Mind Field

Mind Field Poems deal with mortality the sea music writers artists travel nature dreams and guilt

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  • Title: Mind Field
  • Author: Gregory Corso
  • ISBN: 9780937815267
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poems deal with mortality, the sea, music, writers, artists, travel, nature, dreams, and guilt.

    One thought on “Mind Field”

    1. Brilliant in some places, usually the early stuff, lame and unfocused in (most) others.Corso was a talented poet but he got too carried away with being a wild child (and among the Beats as a whole, that's quite an accomplishment) and neglected to develop his craft.Don't get me wrong- I'm a fan of "the derangement of the senses" and all that, but it depends greatly on just who we're really talking about. Some creative people need to cut loose to make their work come alive, others actually need to [...]

    2. Have you ever read three Gregory Corso books in one night? I just did! (I read Gasoline a couple of days ago so it doesn't count) I don't really know anything anymore!

    3. As the introductory remarks by Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs attest, Corso's one of those poets who maintained a high reputation among those who knew him as part of the Beat Generation. Reading this selection of the six volumes he published during his life, supplemented by a sheaf of mostly forgettable unpublished work, I caught glimpses of what he had to offer. "Marriage" has been one of my favorites since I read it when I was first discovering poetry-outside-class: "Penguin dust, bring [...]

    4. This is one of my favorite books of poetry. A wonderful selection of poems from throughout his career including some of his best late period pieces. Corso's poem The Whole MessAlmost, is a personal favorite. Elegiac Feelings American and Bomb are classics. Gregory Corso will always hold a special place in my heart. He is the one and only Beat that I got to meet. He came to give a poetry reading at a funky bar named Duffy's in St. Paul, Minnesota in the late winter of 1983. The night of his readi [...]

    5. A good collection from an interesting, albeit hardly a first-tier poet. Yet Corso does find the occasional gem. For example, this ("Spirit") from Herald of the Autochthonic Spirit (1981), which served as his epitaph on his tomb in Rome:

    6. This 3-star is a bit misleading--it's difficult to rate a collection as a whole. Some of the poems were 4-star, a couple even 5-star. But on the whole, I was not thrilled with the poetry, which I thought I would be. His best poems, to me, are when he's speaking about his life (i.e. his birthday poems). So many of his poems rang more like essays to me. Just didn't knock my socks off.

    7. Some good things here. I think the technique if first write best write should not be ironclad but Corso appears to be faithful to it. Although we never know, do we? I am glad I read it right after Ginsberg's complete poems. I ought to try some Burroughs.

    8. What? I dont know, I've read about 9 poems and maybe 7 of them were good. What the fuck is this? MANDIE HOW DOES THIS WORK?!

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