Treat with Caution

Treat with Caution FIVE TREATS TO TEMPT YOUBook Treat with CautionBook Treat her RightBook A Rare Treat Book Trick or TreatBook A Festive TreatTreat with Caution An enemies to lovers romance with heat and he

  • Title: Treat with Caution
  • Author: Serenity Woods
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 446
  • Format: None
  • FIVE TREATS TO TEMPT YOUBook 1 Treat with CautionBook 2 Treat her RightBook 3 A Rare Treat Book 4 Trick or TreatBook 5 A Festive TreatTreat with Caution 1 An enemies to lovers romance with heat and heart.Tasha Wilde has spotted the perfect site for the Treats to Tempt You confectionery shop she s planning to run with her best friend, Maisey It s the ideal size andFIVE TREATS TO TEMPT YOUBook 1 Treat with CautionBook 2 Treat her RightBook 3 A Rare Treat Book 4 Trick or TreatBook 5 A Festive TreatTreat with Caution 1 An enemies to lovers romance with heat and heart.Tasha Wilde has spotted the perfect site for the Treats to Tempt You confectionery shop she s planning to run with her best friend, Maisey It s the ideal size and location, right on the waterfront in Doubtless Bay, New Zealand The only fly in the melted chocolate is Maisey s brother, Kole He wants the shop for his photography business, and he s about to sign the lease.Tasha and Kole Graham have trod the wafer thin line between friends and enemies since they were teenagers Privately, she acknowledges Kole has grown up into a fine figure of a man Okay, to be honest, he s so sexy he often dismantles the speech center of her brain But he s still the most irritating guy on Earth.Kole tries to think of Tasha as just his sister s best friend, but it s getting harder and harder Literally And he s having trouble hiding it So when their friends suggest a bet with the shop as the prize, and it means he can get his hands on Tasha, he s quick to agree The Shakespearean style scheme To get the other person to fall in love with them In eight days.Both are confident their attraction is only physical Both are going to get into trouble But who will win the bet on Midsummer night Warning Sultry and steamy, with rising temperatures And the sub tropical weather s pretty hot too Adults only.

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    1. 8 Days to loose your heart - 3.5***Tasha and Kole have been friends/enemies for over ten years, Kole is Tasha's best friend's big brother.There is one shop to rent on the waterfront perfect location and two businesses. Kole only needs to sign the lease but Tasha wants the shop as well for her business Treats to Tempt You which she wants to open with Maisey.Maisey suggests a bet Tasha and Kole date for 8 days and whoever looses their heart, looses the shop and they both accept the bet.They start [...]

    2. A very predictable story but a great light hearted romance. Was very impressed with the writing style and will for sure be reading more from this author.

    3. Okay, okay. Yes, I read this in one go.Can you blame me?Serenity Woods writes really great romance books, and this one was no different. I'll admit that Tasha sounded quite bitter and a bit silly at times with how stubborn she was NOT to change, but it did resonate with me since I'm a lot like that. Hopefully not THAT stubborn, though!Kole was a sweetheart. And the fact that there wasn't any blow-up after the bet was over made this an even more enjoyable read.Looking forward to the rest of the s [...]

    4. Kole can be a pretty sweet guy when he wants to be, "I would love to promenade with you. You deserve to be shown off, looking like you do." He just says the sexiest things, "if I'm not inside you in five minutes, I'm going to severely embarrass myself." That naughty mouth of his is a huge turn on ladies,"at some point, I'll be happy to eff your mouth," he stated, "but for now, I want to eff you from behind. If that's okay with you." Honestly there was nothing I didn't like about Kole I really fe [...]

    5. Parts of it were really cute but others really annoying. Also, I hate it when a character is described as fierce and strong and smart but behaves just the opposite. Sorry, but that doesn't work for me.Finally, why is it always the same that EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WHOLE BOOK already knows they love each other except for the main characters themselves??I don't even care enough to write a proper review for this novel. It is not worth the time.

    6. The story had a good premise. The fact that Tasha and Kole had known each other since they were teenagers drew me in immediately. I love friends/enemies to lovers stories. Unfortunately, I couldn't get behind the way it enfolded. The story didn't flow well with the way I read, and in my opinion the characters were a little too immature based on their their ages and occupations. Some of the things that the characters thought and said made my head spin. This just wasn't a good read for me.

    7. I liked it. Treat With Caution was a quick fun read, and I liked both main characters. However, the ending could have been better. Besides, it is definitely not an "enemies to lovers" kind of book.

    8. I have mixed feelings about this book while I did enjoy most of it the character of Tasha annoyed me, she started the book being immature than in the middle it seem like she was improving then went right back to being immature again. Unlike Tasha I liked Kole from beginning to end *SPOILER SPOILER about the ending* *Don't say you haven't been warned* I felt like Tasha should have turn down Kole's offer to give up the building and told him to keep it and that her and the other girls would just fi [...]

    9. Treat with Caution is book one in the Treats to Tempt You Series, a series about a group of friends looking for and finding true love in the most unexpected places. This is Tasha and Kole’s story and in this book we get to see what happens when a bet to date for eight days turns into true love. Serenity Woods has a way of drawing you into her stories, her characters become your friends and she describes the towns and places they visit so well you almost feel like you have visited NZ. This isn [...]

    10. Treat With Caution by Serenity Woods is a well-written book. Ms Woods has delivered a fantastic cast of characters. Kole and Tasha's story is full of drama, humor and sizzle. I enjoyed Treat With Caution and look forward to reading more from Serenity Woods in the future. Treat With Caution is book 1 of the Treats To Tempt You Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

    11. Longtime friends make a bet to see which can seduce the other best, with an empty retail storefront as the payoff. Their existing friendship and romantic spark neither acknowledged, though apparently everyone else saw, is put to the test.Both characters are likeable, as well as their supporting cast of friends, apparently expanding into stories of their own. The contest turns a steamy romance into romance with an excess of self doubt before the inevitable HEA.

    12. The premise is one of those things that would never happen in real life, but ehhh, I’m okay with that, fiction is escapism. I liked the chemistry between the two leads. The butt play in one sex scene took me by surprise. I don’t see it often in mainstream contemporary romance, and it’s definitely not my thing.

    13. DelightfulThis group of characters are so alive and well fleshed out. Very sympathetic and likeable. I love hearing about the country and their customs. The editing is great and the writing flows well. An author to follow.

    14. This was a really good book! Tasha and Kole make a bet and than are going to date for eight days as part of the bet. Each thinking they will never have feelings for the other one. Things never go as planned!

    15. This is the first in the treats to tempt you seriesIt is here that we meet a group of friends and follow their lives as they live, fall in love and find what they have been looking for

    16. A very predictable story.but well written with a strong female protagonist and a really hot male protagonist.I love both the story and the h/h.

    17. Treat with Caution - 4*Tasha and Kole have been known each other for 11 years, since his younger sister and her became best friends aged 13 and they have teased and taunted each other for years. Tasha is annoyed with Kole, they both want to lease the same shop for their businesses but Kole got in first and refuses to budge. During the slanging match, which becomes personal, Tasha says that he would fall for her before she would ever fall for him, things escalate and a bet is born that whomever f [...]

    18. This review was originally posted to Jen in BooklandTreat With Caution is just a fun, light read. The premise is kind of ridiculous, but if you just go with it it is fun.Tasha and her best friend Maisey have been planning on opening a treats shop. They found the perfect location for it! Only problem? Maisey's brother Kole is about to sign the lease for it. Tasha and Kole have never really gotten along. They are always irritated and arguing with each other, and one lunchtime they come up with a p [...]

    19. This was a really cute frenemies-to-lovers story. Tasha is best friends with Kole's sister, Maisey. Tasha and Maisey want to go into business together with a couple of other friends, but Kole already has an offer in on the retail space Tasha and Maisey have their hearts set on. The paperwork isn't signed yet because the owner is out of town for ten days. So Tasha and Kole make a bet. If Tasha falls for Kole in the ten days, Kole gets the space. If Kole falls for Tasha, Tasha gets the space. Once [...]

    20. This was a quick read with lots of steaminess! Kole and Tasha have been teetering on the edge of more than friends for years. A wager made among friends forces them to discover their true feelings for one another. There is only one problem, are they real or just a farce to win the bet? Kole and Tasha are hot together. This story takes us into the change in their relationship. We get to witness the true feelings they have both carried for one another and how this changes them. Kole is afraid of l [...]

    21. Tasha and Cole have been friends for years, but have never strayed across that friendship line. Now they both want to rent the same sea front shop in Mangonui, in the Northland of New Zealand, and neither will back down. A rash statement has led to a challenge, date for the next week and a half. The one who falls most for the other loses the rental. Both of them figure they'll easily win. The waterfront in Mangonui is beautiful and I can understand why both Tasha and Cole want to situate their b [...]

    22. I usually don't review this type of book (more for fear of exposing I read them sometimes), but I was hooked by the style of writing, the characters, and ultimately the love story.There are a lot of erotica books out there at the moment, but I feel they fail to understand that a relationship is based on mutual respect It's not just about sex, or the constant mention of it! Love is more This book got it & I enjoyed reading about how the relationship built up.The only thing that annoyed me wa [...]

    23. First I didn't like the bet. It was like: Aren't they a little bit too old for such a bet? How do you measure feelings? Why don't they think about what it means to their friendship? Why do they risk the dynamic of their group of friends? But when the story continued I forgot about those questions. It is an easy and okay read. The book includes a lot of erotic scenes but little plot. You can stop reading anywhere, skip some pages and continue to read from there on and you wouldn't have missed a t [...]

    24. I am in serious love with Serenity Woods! A wonderful author from New Zealand. She writes contemporary romances with such delicious heroes and heroines whom I want to be friends with! She writes with enough juicey steam that it needs to come with caution sign! ( sorry about the pun, couldn't resist) I found serenity by chance and I am so happy! This is a first book of series about friends to lovers (my very favorite trope). And I couldn't put it down. There were some pop culture references that [...]

    25. Best friends can make the best loversTasha has known Will since she was 13 years old. They were always friends, though the often got on Each other's nerves. But things change on a bet for a studio space that both of them want.This is a well-written story. Great character development, people that you would care for. Some very hot steamy scenes. So, this is not a story for the faint of heart.

    26. I'm not going to go into the premise of the book, since that's been done elsewhere. My thoughts on the book? It took me a few days to read it because I kept feeling like I needed to take a shower. The sex was too much, the "F" word was used too much. I thought the bet was something that teenagers would have made, not supposed adults. Plus she tried to act like she was all tough, but then was unsure of herself, and in my opinion, pretty pitiful.

    27. This book may be better than the 3 stars I gave it. I have started and stopped this book several times in the past 6mo. I pushed myself to finish this last time. I can't say anything bad about the book. I just couldn't get into the story or characters. What sounded like something I would like, just couldn't connect with me.

    28. Good romanceI liked the idea of the bet, because it left anticipation for the ending. I didn't like the fact that two adults where behaving so childishly about the stupid bet. If you love someone so deeply.en friggin say it and let the chips fall! I loved the steamy scenes.mmy! Overall, good read and would recommend to other romance readers.

    29. I fell in love with Kole and Tasha! They have known each other for years, being the brother of her best friend. Fighting for a piece of property, and then making a bet that puts them together for a week.s sparks do fly! and hearts get involved.d both parties try to deny their feelings because of the bet. I would read this one a second time! It was that enjoyable!

    30. I read this book a while ago and got addicted to the series. You will love this group of interconnected friends. You will love the setting! I wish I could afford to travel to New Zealand. Serenity doesn't disappoint with her believable characters and story lines. Not to mention these books are HOT!

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