Once a Cop: The Street, the Law, Two Worlds, One Man

Once a Cop The Street the Law Two Worlds One Man As the spotlight on law enforcement grows ever harsher the perspective of a top cop a black cop makes one sit up and take notice Corey Pegues gives us an incisive look at life on both sides of the bl

  • Title: Once a Cop: The Street, the Law, Two Worlds, One Man
  • Author: Corey Pegues
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • As the spotlight on law enforcement grows ever harsher, the perspective of a top cop a black cop makes one sit up and take notice Corey Pegues gives us an incisive look at life on both sides of the blue line.a nuanced perspective of the often fractious relationship between communities of color and law enforcement USA TODAY A rollicking, no holds barred account of As the spotlight on law enforcement grows ever harsher, the perspective of a top cop a black cop makes one sit up and take notice Corey Pegues gives us an incisive look at life on both sides of the blue line.a nuanced perspective of the often fractious relationship between communities of color and law enforcement USA TODAY A rollicking, no holds barred account of life on the streets, seen from both sides Booklist starred review During the 1980s, crack cocaine devastated many of America s inner city communities Drug dealers seized neighborhoods, terrorizing its inhabitants with brutal violence Aunts and uncles, next door neighbors, and best friends became addicts No longer were playgrounds and parks a safe haven for kids the sound of bouncing basketballs by day was replaced by the pop of gunshots by night Those who lived through the nightmare tell unimaginable stories of that era Once a Cop is one of the most extraordinary Raised in Queens, New York, as a teen, Corey Pegues watched drugs uproot his stable, working class neighborhood almost overnight When times got tough, he had a choice continue to watch his family struggle to buy food, to pay bills or sell dope He chose the latter, eventually becoming part of the notorious Supreme Team street gang After a botched murder attempt on a rival gang member, Corey, the only member of his family to graduate from high school, knew he had to get out Barely eighteen, with two kids by two different women, Corey left under cover of night to enlist in the US Army After several years in the military, he set his sights on becoming a New York City cop and breezed through the police academy In this provocative memoir, Corey Pegues tells how a onetime crack dealer became one the highest ranking members of the largest police force in the country, living and working in the nation s most violent neighborhoods His meteoric rise from patrol officer to deputy inspector covers the administrations of former New York City mayors Rudy Giulliani and Michael Bloomberg, and coincides with the early tenures of famed police commissioners Ray Kelly and William Bill Bratton Corey grants readers full access to the manner in which some of the NYPD s most controversial policies like Broken Windows and Stop, Question and Frisk were implemented and an insider s take on the shootings of Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, the assault on Abner Louima and other tragedies that stained the department As tensions continue to mount between police and communities of color, Corey tears down the blue wall to discuss the discriminatory practices he faced within the NYPD and talks candidly about the distrust that exists between law enforcement and the citizens they are sworn to protect What is daily life truly like for urban youth in America What is the one problem endemic in law enforcement that s even dangerous than rampant racism Corey contends that his life on the streets informed his approach to police work, and shows how it made him a conscientious and compassionate officer There aren t many people who understand both sides of the story the way he does Corey doesn t hate the police He loves the badge And he believes it s his duty to challenge the culture of racism, silence, and arrogance in the NYPD and police departments across the country.

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    1. This book is the definition of two worlds; when Corey Pegues grows up on the streets of NY selling drugs, his life takes a dramatic turn when he's forced to decide what he wants out if it; a future in the world, or a future in prison? He takes us in depth between the world of drug selling, and what it takes to make it in the military, to the NYPD.

    2. If everything this guy says is true then he is beyond fortunate to have had the career he had. He actually says that as well.The book is a good, easy read. I would recommend it. I don't know if Pegues was trying to maintain his street language throughout the book by saying "it don't work" over and over or if the editor just missed it that many times, but for me, "it don't work" doesn't work.The author speaks fairly frequently about all the racism he experienced and witnessed. Read the book and y [...]

    3. The good and bad of policing laid out in this book. The story about a cop who comes from a tough background of the inner city to a police Officer who climbed the ranks of the NYPD to fall via the internal politics of policing. It's obvious Corey Pegues took his knowledge of urban city life and applied it his policing career and from the story written by him excelled at it. His career ended with an accident that left him disabled but the internal politics of policing has him now labeled a disgrac [...]

    4. I felt this book was almost like the black Hillbilly Elegy. A boy comes from nothing, grows up in poverty, and eventually sets his life straight to climb the ranks of the military and NYPD, never forgetting along the way where he came from and why so few others were able to make it out. An eye opening story of growing up poor in the hood.

    5. Keeping in mind that this is a "tell-all", from one person's perspective, I heartily endorse this book. I believe his accounts of street life and police life to be accurate from the little I have experienced and learned from other accounts. Initially, I was annoyed at his choice to narrate his own book but soon realized it was a vital part of understanding some of the obstacles he would have faced. Particularly, when it came to stereotyping. I recommend this, particularly, for anyone with no per [...]

    6. 4.5 stars. I don't like to read too much about a book's plot because I prefer to let things unravel for me as I'm reading. I love biographies & memoirs, and my guess is that I simply added to my tbr list once I saw that it was a highly rated memoir. As a consequence, I truly did not know what to expect from this extremely readable memoir.Based on the way it opened, I first thought the author was a cop who became corrupt, was working for a gang, got caught, and was writing the memoir from pri [...]

    7. Pegus says, “Ma, I’ll never disappoint you again.”“Once a Cop: The Street, The Law, Two Worlds, One man”, is an impeccable story about revival. In this autobiography, Corey Pegues recalls countless times of struggle and disadvantage and his accounts of overcoming those scenarios. He did not back down from anything no matter what was thrown at him. His ability to persevere makes his story a true success story. In order to portray his ideas and perspectives, the author is very straightfo [...]

    8. Reality is stranger than fiction which is why Corey Pegues's life as a drug dealer selling pot and then crack, the Army soldier and then a New York City cop. Blunt, even and stark Pegues recounts the harsh economic, social and political realities that target minority communities. He has the ability to explain his story and highlight the larger social trends that contributed to it.Why I started this book: Audible recommended it based on my other purchases and bonus it was on sale. Why I finished [...]

    9. Cory Pegues, formerly an NYPD Deputy Inspector, takes a hard, uncompromising look at the toxic culture of racism that undermines the efficacy of the police. Despite the specific nature of this book to detail the NYPD's shortcomings, it's a lesson that can undoubtedly be carried out to other departments everywhere.Pegues details his early beginnings from an impoverished child who grew up drug dealing, but by the time he turned 18 knew he had to turn his life around and do something different. Aft [...]

    10. Very interesting bio about how it is to be raised selling drugs and turning into a cop.This book also exposes racism and how cops sometimes dont even act within the law and Pegues even being a cop is able to expose whats wrong

    11. I have to admit this book started a bit slow for me I felt like I'd heard this narrative before. But once the inner workings of the NYPD were laid bare I was enthralled. I can't honestly say that anything contained in this book shocked me but to have a first hand account of the callous disregard for the rights of people of color by those charged with the task of upholding the law is disheartening. I do however, have an enhanced appreciation for those in law enforcement who try to do the right th [...]

    12. I read this book by listening. Some listeners have found the author's narration difficult; that was not my experience at all. I'm glad I got to hear Mr. Pegues' account in his own voice. He did a fine job - narrating and writing - and, I believe, serving his city.I'm appalled at the prejudice that minorities still experience. Mr. Pergues was able to explain what he experienced and observed in a manner that was very calm, rational, and convincing. I appreciated his view on events that took place [...]

    13. Raw. Just plain, blunt honesty, which I greatly appreciate. Gripping story, very interesting. It'll hook you for sure, and you'll enjoy progressing through his life with him. I had to dock a star for his last chapter, where he intentionally (and ignorantly) lumps cases of correct cop action with incorrect action together to present this mass racist epidemic. Also, the $200 million dollar lawsuit? Ok, so it looks like he didn't want to give up hustlingBut overall, I think this is a very worthwhil [...]

    14. I saw this gentleman on tv this morning and decided to watch and listen. What I heard captivated me. I believe that this book should be distributed to all law enforcement personnel and the like. I am buying it online and in a store because I want to add it to my collection to pass on to my granddaughter. Thank you in advance for the transparency. I'm extreeeemly excited to read this book!!!

    15. Picked this book up in the library. Never realized how wonderful and meaningful this book would become to me.It grabs you immediately and never lets loose. Almost impossible to put down.You always hear that a writer should write about what he knows and Corey Pegues does that in spades.I think this is a must read for everyone.

    16. Saw an article in the newspaper about this officer and how they are trying to take his pension read an excerpt from the book and got from the library I couldn't put it down my mom is retired nypd I went to B&N and bought this book for her for her birthday along with some other things

    17. I loved this book. The tone is very casual and it makes it feel as if you are sitting across from Corey as he tells the story. Very insightful and an interesting look at the issue of Stop and Frisk as well as the politics of moving up in the police department as a black man.

    18. This was an excellent autobiography! I believe anyone desiring to enter law enforcement should read as well as politicians and all city and state leaders. I found it to be inspiring and disheartening.

    19. A very interesting book with a very tough subject. Not an easy read, but an important look at cops and racism.

    20. Thanks Corey!Great book. Good look into the culture of police work and the Blue Line we hear about all the time. It's a shame how they tried to discredit him.

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