The Captured Omega

The Captured Omega Captured by the enemy he ll come to love his captor His heart will pay the price Caden lives in a separate world with rules that go back centuries An omega werewolf he has few choices but to live un

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  • Title: The Captured Omega
  • Author: M.H. Silver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Captured by the enemy, he ll come to love his captor His heart will pay the price.Caden lives in a separate world with rules that go back centuries An omega werewolf, he has few choices but to live under the command of an alpha lord or face human brutality in the outside world A rebel by heart, he wants nothing than to be free When a neighboring alpha werewolf namCaptured by the enemy, he ll come to love his captor His heart will pay the price.Caden lives in a separate world with rules that go back centuries An omega werewolf, he has few choices but to live under the command of an alpha lord or face human brutality in the outside world A rebel by heart, he wants nothing than to be free When a neighboring alpha werewolf named Fletcher kills his alpha, he inherits Caden in the process This new alpha is different and attractive Given the task to seduce Fletcher, Caden lets himself get too close He never intends to fall for him He never expects to be freed But he can t leave Fletcher behind when he s carrying his child His heart, now captured, won t let him Together, they ll have to find a way to live freely with their newfound love Note this novel contains mpreg or male pregnancy, as well as mentions of mature subject matter Reader discretion is advised.

    One thought on “The Captured Omega”

    1. It was a lovely story. I loved both the main characters, I loved the plot, I loved all the secondary characters, too. A great story, beautiful emotional development, love all around.I didn't have very high expectations, because rarely do the MPREGs impress me, but this one really did. :)

    2. Copy provided in exchange for an honest reviewSo the overall concept of this book was something I liked. It wasn't necessarily something I've read before, I mean parts seemed commonplace in these type of reads, but there was something about it that worked. With that being said I liked Fletcher and Caden (I wish the names were different M/M romances always have the same names). Fletcher is the new lord of the lands, and Caden is one of his few Omegas. Omegas are no longer slaves or indentured ser [...]

    3. **Grammar**There are few things that I didn't like in this book. Most of them are connected to the way the werewolves use the omegas.Omegas don't have rights. They are sent, when they are still kids, to the Omega academy, a place where they learn how to sexually please an alpha and obey his every command. When they come of age, they are sent to their designed alpha to have penetrative sex for the first time (they already did all rest), and so lose their virginity. Omegas can't chose their partne [...]

    4. I enjoyed that this had a slightly different take on the world building's set in the US, but a different US than ours, one where they know of werewolves, they've been forced into separate territories, and it's definitely not our everyday world. I always like it when it can be a bit different and unique! I will admit, I'm not a huge fan of omega's being like slaves, and being treated like whores and trash, so I'm glad that this story didn't go too deeply into what life would be like for Caden if [...]

    5. Great ReadThere's not much that hasn't been written about the shifter world. Silver has managed to put a very interesting magical twist to this story. This story grabbed me right away. The magic is used to protect there borders and it created their make one has. Without it the werewolves were a dying breed. But something was also taken from them. The recorded accounts aren't clear but it is quite surprising. I loved Fletcher, the new alpha. Caden, the Omega, was very untrusting but he had every [...]

    6. Totally engrossing…This book completely absorbed me. Not just a simple ‘feisty omega meets alpha with a heart of gold’ mpreg story, this had so much more happening as Caden and Fletcher forged their relationship. Having spent his entire life being subjugated by alphas, it was no surprise that Caden resisted even allowing himself to hope that the new alpha lord he’ll be subject to was a merciful one. As they get closer, and Caden is torn between his blossoming feelings and his loyalty to [...]

    7. Excellent!One of the best ones in this genre I've read, not at all the standard plot and interesting characters and plot twists.

    8. Excellent, low-heat Alpha/Omegaverse MPREG plot with overly simplistic story execution(full review and additional comments) All of the elements of a good, unlikely Alpha/omega romance and an underlying supernatural, political plot were present, but the execution and exposition were lacking. The work raced through developments, shortly describing major events and changes without compelling prose or slowly developing feelings and revelations that entice and pull the reader in. There are enough ele [...]

    9. The Captured Omega by M H Silver This must be one of the best Mpreg books that I have read. The storyline is excellent and it’s not all just sex scenes. The characterizations are just as good as the story line. I really liked the way that love grew from ‘hate’ and empathized when ‘friends’ turned against him. This book, and it is a book, very well merits the 5* that I have awarded it.

    10. Not something I expected, the whole male pregnancy kinda throw me for a loop, and seeing omega, delta and other group of werewolves be treated differently from the alphas or the rich bosses, even female alphas are not allowed it throw me off of what I know from other stories. It was good but I couldn't really connectC was given for a honest review

    11. I just can't get into it. I don't feel any chemistry with the characters. Even I forgot this is shifter books. There's no insta-love. It just that they feel so cold. I'm sorry. I need to let this go.

    12. I've been hooked on MM omega, I just love mm romance, there just so more lovable then reading about m/f romance. the captured Omega did not disappoint me. just what i like great characters. some great adventure and suspense to keep you on your toes. I was given this story for a honest review.

    13. This is a "read later" book for me. It's not the book but I'm just not in the mood to read it now. Sometimes I get in certain moods, hehe.

    14. This enticed me until I found out it was MPreg. Most definitely not for me. BIG, HUGE, GINORMOUS thank you to point this out in their reviews. Sincerely appreciated :-)!!

    15. ** I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**This alternate world and take on the A/B/O dynamics was interesting. I was captured by this book alright, at the many different aspects to it and at the wonderful chemistry between the two characters. It wasn't simply focused on Omega's being useful for nothing else than to get heirs out of them, though it was hinted that that is a life some of them share. This was a wonderful blend of deceit, romance and magic that was greater and more imp [...]

    16. Caden was indentured servant treated as a slave, and his service was usually required as a sex partner. So when his alpha is killed, and he is passed on, he doesn't have great hopes and continues to spy for a resistance working to free all omegas from servitude. His new master seems different, but Caden doesn't trust him. Actions often speak louder than words, and Caden changes attitude, but it's almost too late. Yeah, there's alpha/omega pheromones, but the romance isn't the usual insta-love. W [...]

    17. So much potential!!!Okay I'm going to start by saying I did like this book but it has so many holes The characters were just not developed enough. It had a nice plot but it wasn't developed enoughhardly nothing was explainedr exampleFletcher came and saved the day but howon minute he was imprisoned the next he's free with no explanation how did he show up with the jewel to boot??? And it was like that throughout the bookeven Caden and Fletcher's love just popped up should have been from both MC' [...]

    18. 3.5 starsI liked the book but as others have mentioned (I won't go into detail since others have done a better job than I can since it's been a month since I read it and my memory is of the goldfish kind) there were too many things going for a plot that doesn't belong to a series and had to be completed within 270 pages.Yes everything that was mentioned made sense for the story and the world building but maybe it should have spanned into 2 books of the aforementioned pages to do it justice. Stil [...]

    19. **A copy was received in exchnge for an honest review**Caden and Fletcher meet when Fletcher kills the existing alpha in Caden's home territory. From there teh relationship grows as they get to know each other. There are obstacles to their relationship both form themselves and the lack of trust between them and from the outside world. The book is great and I hope is part of a series as there is a lot of history alluded to between shifters and humans as well as between different levels of wolves [...]

    20. I dont know what I expected starting reading this one. It was not bad, the language was nice and easy to read. Fletcher is the new alpha after winning the battle against the former alpha. Caden as an omega, is more like a sexslave to breed kids. Fletcher claim to want to help free them, but Caden works on his own not believing his new master. Usually werewolf books are more fierce and this one was absolutely different. Personally I didn't like the slavery kinda feel over it.

    21. A nice find :)I was so surprised by this book and the story between Caden and Fletcher. It was very nicely done and the book flowed nicely. The only thing that I felt a little bit let down about was the Jewel of Nymphite. I just assumed there was going to be a little more to it than what it ended up being.However, I just happen to come across this author through KU and I cannot wait to see what else the author has written.

    22. Love itI was confused about how the werewolve world works at first. But then i think i got it half way into reading it. Love fletcher and caden. Especially caden. I love his name. Thank you.

    23. This book did take me a few chapters to get into the story but I'm glad I didn't give up.There seemed to be lots of things going on and sometimes a little confusing with so many characters. Loved the ending though, it really made up for the slow start xx

    24. FreedomA story of war and magic. I story of feudal life of clans and humans, werewolves, witches and betrayal. Ends up most of all a love story.

    25. I'm not a fan of mpreg but this book have many good reviews so I decided to give it a try.Still not my cup of tea but it was okI have fun reading it

    26. This was actually one of the better MPREG books I've read. I enjoyed some things about this story and disliked quite a few things as well. Verdict? It was a pleasant read despite some hiccups.

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