Peaches and Creme Killer

Peaches and Creme Killer SUMMER PRESCOTT BOOKS IS THRILLED TO PRESENT Peaches and Creme Killer Book in The INNcredibly Sweet Series If you loved the Frosted Love series you ll love this th installment in the series that co

  • Title: Peaches and Creme Killer
  • Author: Summer Prescott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • SUMMER PRESCOTT BOOKS IS THRILLED TO PRESENT Peaches and Creme Killer Book 6 in The INNcredibly Sweet Series If you loved the Frosted Love series you ll love this 6th installment in the series that continues the adventures of Missy, Chas, and the rest of the gang They ve moved from Louisiana to the gorgeous seaside town of Calgon, Florida, and have picked up an interestiSUMMER PRESCOTT BOOKS IS THRILLED TO PRESENT Peaches and Creme Killer Book 6 in The INNcredibly Sweet Series If you loved the Frosted Love series you ll love this 6th installment in the series that continues the adventures of Missy, Chas, and the rest of the gang They ve moved from Louisiana to the gorgeous seaside town of Calgon, Florida, and have picked up an interesting cast of characters along the way Missy hits it off immediately with a talented pie maker from the Keys who comes to the Inn for her vacation Everything goes awry, however, when something sets off the fire alarms at the Inn, causing significant damage and displacing the staff and guests Chas has his hands full dealing with a body that was found under seriously bizarre circumstances, and when the identity of the killer is suspected, his position as Detective may be at stake Hold on tight, this latest book in the INNcredibly Sweet series will take you on a wild ride

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    1. Summer Prescott I cannot even handle what you just did to me. Secrets, what secret? EVERYTHING was a secret! My brain is reeling from this book! It is absolutely without a doubt the BEST of the best.Okay, so Spencer is a good bad guy Tim is a good bad guy Chas is a good bad guy? Or maybe not. I really don't know! I trust NO ONE!!! I can't even figure out what just happened and it is amazing! I have never felt this strongly about a cozy mystery before! I felt I had a personal connection to this b [...]

    2. I loved loved loved this book. Ok so in book 6 a special guest arrives at the Inn and stays with Missy and Chas. Also staying with them is the staffers for the soon to be governor of Florida. Of course during this book we see a murder has taken place but it turns out it happened many years ago which leaves this as a cold case that Chas has to try and solve. With the help of Tim Eckel's, Chas was able to solve this crime but the interesting part was that the side story has to do more with Chas th [...]

    3. Calgon is hosting a big gubernatorial debate and Missy has an inn filled with guests. One happens to be a fellow Floridian on a getaway to relax and make decisions about her future. Missy instantly adores Marilyn, a pie maker from the Keys. Chas is busy with the investigation of a body found in a crawl space. Someone does not want Chas working this case and he may be in danger of losing his job.I loved having Marilyn visit the inn. I enjoyed the Key Lime series very much and wish it would contin [...]

    4. O. M. G. By far this has got to be one of my favorite INNcredibly Sweet Series books ever!!! It has it all, and the best part was a visit from one of Summer Prescott's character from another series. Marilyn from the Key West series goes to the bed and breakfast to relax and decide if she wants to expand her bakery or open a new location. She discovers that creepy Tim is her new friend Echo's neighbor. This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak though. This book has totally got to put Tim in [...]

    5. Some Politicians will do anything to keep their past criminal secrets from coming out!I give this book 20+ stars!This is about a construction contractor finding something horrific in his crawl space, which is under his kitchen floor that he and his workers discovered when they had to put up the floor.When Chas got involved it really turned ugly. There was a gubernatorial candidate and the Inn for a rally to get votes for Governor of Florida. He went to Chas after talking to the mayor of Calgon t [...]

    6. Wow! Peaches and Creme Killer book 6 in The INNcredibly Sweet Series was amazing! There is action, mystery, adventure, and of course murder in the small town of Calgon. The cast of characters in this series are so fun and exciting. Missy is busy making her wonderfully yummy cupcakes as well as preparing the Inn for a lot of different guests. One in particular is Marilyn Hayes from the Florida Keys who owns a pie shop and is looking for some rest and relaxation to get things in her life situated. [...]

    7. Mystery, Murder, Secrets and Surprises? Peaches and Crème Killer has these and so much more!Missy has come up with yet another delicious cupcake creation, YUM, and is looking forward to the Inn being booked.Chas has a murder to investigate or does he? Can Spencer help Chas find the truth before it’s too late?Tim is being secretive, but for a very good reason. Why do Tim and Chas need to meet discretely? Echo has a temporary roommate that both of her neighbors want to know better and her two d [...]

    8. The Florida's governor's race is heating up and the leading candidate is from Calgon, so Missy and Chas find their Inn full with staffers and a vacationing pie shop owner from the Keys. Contractor Ed Jabrowski has just purchased a distressed home that he intends to remodel and flip. When a plastic barrel containing a semi mummified body and organs is discovered under the kitchen floorboards Chas goes to work to solve the cold case but he is hindered by interference from a special investigator br [...]

    9. SummerHave you ever wanted to write a book? Have you ever wondered where the Authors come up with these ideas? Well me too, and Summer Prescott has once again left me with my mouth open! Each book in this series gets better and better. My mouth was left hanging wide open on this one, to the point that I was mad ( and I really mean it )When this book ended , but with that being said, I am happy that book #7 is on its way. This series is one that keeps you guessing until the end. It makes me laugh [...]

    10. This is another wonderful story from Summer Prescott in the INNcredibly Sweet Mystery series. This is one of my favorite series, I look forward to each book that comes out. Each book reveals a little more about the characters and their backgrounds, which helps lend to thejir development. There are a few surprises in store when you read this book, I don't want to give anything away but I was pleasantly by one and not so surprised by another. I will say there are more questions that arise than are [...]

    11. Another fun book in the INNcredibly Sweet Series! A pie maker from Key West arrives at Missy's bed and breakfast and for Summer Prescott fans this is a real treat (you will see why). She and Tim, the medical examiner, have some weird encounters, which I enjoyed reading about. Tim is creepy, strange, and lovable all at the same time. Such a fun character. The mystery kept me guessing until the very end! If you enjoy culinary cozies, this series is a must-read! The publisher provided me with a com [...]

    12. Another great book in the series. This one had a few twists that I didn't see coming and brought in some new characters and a little more intrigue about one of the characters. Missy was a little more on the outskirts of this murder but Chas was sure pulled in. Spencer keeps getting more and more mysterious and really makes you wonder what is up with him. Can't wait for more!

    13. Things are getting interesting. It was awesome to have a crossover in books. I think things are starting to get very interesting in Spencer's world and I'm hoping it means, first of all we get to see what he's hiding but most of all I hope the books keep coming. I seriously love the characters and would love to see this turned into a television series.

    14. Chas and Missy have a lot of new guests at their inn with the arrival of Calgon's candidate for governor, Tom Chase, and his aides and a woman who is a crossover from one of the author's other series! I love that we see more of Chas in this book as he attempts to solve a cold case. This has to be one of the best books in this series so far!!!

    15. loved itI had missed the key lime series and was really glad Tim was able to have closer on that part of his life. I was wondering if the author was going to bring the series back? I love cross overs and this one made sense. Great story cannot wait for the next installment.

    16. Wonderful bookWonderful storyline, with great characters throughout the book :) I really had a hard time putting it down till I was done. Would really recommended to everyone that love cozies to read thus book :)

    17. Best in the series by farWowat about sums it up. Summer Prescott has out done herself with this one. I can't even express how good this was. I could not put it down. She captured me from the beginning to the end. Now I will wait patiently ( or not ) for the next one.

    18. OutstandingThis series just keeps getting better and better. Each segment brings us closer to learning Spencer's secrets. It was nice to see Marilyn join the crew in this book. I love the Key West Culinary series too.

    19. Is book 7 ready yetSummer Prescott never missed a beat in her books. This continues the missile and Chas surrounded by reporters, murder and VIP's to the mix. Will Chas find the answers before he is railroaded. Awesome book

    20. there are several mysteries. for a small town there sure are a lot of bodies. a long buried one surfaces in an abandoned house. but the real mystery surrounds the young ex marine helping the inn owners. each mystery unwrapped a bit of the back story. interesting.

    21. Twists and turnsThis book is filled with twists and turns. Just when you figure something out, you are thrown another curve ball. Couldn't put it down!!

    22. CliffhangerAGAINThis was a great book I hope to see tim fall in love. I also hope that izzy makes a reappearance.

    23. Summer has another hit, love this series. Spencer is a mystery, so glad he keeps up guessing. There is always something new in Summers book and the series has been a pleasure to read.

    24. Can it get any better.I love how other people in other series are incorporated into Summer Prescott books. They are so interesting and so entwined.

    25. DelightfulSummer Prescott has a style of writing that I personally like. I am trying to read the series before I start Janet Evanovichs new book with Lee Goldberg.

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