselt nagu alati Ada h belikul toaneitsil Maryl on varuks llatav saladus ning lisaks k igele sellele paistab, et Ada s nnip ev oJ rg raamatule Ada Goot ja kummitushiir K imas on ettevalmistused T iskuupidustusteks ja Tontliku Gooti Koja suureks k psetamisv istluseks Sellele t htsale s ndmusele saabuvad paljud kuulsad kokad Tubane metsavaht Maltravers k itub aga kahtlaselt nagu alati Ada h belikul toaneitsil Maryl on varuks llatav saladus ning lisaks k igele sellele paistab, et Ada s nnip ev on teistel t iesti meelest l inud

    One thought on “Ada Goot ja Täiskuupidustused”

    1. I could not have adored this book more! The illustrations are phenomenal and I really appreciated all the references to the Romantic era and GBBO. Ada is the best, eeeee!

    2. just as wonderful as the first, but if possible even can see all your favorite english bakers and some cooks.i loved the bear.

    3. Didn't enjoy this one as much as the first book, and there did seem to be a couple of errors. It's still very funny, and I spent as much time looking for (and laughing at) the various references and subtle jokes. I'll still continue to buy any and every Goth Girl book that comes out!

    4. Ah you can't beat a bit of plagiarism, a bear from south America with a note asking for help, bear found at Marlybone and given that name, sound familiar? damn right it does, pretty much the jungle book word for word.The book is entertaining, not sure how Paul Hollywood would appreciate being called Mary Berry's Man-servant, but I suppose it sort of fits.The story features a bake off, a fancy house and grounds, a goat and loads of vampires. Some nice illustrations too. My daughter seemed to enjo [...]

    5. Ihana! Rakastan näitä punaisia kimaltelevia sivuja. Ja Riddellin kuvituksille ei löydy vertaistaan. Suosittelen todella lämpimästi kaikille vanhemmille! Lukekaa lapsillenne! Lastenromaaniksi todella paljon viittauksia, jotka on tarkoitettu nimenomaan aikuisille. Esim. kaikki varmaan ymmärtävät kehen viitataan kun puhutaan Nigeliina Sokerilusikasta (Nigella Lawson) tai Gordon Ramseksesta (Gordon Ramsay).

    6. They just get better and better. Fantastic illustrations abound along with more of those great grown-up gags The hairy hikers anyone.

    7. Kaikille, jotka rrrrrakastaa vampyyreja ja valkosipulia :). Kalmantollon kartano on paremmassa kunnossa ja isäntä myös, joka kuitenkin joutuu matkustelemaan paljon. Kartanoon saapuu juhlia varten koko ajan omituisempaa väkeä, ja lopulta salapoliisijoukkiomme joutuu taas hommiin.Paras lasten fantasiasarja viime vuosilta, ja kulkee loistavasti. Erityispointsit tietysti käännöksistä!

    8. Another lovely book with a interesting story, although I didn't like the it as much as Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse (the first in the series).

    9. Inhalt:Ada ist derzeitig allein auf Ghastly-Gorm Hall. Ihr Vater reist quer durchs Land um sein neues Buch vorzustellen. Und während er dies tut brummt es im Anwesen wie in einem Bienennest.Nachdem im vergangenen Jahr Adas Vater entdeckt hat wie wichtig ihm seine Tochter ist, wird das diesjährige Vollmondfest sicherlich etwas spannender für Ada.Denn das Fest findet an ihrem Geburtstag statt, der in den letzten Jahren regelmäßig vergessen wurde - außer natürlich von ihrem Kindermädchen. D [...]

    10. 3,5Pidin Ada Gootin toisesta osasta enemmän kuin ensimmäisestä. Parasta Chris Riddellin teoksissa on kirjailijan itsensä luoma kaunis kuvitus (jota tahtoisin saada värityskirjamuodossa), tarinan sekaan keitetty mytologia (esim. ruotsalainen Minotauros Abba) ja gotiikka, sekä lukemattomat viittaukset kirjallisuuteen ja populaarikulttuuriin. Kalmatollon kartanolla pidetään jokavuotiset Täysikuukestit, jotka ovat päivää ennen Adan syntymäpäivää (jota kukaan ei tunnu muistavan). Ohje [...]

    11. This is another book that I may not have picked up had it not been for shadowing the Carnegie medal. As usual, the nominations do not disappoint, and I enjoyed this book very much. Don't be put off by the fact that it may be aimed at a younger target audience!The characters are well described by the author, but the illustrations in this book are so brilliant, some of my favourite illustrations ever!The humorous side of this book is evident in the names of the characters, particularly the chefs w [...]

    12. Some books can be fantastic for kids and equally fantastic for their parents but for different reasons - Chris Riddell's books enchant both Alice and I for different reasons and yet we are united in our endless enthusiasm for them. We don't have adequate adjectives to describe how much we love these books but just to get it started Goth Girl herself is the perfect heroine. Her life is bleak (dead mother, absent father) but she manages to avoid complaining or wallowing in her sadness. She has a t [...]

    13. Preparations are under way for a fete and bake-off at a weird country house, but will things go to plan?Many of the illustrations in this book were fantastic (as was the cover and quality of the binding / paper) but I found the plot a bit muddled and I wished there been more of the bear’s story.

    14. Pirmā grāmata varbūt arī bija labāka, bet šī joprojām ir neatvairāmi burvīga un jautra grāmata, kuru ar lepnumu turēt plauktā.Un frāze "iznākt no skapja" pēc šīs grāmatas nekad vairs neskanēs tā, kā agrāk.

    15. This book was a great addition to this series, as it had beautiful illustrations and was very refreshing and not like most books ( in this case was a good thing)!

    16. I love Chris Riddell's drawings, story and references!!! My god his humor is amazing and I love how he takes young readers seriously!!

    17. Tästä on tulissa yksi suosikkinuortenkirjasarjoistani. Paljon kirjallisia viittauksia bongailtavaksi ja kiva kuvitus vielä bonuksena.

    18. This unique series is chock full of humorous references to so many literary, and historical characters! It's so fun to puzzle them all out. I'm sure I only figured out a fraction of them all.

    19. As with the first book, I found this to be fun, but especially engaging or great. Ada is a fun protagonist, and the art is good, but the plot feels a bit thin and cliched. There's a part of the story that does the tried and true "oh no everybody has forgotten about me and also it's about to be my birthday" thing from every piece of children's media in the history of the universe, and of course it turns out nobody has forgotten, they just wanted to throw her a surprise party. (Well, and deal with [...]

    20. Quality Rating: Four StarsEnjoyment Rating: Three StarsGood old Chris Riddell and his beautifully drawn children's books full of in-jokes. This time it's the romantic poets, painters and TV chefs in The Great British Bakeoff - sorry, The Great Ghastly-Gorm Bake Off. As usual, this book was lots of fun and full of references that you can only fully appreciate as an adult, though I'm sure come off as charming curiosities to younger readers. Not a whole lot happens, but Ada's home and friends provi [...]

    21. "Juuri silloin kuului aivan merkillinen ääni. Kuulosti kuin aasin häntää olisi mankeloitu samalla kun vinkuva härkä jahtaa kissaa kuumalla peltikatolla." Hetki epäuskoista tuijotusta, naurun purskahdus ja uusi yritys. Siis whaaat???Toimi yllättävän hyvin ääneen luettuna, vaikka prearpaeliitti-tyyppiset sanat vaativat vähän tankkaamista ja monimutkaisimmat sanaleikit selittämistä. Yllättävän iso osa tekstistä kuitenkin aukesi kirjojen keskellä kasvaneelle neljäsluokkalaisel [...]

    22. Gosh, what a delightful novel. I enjoyed the Ottoline books immensely, and wanted to try one of the upper series. With this novel, I loved the little literary references that were woven so easily through the text. I enjoyed the older girl as well, because Goth Girl is a bit older than Ottoline, and even though she still has the same concerns, she is more independent. It is a beautiful little story, one that I will recommend everywhere.

    23. Not surprisingly, the selling point of this book is the fantastic illustrations. Buy it for them, if nothing else. There's not all that much development of Ada's overall story, although she continues to follow her mother's footsteps, under the watchful eye of her new governess. We also learn more of the history of Ada's maid, Marlyebone, especially from the mini-comic in a pocket at the back of the book. (I recently discovered that these are treats only available to purchasers of the hardcover e [...]

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