One thought on “20 Answers: Mary”

  1. This is the first book in this amazing series that I have read. This series comprises 20 Books, 20 Topics, and 20 Questions on different aspects of Catholicism or Catholic answers to other religions. I recently read a challenge to read all 20 books in this series over lent. I was originally planning on reading them over a year, but after reading this volume I am up for the challenge. To read them all over lent would be about 25 pages of reading a day. But let's take a look at this specific book, [...]

  2. This is an excellent defense of the Catholic teachings regarding Mary. Due to his religious upbringing, Staples if able to accurately address Protestant oppositions in a way that a cradle Catholic could not. He draws from a number of sources, especially Scripture and the early Church. Staples addresses a wide array of topics ranging from oppositions to Mary, confusion about Catholic beliefs surrounding her, and why a devotion is an important part of Christian life.One of the pleasant surprises i [...]

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