Ethan Arabella Craig had been eighteen when Ethan Hardeman opened passion s door then slammed it just as fiercely His subsequent marriage to another woman left her devastated and Arabella knew she d lost

  • Title: Ethan
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780373086948
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Arabella Craig had been eighteen when Ethan Hardeman opened passion s door, then slammed it just as fiercely His subsequent marriage to another woman left her devastated, and Arabella knew she d lost the only man she d ever love.Now, tragedy brought Ethan back into her life Ethan Tall and handsome, divorced and embittered, he ran his family s empire with an iron hand anArabella Craig had been eighteen when Ethan Hardeman opened passion s door, then slammed it just as fiercely His subsequent marriage to another woman left her devastated, and Arabella knew she d lost the only man she d ever love.Now, tragedy brought Ethan back into her life Ethan Tall and handsome, divorced and embittered, he ran his family s empire with an iron hand and a big heartexcept when it came to her.Living day to day with him brought back all the passiond pain Ethan was so near, yet mentally so far away But Arabella was determined not to let him escape her again

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    1. Another DP that charms and exasperates at the same time. Maybe I should just stop cribbing and simply enjoy the things I love about DP that make me come back again and again for more!Couldn’t Resist It ETA :p - One very annoying thing I’ll still mention. It was the H getting all very bygones-be-bygones-chummy with the ow (his evil ex-wife) towards the end. I quite liked the H till then, but then he fell into the ‘stupidest sucker of the year’ category. (view spoiler)[ I mean, can you bel [...]

    2. Llevo desde el fin de semana a base de películas de Hallmark e historias de Diana Palmer. Apuesto a que si me pinchan me sale purpurina 🌈💕Pero no puedo negar que estoy disfrutando de mi etapa ultra rosa ocasional (no confundir con la etapa rosa a secas que de esas tengo un montón, de hecho yo diría que es la etapa predominante)

    3. I am sorry Ms. Palmer, but Ethan is the biggest (cursing)(view spoiler)[fucking (hide spoiler)] idiot I have had the displeasure of reading. He loves Arabella; he loves her not. One daisy down for the count.The H and h had a baby (baby as in innocent, not secret) affair several years ago after which he never called then started squiring around a money grubbing bimbo. All because the H loved the h and didn't want to hurt her. Yeah, right. Methinks we have an undisclosed virgin/whore complex worki [...]

    4. Arabella is best friends with Ethan's sister, for as long as Arabella can remember she's been in love with Ethan. When she was 18 something happened between them but Ethan backed off before things got too carried away, he then immediately married the beautiful Miriam. That was 4 years ago a lot has happened during that time, she has become a well known concert pianist. While Ethan's marriage had ended in a bitter divorce. Arabella's life wasn't any happier she's dominated and ruled over by her o [...]

    5. Y aquí tenemos al ganador del premio OSCAR al más Idiota de todos los tiempos Ethan, en serio no puedo creer lo tonto que puede ser, deja escapar al amor de su vida según él por el bien de ella y se casa con una BRUJA PROMISCUA y encima al volver a encontrarse con su amor la mide con el mismo talle de su antigua bruja. No puedo creer que Arabella sea tan tonta y no darle su merecido a este cretino. Y así comprobamos que el amor es extremadamente CIEGO, por lo menos se merecía sufrir un mó [...]

    6. No se porque siempre leo los libros de Diana Palmer una y otra y otra vez, siendo que siempre termino odiandolos. Cada vez que termino de leer uno, tengo ganas de golpear algo y lanzar mi e-reader contra la pared.Se que estos libros son antiguos, este en particular fue escrito en 1990. Cuando los leo trato de entender que los tiempos eran diferentes a los de ahora, pero en la realidad retratada en los libros de Palmer, no puedo evitar preguntarme. ¿Eran tan diferentes? Siento que el problema pr [...]

    7. Una cosa es ser inocente y otra muy distinta es ser una pusilánime total, que es lo que es Arabella, la prota de este libro. Me pareció totalmente exasperante.

    8. Este herói ganha o troféu de maior trouxa do Texas. Só o que tenho a dizer. "Ethan had been her heart four years ago, but he'd married Miriam.""You should have listened to me about Miriam," she said groggily. "We won't talk about my ex-wife," he said coldly."You get out of marriage what you put into it," Justin added and smiled at her. "Give a little and take a little. You'll do fine." ==> Se ele tivesse sido razoável no livro dele hahahaha!

    9. I'm not sure how I wound up with this one. I meant to read Evan. But there are so many damn LTT it's hard to keep track. Big question I have here. How many times does DP use a car crash as a plot device? I swear there's been a car accident in each of the last 4 books of hers I've read. This one features TWO! One that injured the h and another that took place years previously and killed her mother. Both Arabella and Ethan were irritating. Arabella wasn't quite TSTL but she sure came close. This o [...]

    10. I was really enjoyed this Long Tall Texan Book. but at the ending i was over it and angry. The mix up on who loved who was just drug out too ridiculously long. it made me dislike the heroine for being soo stupid and hate hero becuase he was awful and mean instead of fessing up.

    11. I hated the h so much that I only skimmed through the book just to get this off my to-read list! She is a dumb twit & she kept throwing mariam (OW) onto Ethan in almost all their scenes. She is blind as a bat and irritated the hell out of me with her statements about OW and H!!

    12. Zlý otec není tak zlý, zlá exmanželka taky prohlédne a všichni odejdou po řadě nelogických kroků vstříc zapadajícímu slunci. Prostě jde z extrému do extrému.

    13. Ethan Hardeman: Rancher; a bit older than siblings; grew up watching over his sister's friend Arabella Arabella, a crush on Ethan growing up, but he held himself separate when she was 18, they spent an afternoon at the swimming hole and she was ready to offer her virginal self to him but he drew back - she was too young he played it off as sex and to distract himself, he fell into the arms of an actress doing a commercial at his ranch and she left, hurt, to pursue a father controlled career as a [...]

    14. Homens Do Texas 05Rendição ao DesejoDiana PalmerFico furiosa com Ethan não é possível que ele seja tão bobo e irracional. Na minha humilde opinião, ele sem duvida é um dos piores mocinhos da DP.Adoro Arabella, mas ela é cega como um morcego dou um desconto porque ela é extremamente inocente, mas mesmo assim é muito cega.E me diga uma coisa, porque esses Homens dos Texas não podem ir direto ao assunto? Qual é a necessidade de falar por enigmas com suas amadas? Porque criar uma situa [...]

    15. I would have liked this so much more if the heroine had been less repetitious."You want Miriam," she said through numb lips. "You want her, and I'm substituting, all over again.""Oh, Ethan, don't! It's just a game to you. It's Miriam you want.""It isn't me you want, it's Miriam!" she sputtered, pulling away from him.""You. . . you loved Miriam."Again and again with the same refrain. It was like the song that doesn't end. (Anyone remember Lambchops?) Maybe if you had this on audio, it could make [...]

    16. Esta es una historia similar a todas las de Diana Palmer y claro, si hablamos de esta serie de libros en particular. Arabella está OBSESIONADA con Miriam, de verdad, es estresante de leer que se la pasa lamentandose y cuánta cosa más.Ethan, como los demás machos de DP, es arrogante, dice cosas hirientes pero aún así, lo terminamos amando justo como la boba de la protagonista.Arabella es virgen (que raro) pero un poco más vieja que las demás protas de los demás libros (4 años sigue sien [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book. I so far, have enjoyed this series. I like the fantasy of it, although, I wouldn't want a egotistical, controling man like Ethan in real life. If a man can't tell his woman the words she so desparately needs to hear, "I love you," before they are married or before he takes her virginity, there is something wrong with him and she should run as fast as she can. But, it is fantasy and I like the rugged, cowboy, rancher in my dreams. I always appreciate her way in letting the ch [...]

    18. Zatím jsem četla jen 2 příběhy od teto spisovatelky. A oba byly úplně totožné, proto druhy příběh musím hodnotit o dost hůř. Hlavní hrdinka, když přišlo na jejího vyvoleného byla ufnukana, nesebevedomova (az to uveritelny nebylo) a furt omylala jedno a to samé. Příběh na odreagování ano, ale ne v kratším intervalu po přečtení něčeho jiného od stejné spisovatelky - zvláště když české vydání je dva v jednom tak to prostě svádí k tomu, ze jeden nebo dr [...]

    19. My tolerance level for DP's books is custom set to a very high level knowing what her books are like. It seemed for this one it wasn't high enough. The book was a contradictory mess that made little sense when you try and piece the story together. Both the hero and heroine, acted like two year olds as they seemed to lack all common sense, the reasoning for their actions completely immature. If this had been a new author, I'd have DNF'd but I stuck with it hoping for better. Just dreadful.

    20. Unrequited crush turned to love.Ethan and Arabella wanting each other for years. Him: "she's too young and talented now." Her: "He only wants me. He doesn't want me, I'm just a substitute." Years wasted, marriage destroyed, career achieved but shy of people, finally they had no choice except to face their fears and get on with loving each other. Heartwarming

    21. Not my favorite, but still good. I don't care how many I read they all are similar but still their own story. I'm just utterly blind to the issues people sometimes have with Diana's writing. I just find her perfectly flawless.

    22. Diana Palmer's earlier works, always remind me of Barbara Cartland. The stories are simple, the heroines both innocent and naive. It would have been a better story if the heroine had been a little stronger and less silly in her disbelief.

    23. Me ha gustado un poco menos que los otros, pero solo porque Arabella me estresaba pronto reseña en kathlr95.wix/esquinaliteraria

    24. I hate the ones that go "so-and-so wants me back, so let's pretend to be involved" as a way of KEEPING the other person. Blech.Still a good story though!

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