My Name is Markham

My Name is Markham Like a smaller and much scruffier Greta Garbo finally Markham speaks It s Christmas and time for the first and almost certainly last St Mary s Annual Children s Christmas Party attendance compulsory

  • Title: My Name is Markham
  • Author: Jodi Taylor
  • ISBN: 9781682994740
  • Page: 102
  • Format: ebook
  • Like a smaller and much scruffier Greta Garbo finally Markham speaks It s Christmas and time for the first and almost certainly last St Mary s Annual Children s Christmas Party attendance compulsory, by order of Dr Bairstow Discovered practising his illegal reindeer dance and poo dropping routine, our hero, along with fellow disaster magnets Peterson and Maxwell,Like a smaller and much scruffier Greta Garbo finally Markham speaks It s Christmas and time for the first and almost certainly last St Mary s Annual Children s Christmas Party attendance compulsory, by order of Dr Bairstow Discovered practising his illegal reindeer dance and poo dropping routine, our hero, along with fellow disaster magnets Peterson and Maxwell, is despatched to Anglo Saxon England to discover the truth about Alfred and the cakes.In his own words, our hero reveals Major Guthrie s six point guide to a successful assignment and the Security Section s true opinion of the History Department And of historians in general And of one historian in particular.And, just to be clear, it is time travel, for God s sake Forget all that pretentious investigating major historical events in contemporary time rubbish.This is history without the capital H Because this is the way the Security Section rolls

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    1. Friendly fire, indeed. I think this was one of the most charming of the Christmas stories that has come out of St. Mary's, and it's not just because I love the hell out of Markham. And as expected, there was plenty of pissing and pooping involved. My expectations are fulfilled. :)Gotta love it. :) Never give up, even if the cakes are little pieces of char. :) The play's the thing! Just look at the pretty lights! :)

    2. 4.5"Hunter was dressed as Tinkerbell. I'm not sure what Tinkerbell has to do with Christmas, but you don't argue with her. Not unless you want a really, really clean colon."As you probably know, I am addicted to Jodi Taylor and her brilliant writing style. Truly, I don't know how she does it but even before the end of the first page, I am hooked.This festive short story is as we've come to expect full of humour and of course a pinch of history - this time king Alfred the Great and the 'Burning o [...]

    3. This was a really fun little story told from Markham's POV which was quite a change from Max (our usual main character for this series). Markham is on the security team for St Mary's and when the team sets up the Christmas party he gets into all sorts of crazy schemes! :)

    4. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!As people following my reviews know, I'm a huge fan of Jodi Taylor's The Chronicles of St. Mary's and the short stories we get every year are no exception.Special about this one is that 100% of all proceeds go to Help for Heroes (a charity for British soldiers) and that this time Maxwell is NOT the narrator. At first, I thought the latter would ruin it since I LOVE Zara Ramm's narration, but as it turns out, Piers Wehner as Markham (our favourite security officer) was bloody br [...]

    5. 3.5 stars really but only because it's a short story, I don't like giving short stories 5s because they are too short! :)But oh it was great but it didn't answer the burning question from the end of the last one, so UGH!! I wanted answers! But good story and good to hear it from Marham.Now I need the next book.

    6. So much fun to have a book from Markham's perspective. And it's a nice story too - with the gang on a last minute trip before the Christmas party. And as always nice to have a story from these guys that is standalone and without too much peril!

    7. Another fun adventure from St. Mary's! This time from the P.O.V. of the wonderful Markham. Also profers some tantalising questions ahead of book 8

    8. Cute little story. Had a hard time trying to remember it was Markham narrating (and not Max, as per usual), but other than that, it was a fairly typical short little taste of St. Mary's. Fun for fans.

    9. So did Alfred really burn the cakes (or was it bread)? Better ask Mr Markham aka the back end of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

    10. Not as funny as I expected a book about Markham to be. Nevertheless, I loved to see a jump from a different perspective.

    11. Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes The Christmas's Stories in the Chronicles of St. Mary's series have become a tradition by now. And if you're still reading the series at this point, it is save to say you're a fan and will want to read it no matter what I say. However, since this story is narrated by Markham, who probably also is your favourite character as he's the biggest disaster magnet of all, you really don't want to miss this instalment. Add to that the Christmas party they need [...]

    12. The disaster magnets of St. Mary's are back. Chaos and hilarity reign. A children's Christmas party is hosted at St. Mary's and our Christmas trio, Max, Peterson, and Markham are off on a quick trip to 9th century England to investigate whether or not King Alfred the Great really burned the cakes. It takes about an hour to read. Enjoy!

    13. Another fun installment from St. Mary's which this time involved a trip to see Alfred the Great. A few formatting issues with my Kindle copy but easy enough to overlook.

    14. This short story is very different from anything else in the Chronicles of St. Mary's series specifically for what is says on the tin: The narrator of this story is security officer Markham rather than historian Max. Now, this isn't the first time this has happened (see "The Very First Damned Thing", narrated by none other than the esteemed Dr. Bairstow). But while a glimpse into the history of St. Mary's was a special trip into legend, Markham's story is very much in the present. I'm not sure t [...]

    15. I did enjoy this, a novelty to hear from another character's perspective and perhaps quite a brave punt from Jodi Taylor to introduce this method of writing for future books (perhaps she is thinking how much further can Max go, with husband and child in tow) - but for me, I will always be a diehard Max fan so would have still preferred another "Max" book. That said, the two "voices" are very similar and I don't think the book being from Markham's POV detracted from the overall St Marys experienc [...]

    16. This is what appears to be an annual Christmas short story from Jodi Taylor. I got the audio version as well as pre-ordering the Kindle Version.The story is NOT from Max's point of view, which is fairly rare for a short story. This time we see the team investigate the Alfred the Great and the burning of the cakes. Nothing really happens, after all, this is a short story. The other side to the story is the festivities at St Mary's. This was amusing, but nothing outstanding. While i enjoyed listen [...]

    17. This was such a great short story! It's from the POV of Mr Markham (making him the first character to narrate rather than Max) and it worked so well! Markham has always been my favourite character in the series so it was great to see him as the hero of the story. I kinda hoped that we would get an inside to his life (mainly his supposed marriage to Hunter) but it was still brilliant none the less.

    18. Short novel in this very fun time travel series . . . the quirk this time is that the story is told from the point of view of one of the security people rather than that of the Historian Max. Light, quick, fun read for anyone who's following the series. Probably also completely accessible even if you haven't been . . .

    19. These short stories are wonderful. All the fun of St Mary's in little bite-sized pieces. I'm sure they would be mystifying for someone who hasn't read the stories. There is also an issue of spoilers, for those who read them out of sequence. But if any story line seems enhanced by out of sequence reading & spoilers, this would be it.

    20. Markham is a character that somehow endears himself to you. He's that scruffy puppy whose ear you can't resist scratching and belly you can't prevent yourself from rubbing. It was a great twist to tell this installment from his perspective. Besides, you have to read this one if you want to find out about the reindeer poo incident at the children's Christmas party.

    21. Oh Markham, how I love you. I'm a sucker for the funny sidekick in any story, and Markham is one of the best. Reading a story from his point of view was a dream come true and I enjoyed every minute of it. My only complaint is that there aren't more stories told from Markham's POV.

    22. Markham at his bestThis was great from Markham's POV the humour was great, seeing him discussing Max and the history department and what they thought of them was brilliant.More stories from the rest of the residents please!!

    23. LOVE this series. Can't get enought that's why I listened to the short stories also. This one had me laughing out loud for most of the book. Who'd thought black olives =reindeer poo.y Markham. Can't wait to listen to the next one.

    24. Ah, Markham.he's got many layers! One of my favourite characters with unexpected qualities being revealed in every book. There's so much still to find out about Markham. but I know there is no-one I'd rather have with me on an adventure than Mr. Markham.

    25. I wish I'd listened to this one instead of read it because I feel like it's probably much funnier that way. It's still pretty funny in print though too! You just can't go wrong (or right, depending on how you look at it) with the Max, Peterson, Markham trio. You really can't.

    26. Great reader, enjoyable novella. Not quite as funny as others in the series, but nice change in perspective.

    27. Love! Love! Love! This a brilliant insight into the dazzling character that it Markham! It really was a delightful story!

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