Mince Pies and Mistletoe at the Christmas Market

Mince Pies and Mistletoe at the Christmas Market Christmas has arrived in the town of Wynbridge and it promises mince pies mistletoe and a whole host of seasonal joy Ruby has finished with university and is heading home for the holidays to save up

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  • Title: Mince Pies and Mistletoe at the Christmas Market
  • Author: Heidi Swain
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Christmas has arrived in the town of Wynbridge and it promises mince pies, mistletoe and a whole host of seasonal joy Ruby has finished with university and is heading home for the holidays to save up for her trip around the world in January Against her father s wishes, she takes on a stall at the local market, and sets about making it the best Christmas market stall eveChristmas has arrived in the town of Wynbridge and it promises mince pies, mistletoe and a whole host of seasonal joy Ruby has finished with university and is heading home for the holidays to save up for her trip around the world in January Against her father s wishes, she takes on a stall at the local market, and sets about making it the best Christmas market stall ever There ll be bunting and mistletoe and maybe even a bit of mulled wine But with a new retail park just opened on their doorstep, the market is under threat So together with all the other stallholders, Ruby devises a plan to make sure that Wynbridge is the first port of call for everyone s Christmas shopping needs The only thing standing in her way is Ruby s ex, Steve It s pretty hard to concentrate on saving the world when he works on the stall opposite, especially when she realises that her feelings for him are still there This Christmas make time for some winter sparkle and see who might be under the mistletoe this year

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    1. Yet another excellent book by Heidi and lovely to go back to the lovely small town and hear more from the different people. Ruby has been at university but decides to head home and work on the local market selling things so she can save money for her travelling she wants to do. Her father is against her doing this and tries to stop her but does he and while she's working what else comes out that she isn't happy about. Can they sort everything out or are they not able to move forward. Very warmin [...]

    2. I am so disappointed that this book had to finish, I was enjoying it that much. It was such a pleasure to return to Wynbridge, to catch up with old friends from previous books, as well as being completely absorbed in this new story. If you haven't read any of Heidi Swain's previous books, besides the fact you are missing out, it may please you to know that they all works as stand alones and this no exception. It features completely new characters, new families and a whole new focus, while also a [...]

    3. Review: this is one of those proper heartwarming Christmas reads and definitely something that should be in your festive TBR! this is the third book set in the village of Wynbridge and I haven't actually read the first two but, let me tell you, that really didn't matter! So now you know that you can read this book without having read the first two! I will tell you though that if you are planning on reading either of Heidi Swain's previous novels, you should read them first because otherwise you [...]

    4. Heidi Swain has now become my favourite author. She really brings the characters and scenes to life in a way that makes you really believe that you are right there with them. I could almost smell and taste everything that she described as it was conveyed in exactly the right amount of detail. I actually wanted to be a character in this story! The fineness in which the personalities of the characters were written is astonishing, and the story kept my interest throughout. A fine example if a great [...]

    5. This book is set in the village of Wynbridge in East Anglia. Ruby has returned home from university just prior to Christmas, and is staying with her parents before jetting off on a, gap year break. Her dad works in the local council, and the village hosts an annual Christmas Market, but with a new retail park opening, many residents think that will hit the market this year. Ruby helps out at one of the stalls during the run up to Christmas, where she runs into Steve Dempster, her former boyfrien [...]

    6. This was a nice cosy little read and captured the atmosphere of Christmas markets perfectly. All the characters were likeable too.

    7. lovely story and amazing characters you get totally sweeped away into this tiny village and everything that happens here a lovely read.

    8. First on my list of Christmas novels and I loved it. Characters were so easy to love and even though you know there will be a happy ending it was fun to find out how it would happen. Completely got me into the Christmas mood and an getting more and more excited the closer it gets. Would definitely read this if you are looking for an easy read and looking to get into the festive spirit

    9. Ruby has dropped out of university to travel the world. She's determined to follow her dreams and that is why she starts working at the Wynbridge local market before Christmas selling cakes and handmade items. By doing this she can pay for her plane ticket in the new year. Ruby's dad is against this plan, so going home won't only mean having a good time. He wants her to work for the council with him, but Ruby isn't interested in this at all. Even though the weather is cold and working at a stall [...]

    10. Heidi Swain lädt ein auf eine romantische Reise ins weihnachtlich gemütliche Wynbridge mit Glühwein, Mistelzweigen und jede menge köstlicher Leckereien auf der Suche nach der großen Liebe und Verwirklichung der eigenen Träume.Geschenkt bekommen habe ich dieses wunderschöne Buch von einer lieben Freundin, die sich offenbar meiner Vorliebe für Weihnachtsbücher sehr bewusst ist. Eigentlich war ich aktuell noch ein anderes Buch am lesen, musste es aber für dieses wunderschöne Schmuckstüc [...]

    11. So this is my first novel by Heidi Swain and I think I can confidently say it will not be my last I've really enjoyed this!! If your looking for a warm festive christmas read this is definitely the book you should read. Ruby is home from university having dropped out much to her dad's initial disapproval and she's decided to help out the cherry Tree cafe by running the market stall for a few weeks, however with her dad's disapproval and attitude lately and having to work next to the ex love of h [...]

    12. I simply adore Heidi Swains writing style. I loved The Cherry Tree cafe and Summer at Skylark farm. I have been eagerly awaiting this book for quite a while now and I'm happy to say it was well worth the wait. I love visiting old friends in book. So it was really love to be in the village of Wynbridge once again. I always love the descriptions of the town and all the people who live there. I can always see myself walking around the market stall, having cake and tea in the Cherry Tree cafe, joini [...]

    13. With her third novel once again Heidi Swain takes her readers back to the small town of Wynbridge but this time for a festive visit in the form of Mince Pies and Mistletoe at the Christmas Market. This book has one of the nicest Christmas covers that I have seen this year with such a spectacular winter scene that brings you slap bang into festive mode, I only hoped the Christmas cover connected to the actual plot as too often there can be a distinct lack of Christmas in books even though they ar [...]

    14. Visit some Christmas locations like Wynbridge Booktrail with the LiteraryTravelAgencyAh what a lovely festive read! I really had hoped Wynbridge was real as I was all ready to get on the bus and head there for a piece of the Christmas action. However this novel did make me buy mince pies and Ikea Glugg (Not keen on the mulled wine but wanted a Christmas drink)I loved getting into the spirit of Christmas with the vivid descriptions of the market crafts and the cakes Jemma made, I was licking my l [...]

    15. ::Reviewed for Red's Midnight Readers::Once again another beautiful festive cover to draw the readers in and after being left in awe by Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells, I immediately went in search of more and came across this lovely book. I am so glad I did, Just like Sleigh Rides, this book is so special and is sure to be a Christmas classic that people will read year after year.It was so heartwarming and romantic, a great festive read for the upcoming holiday season. Filled with great friendshi [...]

    16. This is the first of Heidi Swain's books that I have read, but it won't be the last. Although I understand that characters in this book have appeared in her other novels, this can be read very easily as a stand-alone story.Ruby has dropped out of her university course and returned to her home town shortly before Christmas, having agreed to help put some friends on a market stall. What follows is a feel-good story of a community pulling together to make this the best Christmas that the town has s [...]

    17. Ruby is back in her hometown and helping her friends on the market. She's ready to make it the best Christmas market ever even if her father is against it. But her ex also works the market and Ruby isn't sure how she feels about that. A lovely Christmas story and a sweet read. I enjoyed the story and all the characters are very well written. Ruby is so genuine and ready to help yet caught up in her own problems.

    18. Mince Pies and Mistletoe at the Christmas Market is a charming story that centres around Ruby who after deciding that studying for her masters degree at university is not for her returns home for Christmas to run a market stall for her friends as a way to earn money to fund her travels.Ruby is quite a feisty character. She knows that throwing away her studies is going to anger her dad but she is determined to stick to her guns and plan her future her way. And he certainly puts a bit of pressure [...]

    19. Probably more a 3.5 but hey it's Christmas! Much better than the previous Christmas one I read - light and fluffy but well written with more distinct characters - perfect to read while away for a few days!

    20. I have never read anything by Heidi Swain before so I didn't know what to expect of Mince Pies and Mistletoe at the Christmas Market. I have to say I loved it. Great characters, plot line, description of the area and Christmas. I will be looking out for her books in future.

    21. Moving and well writtenThis was a book I couldn't put down. Heidi is an awesome author who writes her characters like they were apart of her. This story was moving. I'd highly recommend it and the author

    22. Good festive read. Preferred Silver Bells and Sleigh Rides by the same author. Fairly predictable plot. Not a fan of Ruby's best friend Bea (very self centred and a bit of a brat quite frankly) but the setting was lovely and the majority of the characters were well rounded.

    23. Maybe I was a bit late reading a Christmas book, but it was a lovely story. I liked the characters and felt I would enjoy living in a place like this. I would definitely read books by this author again.

    24. WowAnother good book by Heidi Swain. Her books just get better. Can't wait to read the next in that series.

    25. A lovely feel good Christmas read with seasonal touches . This book is perfect curl up on a cold winters night

    26. This is the third of Heidi's books that I have read and I really love the characters in her stories and the town on Wynbridge. Another author to add tomy 'favourites' list.

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