The Wolf Who Fell Out of a Book

The Wolf Who Fell Out of a Book Wolf Who Fell Out of a Book

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  • Title: The Wolf Who Fell Out of a Book
  • Author: Thierry Robberecht Gregoire Mabire
  • ISBN: 9781857144635
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wolf Who Fell Out of a Book

    One thought on “The Wolf Who Fell Out of a Book”

    1. Ik heb echt genoten van dit boek, maar ik vond het einde toch erg jammer, en ook het boeken gedeelte was wel interessant, maar ik vond het een beetje te kort verteld. En ik heb ook een aantal vragen over dingen. Dus 3.5 sterretjes voor dit boek is alles wat ik kan geven (wat nog steeds goed is natuurlijk).Het boek klonk erg veelbelovend, interessant, en ik als boekenwurm zou dit ook wel willen kunnen, springen van verhaal naar verhaal. En voor een groot deel was het boek ook goed en leuk. Arme w [...]

    2. RATING: 4 STARS(Review Not on Blog)A cute picture book about a wolf that fell out of a book and is trying to find his way back home.

    3. When a book falls to the floor, a wolf is ejected from his story. At first he thinks he can just hide under the book, but a hungry cat starts to stalk him. When he tries to enter the book he came from, he can’t seem to find the right place in the story to come in. He tries another book then, but that one is filled with princesses and dancing and the wolf is expected to dress up. Trying another book, he discovers the dangers of dinosaurs. The wolf finally discovers a book where the wolf has gon [...]

    4. I received this book free from First Reads. This book is so creative! Laughing as I read it, I knew this would be perfect for children. Whether you had a creative child or you want to spark their imagination more, this book will certainly help you do just that! The ending of the story is such a plot twist on a well know children's fairy tale, that your imagination runs wild with new possibilities for the old story. For older kids, what a great book to helps them understand that just because you [...]

    5. I recieved this book through good reads first reads give away and immediately read it. Its cute. The story is based around a little girl with too many books (yeah right) and one falls off the bookshelf and knocks loose a character that then has to escape a hungry pet cat that chases it from book to book. The story book wolf tries to find a new spot in a book as he escapes the cat only to find out that he can't wear a ball gown and dinosaurs are dangerous. I cant wait to see what my niece and nep [...]

    6. Books, books, books fill the pages as wolf navigates the library when his book was pushed off the shelves and he fell out! The adventure begins for wolf when he notices there is library cat that doesn't like this intruder. There are some references to several books, and the expected and fun conclusion with a little girl in a red cloak. It's a fun story that might spark an interest in what might happen if other characters fall out of their books!

    7. I loved this book! It was really creative and the ending was a great twist and lots of fun for those familiar with the tale.

    8. There were far too many words in this for a group read-aloud, and the story didn't really go anywhere before ending abruptly. But dang that wolf is cute!!!!!

    9. Paired this with Nibbles the Book Monster and it led to a good discussion about writing with fairy tales.

    10. I got this book from Giveaway program.I read it in one day but so loved the story. It is about a wolf that falls out of his book when it falls off the shelf. The family cat comes after him so he tries to find a way back into his book but ends up in the wrong part of the story. With the cat still after him he goes from book to book until he finds one that lets him stay. Very good story and the descriptions of the wolf and cat are very good yet simply done so that a small child will understand it [...]

    11. A very cute children's book. Is also entertaining for adults who enjoy this kind of reading.If you have a child you should buy it, because the pages are colorful and the story is short. My cousin is starting to read and likes to read short phrases.Favorite Character: The Wolf (:

    12. Het idee is zeer leuk. Maar ik vind het verhaal te kort voor heel leuk. Het einde kwam me veel te snel en abrupt. Ik vind het een meerwaarde dat er een link is met sprookjes, Roodkapje in dit geval.Gewoon leuk voorleesboek dus.

    13. J'ai adoré cet album au point de l'avoir lu deux fois en une semaine. Il m'a mis de bonne humeur et la puce à qui je l'ai lu a semblé aimé.

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