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Queen of America All eight episodes of the highly rated Queen of America series collected into a single edition with bonus final chapter years before Christopher Columbus a young Viking woman led an expedition fr

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  • Title: Queen of America
  • Author: T.J. Slee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All eight episodes of the highly rated Queen of America series collected into a single edition with bonus final chapter 500 years before Christopher Columbus, a young Viking woman led an expedition from Greenland in the Arctic Sea, to discover and settle North America.For a thousand years her story was considered a myth, a tale told around campfires to ward off cold wintAll eight episodes of the highly rated Queen of America series collected into a single edition with bonus final chapter 500 years before Christopher Columbus, a young Viking woman led an expedition from Greenland in the Arctic Sea, to discover and settle North America.For a thousand years her story was considered a myth, a tale told around campfires to ward off cold winter nights with visions of Viking conquest.Late last century, archeologists discovered her settlement at L ans Aux Meadows in North America.This is the incredible story of Viking Shieldmaiden Freya Eriksdottir.Publishers Weekly, Booklife Prize in Fiction Sept 2016.

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    1. 4.5 Stars. Freya, the female Viking is out and about to discover and settle North America. We are talking here about some 500 years before Christopher Columbus' era. What till now had been considered as a myth, has now been penned down and that too, so smoothly.Told by a woman's perspective, Queen of America establishes a milestone. The narrator is powerful and her sense of judgement is amazing.Before reading this novel, I wasn't aware of the Viking history, but it has got me interested on many [...]

    2. For the History Buffs out there! Well-analysed and excellently portrayed. Regardless of how long ago a historical novel takes place, authenticity and accuracy of the setting are tremendously vital. Although it is not applicable to the characters, their values and attributes.Historical Fiction books have the ability to provide true sense of enlightenment to the theme which should be more than just mere glance at the subject and past.Talking about the Fiction, in that book author's imaginative ski [...]

    3. Hi! Clearly this isn't a review as this my own book! So these are just some notes about the background to the book, and this novella series.Why another Viking book?I love the old Viking sagas. These huge folk mythology stories written around the turn of the 1st century AD trying to capture the old oral histories. I'd just read a book "The Viking Discovery of America: The Excavation of a Norse Settlement in L'Anse Aux Meadows, Newfoundland" which details how the first Europeans to 'discover Ameri [...]

    4. Authentic and detailed, Queen of America is based on a saga about Freydis, daughter of famed Viking leader, who's more famous son Leif son traveled to Vinland making contact with the Americas while the rest of Europe was stuck int he dark ages. This story is told through Freya's eyes. Sibling rivalry sets the tone, as Erik's two children are pitted against each other in the race to settle the new land. Proud and pagan Freya wants to make her mark as a brave warrior. Her brother, Leif has embrace [...]

    5. Great book depicting the colonization of America by Vikings. It was a bit slow at times, but was overall an amazing read. Will definitely be checking out this author more!

    6. Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an unbiased review. Thank you for the book!First and foremost, the picture of the cover does not translate well online. It is striking in its simplicity in person. There could have been a myriad of designs showing different aspects of Viking life, but I believe that would have detracted from the actual story being told. The golden braid lets you know up front that this novel will be different from all the rest.Being a big [...]

    7. The whole series was really good, although it was a bit slow paced from time to time. I'm not so familiar with the vikings history, but I expected more action and definitely longer final battle. Either way, it was really interesting. Oh, and the author's notes! I LOVE when there's an author's notes in a book. It's like a next level of thoughtfulness. :)

    8. I won this book through a giveaway here on .3.5 starsQueen of America was a really nice reading for different reasons.First of all, the story is quite easy to follow and its setting are really compelling. I haven't read many books about Vikings -nor I know that much about them apart from common knowledge- so I can't say if this book lives up to the other novels of his own kind, however it was well planned, it had a good pace and it was easy to grow fond of the characters.For what concerns them, [...]

    9. This is a review of the whole series because it comes in 8 episodes and I can't be bothered doing a seperate review of each! First, I loved this series - it is like fantasy, but set a thousand years ago. No one knows if Vikings really did make it to America so it could just as well be fantasy. The character of Freya is awesome but I also liked Gunnar who is an evil sh*t who you love to hate. Haki and Hyka the two scouts are good value too, though I wish Hyka was given more airtime. In general I [...]

    10. Anyone who is interesting in vikings needs to read this book. Once you start reading you won't be able to stop. In the book you accompany Freya on a voyage to Vinland. This is her first voyage and it comes shortly after she turns 17. She takes this as her chance to show everyone who she is and make a name for herself instead of being known as her father's daughter. The characters I find most interesting are Hyka and Haki her father's Scottish scouts. Freya's father Eric sends Hyka and Haki along [...]

    11. I was lucky enough to receive this book! A Viking heroine powerful in her strength, sharp and witty, owning her own life. I can imagine this book being made into a movie, easily. The story to me read like a movie script.

    12. This short little novel was fun to read! While it may not be structurally "a five" the story and the telling are worth the stars. I can't wait to read the next installment.

    13. Book ReviewBook Title: Queen of America (Freya Eriksdottir #1)Author: T.J. SleeDate Read: September 26th - November 4th, 2016Date Reviewed: November 4th, 2016Background: I received this book for free through First Reads for an honest review. Quick Synopsis: This book is all about female vikings, which is a nice change from seeing all men vikings all the time. Freya goes out on a mission and is determined to finish it. You follow her struggles and the adventures that vikings have. It's a great r [...]

    14. I'm thankful to the author for sending me her book for the second time. I've read "The Vanirim" a few months back and really loved the plot. It was a sci-fi meets mythology story. But this book, "Queen if America" is different. It's genre is purely based on mythology and history.The story starts with a battle scene between a young Viking rebel woman that happened about 500 years ago. Many years later, the Viking girl Freya is set for a mission to find the Vinland. I really liked the character of [...]

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