Still Waters

Still Waters In the next Faces of Evil book from USA TODAY bestselling author Debra Webb is Amber Roberts a killer or a victim Instead of reporting the news Amber Roberts is the news Has the beautiful journalist

  • Title: Still Waters
  • Author: Debra Webb
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the next Faces of Evil book from USA TODAY bestselling author Debra Webb, is Amber Roberts a killer or a victim Instead of reporting the news, Amber Roberts is the news Has the beautiful journalist murdered someone she hardly knew or has she been brilliantly framed Evidence points to the former Enter Sean Douglas, the hottest bodyguard Amber s ever seen But Amber iIn the next Faces of Evil book from USA TODAY bestselling author Debra Webb, is Amber Roberts a killer or a victim Instead of reporting the news, Amber Roberts is the news Has the beautiful journalist murdered someone she hardly knew or has she been brilliantly framed Evidence points to the former Enter Sean Douglas, the hottest bodyguard Amber s ever seen But Amber is all about her career, and giving it up for romance is unthinkable Sean, she learns, has his own guilty reason for keeping things professional The last woman who trusted him ended up dead And now the same fate may await Amber, unless Sean can protect her while guarding his heart Because someone is watching and terrorizing Amber someone no one would suspect

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    1. Amber Roberts is a journalist who has become the story. There is evidence that shows Amber may have committed a murder. Someone is framing her and they are doing a good job. Sean Douglas is a sexy bodyguard who has been hired to protect Amber. Ambers life is in danger, possibly from more than one person. This is the next installment in the Faces Of Evil series and it is a great addition.There is suspense, romance, and likable characters in this book Other characters from the series appear but th [...]

    2. STILL WATERS is an intriguing thriller for fans of a good murder mystery. Readers meet Debra Webb’s protagonist Channel Six TV’s investigator, Amber Roberts. Amber works with Jess Barnett’s close friend Gina Coleman. When Amber becomes a murder suspect of a local delivery man, Gina goes to Jess and B&C Private Investigations for help. Gina and her spouse Barbara Roberts think someone is trying to frame and or harm Amber. Webb builds intrigue and drama from the first page to the very en [...]

    3. Amber Roberts is an investigative journalist for a Birmingham television station. Who has all of a sudden become the news. Sometime being an investigative journalist is a dog eat world, in other word it is a very competitive business. Because there are people who will do whatever it takes to be on top. Some people are so jealous of someone else success, they will do everything in their power to sabotage that person careers.Jess Harris Burnett, and her old friend Buddy Corlew have started a priva [...]

    4. For me this was just an OK read. This is a Harlequin Intrigue and I think that keeping the page count down impacted the success of the book. I like Ms. Webb's writing and her plot for this story was really good. The suspense and the characters related to the suspense are really well conceived. Some of the "good" parts do happen off page which reduces the level of suspense and for me was a disappointment.My thoughts as I read this one (slight spoilers but they don't really give anything away):I t [...]

    5. Debra Webb hits another one out of the park with this suspenseful addition to her Faces of Evil series from Harlequin Intrigue. Amber is used to reporting the news but a killer has her in her sights and now she has become the news. Sean has been assigned by Jess to protect her, but he finds it harder and harder to keep it professional as he learns about the person who he is now shielding from the cameras that have become her life.Debra Webb has a way of weaving suspense and intrigue around stron [...]

    6. I was given an ARC of Still Waters for an honest review and this is my review.Still Waters is the second book of the Faces of Evil: Private Eyes spin off series and it did not have as much interaction with the Faces of Evil family as the first book did it was still very good and introduced some new characters. Amber Roberts is caused of killing a man she claims she hardly knows so she ends up going to Jess and Buddy's PI firm to get help. She is assigned their newest employee Sean Douglas to act [...]

    7. This latest book in the Faces Of Evil series has a great storyline and wonderful characters that seem to come to life on the pages. Still Waters is a very well written story with the perfect balance of mystery and intrigue. I didn’t want to put it down one I started reading it and as always, I look forward to seeing what Ms. Webb has in store for us next. If you're new to this series, don't worry, this book is perfect as a standalone. Highly recommended reading!

    8. This book was another hit from Debra Webb I really enjoy the faces of evil series and I know that you will to . I highly recommend this book this book for anyone that wants a great suspense read as I always say Debra Webb is one of my favorite authors this is a faces of evil book . You don't have to read the series to understand what's going on but you will not be disappointed if you start with the first one in the series and finish with this one .

    9. STILL WATERS (Faces of Evil: Private Eyes #2) by DEBRA WEBBAs always Debra Webb brings us a book that is hard to put down, with true-to-life characters and bad guys that are not who you'd expect. Even after the case is solved some questions remain regarding who actually did what, especially when there are multiple Unsubs. Another excellent read by Debra Webb, well worth the time spent!

    10. This is the next installment in the Faces of Evil series continuing with Harlequin Intrigue. Amber Roberts is a reporter. She is brought in for questioning by the police when a delivery driver is murdered. Amber didn't even know the man except for the fact he'd delivered flowers to her home a couple of times. So how did her grandmother's teacup and a pair of her panties end up at the crime scene? It quickly becomes evident she's being framed. When it comes to light that the murdered man kidnappe [...]

    11. Debra Webb continues the amazing Faces of Evil series with Still Waters. The different levels of evil theme is strong here as a team of serial killers targets a local news celebrity / investigative journalist, Amber Roberts. Though it starts by one of them framing her for the other’s murder. The murder investigation brings in Jess Barnett into the mix as her firm is hired to provide protection and look into the case. Sean Douglas spent many years as the private bodyguard to the stars. When one [...]

    12. Another great installment in the FOE series. I love the direction Debra Webb is taking series and all the surrounding characters being added while still keeping us up to date with our favorite faces. I'm so looking forward to what is coming. I have to say I really liked Sean Douglas, and Amber's story kept me guessing to the very end. I especially loved the interaction at the end with Dan & Jess! This is still one of my favorite series ever!!!!

    13. Omg this book was absolutely amazing. I could not stop reading it until the end. I would highly reccomend this book.

    14. Sean Douglas Amber RobertsRead Feb 2017 | 3.5 stars~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Book synopsis: In the next Faces of Evil book from USA TODAY bestselling author Debra Webb, is Amber Roberts a killer—or a victim? Instead of reporting the news, Amber Roberts is the news. Has the beautiful journalist murdered someone she hardly knew or has she been brilliantly framed? Evidence points to the former. Enter Sean Douglas, the hottest bodyguard Amber's ever seen. But Amber is all about her career, and giving it [...]

    15. I enjoyed reading this ! It had suspense that draws you and and you can wait to finish to find out what happens. I recommend this book :)

    16. **Disclaimer: If you've read book one, Dark Whispers, then you know the background. For those who are unaware of it, Jess, the former deputy chief of Birmingham's major crimes team, has recently resigned from the force and opened a private investigation firm, B&C Investigations, with her lifelong friend, Buddy.Gina, friend to Jess and her husband, Dan, needs Jess's help. Barb, Gina's wife's, younger sister, Amber, a reporter, has been questioned for the murder of Kyle, a delivery man Amber k [...]

    17. I’m new to reading Debra Webb. My introduction to her writing was Dark Whispers, the first book in this new series which I read last month. I haven’t read the series which this is a spin-off from, Faces of Evil, but definitely will. There are some characters from the Faces of Evil series included in the Private Eyes series but Debra Webb introduces them with details of their history and the roles they play as they enter the storyline without interrupting or taking away from the main story. S [...]

    18. As Debra Webb opens this latest installment of the Faces of Evil series, Jess Harris Burnett has a nineteen month old daughter and a son due in six weeks. She has left behind (or so she believes,) her life chasing serial killers as a former FBI profiler and more recently as deputy chief of the Birmingham, Alabama Police Department’s (BPD) major crimes team, and opened B&C Investigations with a friend as her partner. A case comes to her when Amber Roberts, a reporter with the local televisi [...]

    19. It’s always a wonderful feeling to find an author you love; you know you can always read their books and never be disappointed!! Of course Debra Webb is one of those authors that I know will deliver a story that keeps me reading to find out what happens next.Still Waters is the story of Amber Roberts who is used to reporting the news, not being the topic of the news herself. But Amber has obviously been targeted and it appears she is under suspicion in the death of someone she barely knew. Tha [...]

    20. This lucid mystery introduces local news reporter Amber Roberts. The public may be use to seeing Amber reporting the news, but now the tables have turned and Amber is the subject of the daily news as a murder suspect. This is a quick enjoyable read that held my attention. This is my kind of read…the suspense is high and the romance is low. The plot is one that is unpredictable. The author has plenty of twist to where you aren't really sure who is behind the murder and stalking.I enjoyed the ch [...]

    21. I've followed Debra Webb's Faces of Evil series, and Still Waters, the latest book in this series does not disappoint. I love how Debra weaves the main character's lives throughout this series. I get to see how Jess's family and friends continue to grow and evolve, and each book adds new supporting characters. I look forward to seeing where their lives take them down the road, too!I almost always figure the plot out early in a suspense book. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the end of Stil [...]

    22. This is the second book of the Faces of Evil series through Harlequin Intrigueif you have read the first one you know that Jess and Buddy have a PI business with others for time Amber is a reporter who is blamed for murdering someone she just knew in passing. Sean a PI working for Jess and Buddy is her bodyguardJess is leary of him as he acts to cocky for her. but he turns out to be greatAmber has serial killers after herYou think they are two but turns out to be more but when you find o [...]

    23. Still Waters is the second book in the Faces of Evil spinoff series from Harlequin Intrigue. Ms. Webb doesn't disappoint!Amber is a news reporter that becomes a person of interest in the death of a delivery person. She seeks help from Jess and Buddy, who assign their newest investigator, Sean. He has experience protecting celebrities, although the last one he protected didn't end so well. Will he be able to keep Amber safe and find out who is targeting her and why?Ms. Webb has a wonderful way in [...]

    24. This Book hit it out of the park! How scary would it to be to first be set up for a murder you didn't commit then later find out your the target for something far more serious and scary. This book will grab you and keep you guessing till the end. The second Book in the spin off faces of Evil Series and Debra Webb Does not Disappoint I cant wait for the next in this series! Intrigue picked another winner with this author and series.If you haven't read any of the faces of evil or the spin off you [...]

    25. Wow! An awesome must read for fans of fiction! Always a great storyline that's full of suspense, romance and well-defined likable characters This page-turner grabbed me right from the start and kept me on the edge of my seat thru the surprise me ending! Even tho it's part of the Faces of Evil: Private Eyes series, this story is mainly about Sean & Amber, so it can be read as a stand-alone I was fortunate to have won a free copy, but this is my honest opinion and I highly recommend "Still Wa [...]

    26. Another great suspense-filled story by one of my favorite storytellers. In this second installment of the Faces of Evil series we have an up-and-coming reporter, Amber Roberts, accused of murder. Her assigned bodyguard, Sean Douglas, has a guard duty gone bad experience.Webb weaves a story of deep secrets and danger at every corner. The story grabs you as soon as you read the first page. Pacing is steady and builds to an unexpected climax. If you like suspense and intrigue, Still Waters is the b [...]

    27. As usual Debra Webb does not disappoint. Fast paced, twists and turns with a surprise ending . You can't go wrong with any book written by Ms. Webb . I look forward to any and all of her books . I was lucky to receive a ARC of this book for a honest review. Well Christmas came early for me and I hope I'll be fortunate enough in the future to receive another ARC from Ms. Webb. Highly recommend

    28. Love this series!I really love the twists and turns Debra takes us on as we follow along with the characters discovering who what where when and how. She always finds that last twist i did not see coming. I had a feeling who the third man was i just never saw the end coming the way it did. So much more to than i could guess. That is why i love the Faces of Evil series. Bravo Debra. Write On!

    29. I highly recommend this book and the entire faces of evil series. Debra is one of my favorite authors and this is one of my favorite series. She gets better with every book. You will not be disappointed. I read this book in one sitting I just couldn't put it down. It's very fast paced and the story line will keep you hooked from start to finish.

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