A Psychological Crusade

A Psychological Crusade A renegade experimental psychologist explains how to inflict his methods on the general public

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  • Title: A Psychological Crusade
  • Author: Fernando Sorrentino Clark Zlotsew
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 175
  • Format: ebook
  • A renegade experimental psychologist explains how to inflict his methods on the general public.

    One thought on “A Psychological Crusade”

    1. It's not just the author can mess with people's heads in his extremely slim book of short stories that are quite mind-boggling in their way. I had my moments too.1. In Regent's Park for a picnic with friends, we planted alarm clocks all over the place near us, in flower beds, trees, in paper bags. They went off at five-ten minute intervals. People moved away slowly as they aren't sure what is going on but they have children to protect. We were just harmless students having fun.2. Accepting a gif [...]

    2. This glorious Fernando Sorrentino tale addresses what it means to take the necessary action to shock people out of their routine, standard, humdrum response to life.Thinking back on something I did to shock, I can recall no better example than reciting one of my bizarre prose poems to an English instructor who asked me to share my writing. I can still see her eyes widen and her mouth gape open in astonishment, What a treat for a writer keen on originality!And the most extreme stunt I've witnesse [...]

    3. This was a very peculiar read. The author of this short phycological hypothesis suggests investigating hidden aspects of a person's personality by exposing them to unconventional tricks or absurd situations. The way the subject reacts gives the psychologist an insight to his/her personality.And the author provides some example scenarios which sounds vaguely like Just for laugh Gags unaired pilot.Read the story here-------> eastoftheweb/short-sto----------------------------------------------Wh [...]

    4. Do you have a day off school/work or are you retired? Are you bored? It's raining, there is bugger all to watch on TV and the only book in the house is a copy of the bible with the last 5 pages missing! That means it must be time to go on "A Psychological Crusade". Read this to gain some ideas on how to mess with peoples heads. My favourite has to be refusing to let the person sat next to you on the bus get off. A warning though, some of these ideas may get you in trouble with the fuzz!

    5. "Making passionate and even erotic remarks to members of the Salvation Army without regard to sex or age. Standing on the drugstore scale and staying there all day without allowing anyone to weigh himself. Buying two hundred grams of salami, sliced very thin, opening the package and, using the beautiful red slices, outlining a heart and writing I LOVE YOU on the delicatessen counter. Traveling on the bus, seated next to the aisle; waiting for the time your neighbor, man or woman, has to get off [...]

    6. Call it a crusade or call it silly pranks.Not that it did not raise a smile, but this is too ordinary and seen hundreds of times before.Being described by Fernando Sorrentino does not make it any better. eastoftheweb/short-sto

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