The Black Shriving

The Black Shriving When invasion loomsAfter a harrowing battle Lady Kyferin and her stalwart followers have earned themselves a brief respite from Lord Laur s fury They know however that the next assault will be impos

  • Title: The Black Shriving
  • Author: Phil Tucker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When invasion loomsAfter a harrowing battle Lady Kyferin and her stalwart followers have earned themselves a brief respite from Lord Laur s fury They know, however, that the next assault will be impossible to resist Their sole hope of survival lies in forging an alliance with the only force capable of resisting the empire s might the Agerastian heretics themselves.BuWhen invasion loomsAfter a harrowing battle Lady Kyferin and her stalwart followers have earned themselves a brief respite from Lord Laur s fury They know, however, that the next assault will be impossible to resist Their sole hope of survival lies in forging an alliance with the only force capable of resisting the empire s might the Agerastian heretics themselves.But time is running outYet over these political machinations looms the Black Shriving, the ancient curse that has struck down all who seek to defend Mythgraefen Hold Asho and Kethe must embrace their newfound powers and undergo a dark journey into the heart of hellscape of the upper peaks in search of answers and a hope of salvation.Their lives hang by the slimmest of threadsIf Magister Audsley can but divine the lost secrets of the Sin Casters, if Asho and Kethe can wrest the truth behind the existence of the second Black Gate, and if Lady Kyferin and Ser Tiron can forge a tenuous alliance with their most hated of enemies, they may just have a chance of surviving the oncoming darkness

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    1. I mentioned that I had a good feeling about this series in my review on The Path of Flames; with a heart full of sadness I have to say I’m starting to have doubts about that notion.The Black Shriving, the second book out of five in The Chronicles of the Black Gate series is a good installment for the series but it suffers from a lot of things. First of all, the main plot itself moved at a snail pace, making this book seems like it was only a preparation for the next book. Other than Audsley’ [...]

    2. Can this series get any better? Yes it just did"Not fair," he said, lowering his arms. "I was about to engage in witty repartee. It's unsporting to hit a man when he's about to quip."In this second installment we get much more world expansion as we get to visit new vivid places, there is much more political intrigue, religious conflict and heart-stopping moments. We also get a better idea about how the magic works let me tell you it's different and quite creepy. I think this book is at the same [...]

    3. In this new volume all the things have goten better! Almost every chapter ends with a cliffhanger and the stories of all the characters are, also, much more consistent and interesting than in the first one. We also have a lot of new explanations and the story evolves in some darker places of land and space, but also, of the heart! We have a lot of smart dialogues, impressive lines, and an amazing depth to some of the characters quotes. I could compare it to some of Abercrombie work, a bloody and [...]

    4. Actual Ratings: 4.75 I didn't think that this book could outdo it's predecessor. Oh but by the Black Freaking Gate it did. I just can't with the sheer Epic Awesomeness that is this series. The world, the characters, the magic oh dammit it's bloody perfection. I'm racing onto book three without any delay as I must have more, more, more "miniacal laughter* Wait why am I wasting time rabbling when I should be reading. See you in a book beat. Read this Series!!!! It's freaking awesome 😘😘😘 [...]

    5. It’s always difficult for me to do reviews for books that aren’t the first in the series. If you’re thinking about reading this one you’ve already read the first so you’re familiar with the characters and world building and writing style. If I reveal too much about the plot it gets spoilery.I love that Audsley gets so much page time in this one, I love his character I definitely think he’s my favorite of the bunch. It might be his firecat that really has me won over.We find out what [...]

    6. This book knocked my friggin' socks off! It was stupendous! I feel that I am a reasonably generous reviewer and often hand out 4 stars to books I liked. But the coveted 5 star review I am a bit stingy with. This book earned all five stars without breaking a sweat.The best thing about this book is that Mr. Tucker writes his characters doing the things that you want them to do. Often time authors create great characters and make big promises and then take hard left turns. In THE BLACK SHRIVING all [...]

    7. Does the end truly justify the means??? For this particular novel, what the major protagonists did seem to.Book two, WOW!!!! Another page turning book, pringles in book form once you start you can not stop, the second book introduces the forgotten practice of sin casting or the path of the flame, the magic system for this reality, lost when the Ascendant gain dominance, Mr. Tucker is truly in his element for this one, every bend of the corner surprises abound, I hope he still has some left, for [...]

    8. A thoroughly enjoyable follow-up to The Path of Flames.I really enjoyed the exploration of Starkadr and Audsley's chapters were still a delight even while becoming imbued with greater meaning and danger. I was glad to see Tiron get to do something other than scowl and glower and I am intrigued more and more by the Agerastians, the mysteries of the portals, and, of course, the rapidly disintegrating theory of Ascension. Tharok's chapters felt uneven to me and this is, I think, partially due to hi [...]

    9. Surprisingly great. The first book had a more low-fantasy setting, with magic only present at the very beginning and near the very end (and more subtly in Tharok's POV) but now the fantastical really steps up here. Starkadr, the Hold, Agerastos, Tharok's journey all presented some fantastic things but never forgetting to still make things matter to characters.Ascension, Starkadr, demons and the whole thing going on behind it all seems something orchestrated by Sanderson in steroids. Really good [...]

    10. A good beginning, but the cameo starts flagging. I hope the author redeems himself on the 3rd book. There isn't much progress on the core narrative, and there is some stagnation on development of the characters.

    11. The action continues straight on from where the Path of Flames left off. The story follows Tiron and Audsley's journey after they step through the mysterious portal, Asho and Kethe's journey into the mountains to investigate the second Black Gate, and Tharok's attempts to unite the kragh tribes and make an assault on the humans. The story rarely dips in terms of excitement but does start to follow a number of different paths and take on different paces. While there is exciting action as Asho and [...]

    12. While I enjoyed this book far more than the first and found it more "fun", the issues I glimpsed as a reader in the first book grew far more obvious and problematic here. Just lazy and uninspired plot-advancement toward the end.First, the whole Tharok narrative has become painfully predictablemething goes well, then ends up twisting into the bad and then Tharok thinks of a miracle using the circlet and rejoices. Also, it seems the writer gave up on creativity altogether, since now almost every c [...]

    13. I liked this book better than the first. Rather than Asho, I found myself rooting for Audsley. Weyland finally does something other than what you expect "knightly" characters in books to do. (view spoiler)[Seriously, it felt good to see characters like Wyland and Brocuff, who until then had been so stereotypical, abandon everyone. Until then, these characters had been very two-dimensional - just necessary for the growth of principal characters like Asho and Kethe.(hide spoiler)]Though the story [...]

    14. I was nervous going into this one because I didn't think it could possibly be as good as The Path of Flames. As it turns out, it wasn't as good. It was better. The action was almost nonstop at times, and I loved the aspects of horror that worked their way into this one. There were also quite a few surprises when it came to character decisions and plot progression.I also feel like Tucker improved as a writer between the first book and the second. Except for a few missed typos, the writing read ve [...]

    15. I've enjoyed Path of Flames a lot, so once I've finished it I bought second book and plunged myself into Tucker's world once again. Overall I was impressed with the book. I've enjoyed the writing, twists, Audsley, Tiron, Tharok, Iskra development. On the other hand I felt tired by Asho and Kethe POV's chapters that felt too much like YA novella. I have nothing against YA and I know they're young and still need to discovea a lot about the world and themselves but I can't help but say that I just [...]

    16. Excellent read, very exciting. Smart, well written. Excellent pacing. Didn't want to put it down. Wish the next in the series was out!

    17. I went in to this book with high expectations due to my enjoyment of The Path of Flames and I was not disappointed. The Story continues and gets even better than book one in my opinion. We learn a lot more about what I find to be a very interesting world that Phil Tucker has created. We learn more about how magic works and we get to encounter a black gate and all kind of nastiness that comes through it. All the character story lines continue to keep me entertained. I enjoyed the Tharok chapters [...]

    18. Characters are developing well in this the second of the series,particularly liked the growth of Audsley. However I didn't enjoy this as much as the first book, hopefully it's just a touch of second book of series syndrome. I got bored in the middle quite a few times and the suggestions of blossoming romance had me groaning. I rarely enjoy written romance ( perhaps I need a little more of it in my own life? Hubby, you listening? ) Hopefully this romance thing isn't too important. I started to li [...]

    19. This novel continues the excellent story, started in The Path of Flames and my only complaint is that there is so much action that there isn't quite enough plot movement. Even this is so welcome compared to the obsessive world building we see in so much new fantasy where there is too little action to keep readers drawn in.To be short and sweet I'm loving this series. The writing is good, the characters are good, the world is excellent in short this series has really sucked me in!

    20. Demons battles It started a little slow ,but slowly it began to seed up to neck breaking speed.This book deals with the inner demons as well battles that must be fought against powerful demons. There were times I thought well that character is dead for sure. Was turning pages so quick and following the action so close ,totally shocked ran out of pages.Its that good! Can't wait to start next book in the series.

    21. My review of the first book in the series here: /review/showThe second one is better still and warrants a full 5* rating. The positives and single negative from the first book's review still stand. Additional positive is the narrative structure and pacing, which were tighter than in the first book. I've already started on the third book.

    22. Good WorldbuildingI really appreciate the world the author is weaving in this series. The characters are understandable and I feel as though their motives are believable. My only complaint is the ebook could stand to be edited a bit better, several missing or wrong words while reading. It's jarring but ultimately I powered through for love of the characters.Moving on to book 3 immediately and looking forward to it.

    23. Even better than the 1st one.Much better pacing than "The Wheel of Time." I remember throwing one of those across the room because I realised that in the past 200 pages nothing of significance had happened, and Matt hadn't even made it across the street.In contrast Phil Tucker seems to be making sure something significant happens in every chapter. I'm really loving that.

    24. What a fantastic book! I am really enjoying this series, if you have read the first book, prepare to go deeper in to the world and lore of this wonderful world! I am really looking forward to the third book!

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