Ancient Worlds: An Epic History of East and West

Ancient Worlds An Epic History of East and West A bold and imaginative page turner that challenges ideas about the world of antiquity Peter Frankopan The Silk Roads This vivid and engaging book brings to life some of the most important moments in a

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  • Title: Ancient Worlds: An Epic History of East and West
  • Author: Michael C. Scott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A bold and imaginative page turner that challenges ideas about the world of antiquity Peter Frankopan The Silk Roads This vivid and engaging book brings to life some of the most important moments in ancient history, moments that have shaped not only the politics and culture of bygone eras, but the institutions, thoughts and fantasies of our time Yuval Noah Harari S A bold and imaginative page turner that challenges ideas about the world of antiquity Peter Frankopan The Silk Roads This vivid and engaging book brings to life some of the most important moments in ancient history, moments that have shaped not only the politics and culture of bygone eras, but the institutions, thoughts and fantasies of our time Yuval Noah Harari Sapiens As panoramic as it is learned, this is ancient history for our globalised world Tom Holland Dynasty, Rubicon Acclaimed historian and TV presenter Michael Scott guides us through an epic story spanning ten centuries to create a bold new reading of the classical era for our globalised world.Scott challenges our traditionally western focused perception of the past, connecting Greco Roman civilisation to the great rulers and empires that swept across Central Asia to India and China resulting in a truly global vision of ancient history.With stunning range and richness Ancient Worlds illustrates how the great powers and characters of antiquity shared ambitions and crises, ways of thinking and forms of governing connections that only grew stronger over the centuries as political systems evolved, mighty armies clashed, universal religions were born and our modern world was foreshadowed.Scott focuses on three epochal moments across the ancient globe, and their profound wider significance from 509 8 BCE birth of Athenian democracy and Rome s republic, also the age of Confucius s teachings in China to 218 BCE when Hannibal of Carthage challenged Rome and China saw its first emperor to 312 CE, when Constantine sought to impose Christianity on the Roman world even as Buddhism was pervading China via the vast trading routes we now know as the Silk Roads A major work of global history, Michael Scott s enthralling journey challenges the way we think about our past, re draws the map of the classical age to reveal its hidden connections, and shows us how ancient history has lessons for our own times.

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    1. The premise of this book was too good to pass up, as a love of history , it is with a certain sad resignation that we have to accept that our view of history tends to be much centered in Western Europe and Greece , but we forget to connect those worlds with what was going on at the same time in India and China. The author of this book tries to do just that , connect both worlds and link them together , in some aspects he succeeded, but in others he did not , he doesn't know how to smoothly trans [...]

    2. This work of history has a very interesting premise and in some ways delivers on the promise of said premise (sorry). However, I'm not sure it's nearly as groundbreaking as the dust-jacket blurb makes it out to be. What must be said is Michael Scott is a very engaging writer of ancient history and has a natural way of presenting highly-detailed information in very readable narrative fashion. By examining the Greek, Roman, Indian, and Chinese civilizations through the lenses of their earliest pol [...]

    3. I made the mistake of reading some of the reviews as I began this book, and therefore set myself up for an underwhelming experience. After reading the book twice, I have to come to the conclusion that some of these reviews must be based on imagination. Firstly, neither the book jacket nor the Introduction make any claims like those found in some of these readers' recollection. It merely refers to the work as "an ambitious reinvention of our grandest histories", which the book certainly lives up [...]

    4. A fun read and very knowledgeable. Scott knows his stuff, and writes it all down in a witty, very well readable manner. It's a shame though, that, in my opinion, the book does not deliver on its promise of showing the connections that bound East and West together in ancient times. It highlights a few very similar developments in these regions that occured at around the same time; it does not, however, show a convincing overarching reason for the similarity of these developments.

    5. Focusing on three periods in history, Scott shows how changes in society, government and religion were mirrored across Europe, Asia and India. The individual elements he discusses are fascinating, but in terms of teasing a coherent theory out of them, it's not as much of a success. Still, as a reminder to take a more global view of history, it's well worth spending time with.

    6. Scott's work builds on a wonderful premise -- instead of seeing ancient cultures in isolation, that we examine their connections with each other and see how contemporaneous societies struggled with similar issues and developed differing solutions to common challenges. I was impressed by the scope of Scott's understanding of cultures ranging from Rome to China and was impressed by the emphasis he put on Central Asia as a critical center for the blending and transmission of separate cultural stran [...]

    7. Very disappointing! I had wanted to read this book for a while but once started I found that it dragged in places and many things were repeated in the summing up chapters of each section and then again in the conclusion. It reads more like a group of extended essays rather than a book! That said, I did learn some really interesting facts, especially about Chinese history which I knew very little about.

    8. Picking out pivotal moments in Greco-Roman, Indian and Chinese history - comparing and differentiating the overall developments - an eye-opener, provoking some new thoughts and adding a few surprises in the mix

    9. An interesting premise that goes strong for the first two thirds of the book but is let down in part three.

    10. Quiere demostrar la interconexión de los mundos clásicos de Europa y Asia, pero no sé si lo demuestra muy bien

    11. I like the approach of taking a wider world view of ancient history, focusing on the themes of political systems, war and religion. It was very interesting to read about simultaneous developments across civilizations. I learned a lot. I was particularly fascinated by the story of Buddhism in China. The maps could have been clearer and more detailed, as I often had trouble placing the locations. The choices that author make are strange. There is an excellent and lengthy account of the Second Puni [...]

    12. An interesting account of the interconnectedness of our world, not only in recent history but as the book I feel successfully makes the case, way back in ancient history also. Focussing on several key areas of the world the author demonstrates how in each area similar changes were taking place throughout the world that have left a lingering mark on human history. For anyone interested In the topic of globalisation this is definitely a book worth reading as I feel it makes a strong case for a bro [...]

    13. Great Historical Connections are made in this book by painting the full picture of Antique civilizations and political constructions (Rome, Grece, Persia, China, Carthage, etc).Through three different generations, the histoy of all these ancient civilizations was more inter-connected and full of similarities than usually taught or presented.Many learnings to take away from this book, from war strategies, political philosophies, cultural clashes and leadership, to full-scale civilizations rise an [...]

    14. Es muy difícil divulgar la historia y no resultar aburrido, por eso los que lo hacen me parecen genios. Michael Scott ho ha entrado en este panteón. Sorry man, pero es que eres un poco rollo.

    15. It's pretty weird to open up to the first chapter of a book subtitled 'A Global History of Antiquity'-- having read an introduction, which lambasts all other historians for failing to write proper, global history, and declares that the book you're about to read is truly revolutionary in its approach--and find that it's about the Birth of Democracy in Athens. Uh okay, weird place to start. But it also sets the tone almost perfectly: this is a collection of stories told quite often before (foundin [...]

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