The Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún Vol. 1

The Girl from the Other Side Si il a R n Vol Once upon a timeIn a land far away there were two kingdoms the Outside where twisted beasts roamed that could curse with a touch and the Inside where humans lived in safety and peace The girl and

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  • Title: The Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún Vol. 1
  • Author: Nagabe Adrienne Beck Lys Blakeslee
  • ISBN: 9781626924673
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once upon a timeIn a land far away, there were two kingdoms the Outside, where twisted beasts roamed that could curse with a touch, and the Inside, where humans lived in safety and peace The girl and the beast should never have met, but when they do, a quiet fairytale begins This is a story of two people one human, one inhuman who linger in the hazy twilight that sOnce upon a timeIn a land far away, there were two kingdoms the Outside, where twisted beasts roamed that could curse with a touch, and the Inside, where humans lived in safety and peace The girl and the beast should never have met, but when they do, a quiet fairytale begins This is a story of two people one human, one inhuman who linger in the hazy twilight that separates night from day.

    One thought on “The Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún Vol. 1”

    1. I don’t have deep background in fantasy manga, but this first volume is huge on mood and atmosphere and likeable for all that. It has a touch of darkness in the art that works to complicate the sweet, innocent feeling of some aspects of the story. A young girl named Shiva lives on the “other side,” in a vacated village with a guardian known only as "Teacher". Teacher is sorta humanoid, and sorta creepy, dark, faintly Edward Gorey and Lovecraft. Teacher protects Shiva, helping her different [...]

    2. An artistic, fairy-tale story of understanding and companionship, The Girl from the Other Side is a beautiful graphic novel about darkness and the light, and which side good and bad really reside on.

    3. Imagine yourself as a little girl, inviting a well-dressed, polite demon to come to your tea party. Would you be afraid, despite the horned monster being dressed in fancy shoes and a waistcoat? Probably.Our fearless, young Shiva does not just invite but demands that her protector and caretaker, lovingly deemed “Teacher”, has tea with her everyday. In a town and surrounding forest that has been abandoned, there is often not much else for them to do to pass the time - once their chores are don [...]

    4. 4,25 / 5En este primer volumen de La pequeña forastera: Siúil, a Rún conoceremos a Shiva y el Doctor. La primera es una joven niña humana que espera el regreso de su tía. El segundo, una bestia que pertenece a un mundo oscuro y maldito. Ambos conviven en un páramo del Exterior, donde habitan seres oscuros que pueden maldecirte con solo tocarte. Un primer volumen que nos introduce en el misterioso mundo de fábula que ha construido Nagabe, un joven mangaka con su primera publicación intern [...]

    5. A heartwarming manga with dark tones, The Girl from the Other Side tells of the daily life of the little human girl Shiva and her caretaker, the monster/Outsider Teacher. The beautiful scratchy black-and-white artwork compliments the quiet story perfectly and is just lovely to look at.I was instantly drawn to the two characters and the relationship between them: Teacher cares about her protégé, but can never touch her, or he will spread the Outsider curse and turn the girl into one. Basically, [...]

    6. There are two worlds, the inside, where the humans live and the outside, where monsters called outsiders live, it's belived that outsiders can curse you with just one single touch. In our fairytale for a more mature audiance, there are humans who are in fear and as a result of this, they do monstrous things and there is a monster called teacher who is gentle and nice. There is this stark contrast the humans are monstrous and the monster is very gentle and good. There was an abondened town becaus [...]

    7. Historia muy sencilla sobre la otredad y la naturaleza del monstruo construida a partir de la entrañable relación entre sus dos protagonistas. El trabajo gráfico de Nagabe, cómo refuerza la naturaleza luminosa u oscura de los personajes y el escenario con su trazo, las manchas, la claridad y las sombras, qué muestra y qué oculta, es sobresaliente.

    8. i randomly came across this book while doing some online book shopping. had never heard of it before, nor do i know what tale it is based off of (because i feel like it's based off something?) but nonetheless, i decided to get it and see what it was all about and thank goodness i bought the first 3 volumes because i would have been SO PISSED to leave off at that cliffhanger and then have to wait a few days to find out what's going to happen the girl from the other side is about an adorable littl [...]

    9. No puedo más que recomendar este manga aunque solo he leído el primer tomo. La elegancia, delicadeza, ternura sin ñoñeria de la historia y el dibujo sin obviar la necesaria presencia ominosa en cualquier cuento de hadas, que sin embargo presente en todo momento, además de la maestría del autor en introducirnos sin más que un breve preámbulo en su mundo para ir descubriéndonos poco a poco su razón de ser Excelente.

    10. "This is a story of two people--one human, one inhuman--who linger in the hazy twilight that separates night from day. "This manga is wonderfully strange and atmospheric. In this fairy tale like story, there are two kingdoms: "the Outside, where twisted beasts roamed that could curse with a touch, and the Inside, where humans lived in safety and peace."In this tale we spent time with, and get to know, a young girl called Shiva, and a monster she calls Teacher. The thing to remember (and we often [...]

    11. The first volume of this interesting tale has themes that are already quite predictable: dark versus light, the cursed vs. innocent, human versus beast. The black, horned beast is the nurturing and patient caregiver yet is feared by the human adults. Shiva, the little girl, does not fear the beast and has readily accepted his role as both teacher and protector. Nagabe's art is reminiscent of the style found in the works of J.J. Grandeville and Kiyoshi Hasegawa.I will read volume 2 in this series [...]

    12. I went into this hoping it would be similar to Ancient Magus's Bride and while the bare bones is somewhat aligned, it's a whole different ball game.The Stark artwork here - with the shadows telling more than the actual words at times - set the scene quite well. It's almost a fable at first. A young girl lives with a monster awaiting her Aunt's return at the edge of an abandoned village. The woods are haunted, the monster is under a curse the girl lives mostly in obliviousness.The tale grows dark [...]

    13. "The Girl from the Other Side" reminds me of The Ancient Magus' Bride. It reads like a laid back fairy tale, and not the sweet Disney kind. This feels like it would fit in with Brother's Grimm, if not for the fact that this "story" isn't so much of a story other than a peek into the life of a girl and a monster.There are two characters for most of the first volume, Shiva, the little girl on the cover, and "Teacher", the monster standing behind her. Due to circumstances, Teacher is taking care of [...]

    14. I was drawn to the cover of this manga at the bookstore and delighted by the description and the illustration throughout. This is described as a “quiet fairy tale” and that is a wonderful description of this book. I really enjoyed this a lot; it’s mysterious and very different from other manga I have read.The illustration is detailed and beautiful and I loved the scenes between Shiva and the demon, Teacher, that takes care of her. The scenes between them are sweet and humorous all at once, [...]

    15. This was a sweet little odd story. Shiva is a little girl who lives on "The Outside" (a segregated part of the land consisting of the cursed darkness that has turned people into demons or beasts). Her guardian is called simply, "Teacher," and he is a beast. He watches out for the child and tries to keep her safe and happy. It's sweet. He makes her burned apple pies that aren't made of apples. He sits down for tea parties and chops her wood for warm fires. He fusses with her when she hurts her an [...]

    16. A spooky, sad, but also strangely beautiful manga.I needed a book for my Copy Cat Challenge at my group, a book to replace another book that wouldn't come in. I decided to go for this one as it also fitted my Halloween theme perfectly!I know I already tried this manga a few months ago, not sure why I didn't continue any further. But on the one hand I am glad, as that meant I could read it at this time. There is a curse, there is a little girl who is seemingly free of the curse, and there is a cu [...]

    17. I spotted this on the shelf and immediately had to pick it up. It's a strange and intriguing little fairy tale- a bit dark but not overly so. Not yet, anyway. The story follows a little girl and her current caretaker, a beast called an Outsider. The Outsiders (inhuman) and Insiders (human) are never allowed to touch for fear of the Insider's catching 'The Curse'. For ages they are kept separated until the day the Outsiders overrun the town and fear of catching The Curse spreads. I look forward t [...]

    18. Fuck me up, son, this was AMAZING. The "monster"that cares for the "little girl," the "little girl" that befriends the "monster." I'm sure this has been played with before, but I love that dynamic. I want to know so much more about Teacher and who Shiva really is. (But with a name like that, I think we have a little hint, right?) I had no idea it had come out yet. And now that I've finished it, I need to immediately return to the bookstore for the next volume.

    19. Great start for this interesting dystopian slice-of-life manga. Call it 4.5 rounded up for the atmosphere.Review: derailmentsofthought.wordpres

    20. Beautiful artwork and an interesting developing story. I'm not totally hooked yet but I am interested to continue past this first volume's cliff hanger. Am also reading it in Japanese woot woot.

    21. I loved this! The story and world are intriguing, the characters and their relationship is endearing, the art is beautiful - I can't wait to read the second one! The only issue I had was a few times, especially near the start, it was a little hard to tell what was going on. (Also, this would make a great Ghibli movie.)

    22. The Girl from the Other Side is a creepy little manga about a little girl lost in a world of beasts. The world is divided into humans and monsters, and she's gotten herself stuck on the wrong side. But at least she has a friendly monster looking after her. Mysterious and atmospheric, I find myself wanting to know more about this strange world. The art would be better served on larger pages and better paper though. It's too muddy in the traditional manga format.

    23. The great thing about Seven Seas is when they hit pay dirt with one series, they snap up every series that's remotely similar in the hope of catching lightning twice. Sure, that means we're faced with five bajillion sexy-monster-girl series, but we also get obscure gems like this clearly picked this up because it's the closest thing they could find to the Ancient Magus' Bride, however that doesn't mean this is a derivative work. On the contrary, AMB and this couldn't get much further apart. If A [...]

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