The Loudest Silence

The Loudest Silence New to Chicago Emma a professional cellist is shocked to find that a beautiful deaf woman is her new president of the board As their friendship grows Emma begins to wonder what does it look like wh

  • Title: The Loudest Silence
  • Author: Olivia Janae
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 425
  • Format: ebook
  • New to Chicago Emma, a professional cellist, is shocked to find that a beautiful deaf woman is her new president of the board As their friendship grows Emma begins to wonder, what does it look like when a world of sound and a world of silence meet somewhere in the middle SwanQueen AU Words 115,000 Chapters 33

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    1. The Loudest Silence is a Swan Queen fanfic (popular romantic pairing of Emma Swan and Regina Mills from the TV show Once Upon a Time), but with a completely original storyline (an alternate universe story) so it is not necessary to know any details of the TV show. The author has posted The Loudest Silence on FanFiction and AO3.The story is well-written and interesting with a solid plot. There is some drama, some angst, and a really nice love story. There are lots of interesting and well-research [...]

    2. 5+ STARS! For the published ebook.Wow. I read the uber Once Upon The Time fanfic of this story and I gave it 4.5 Stars. I think this is the most improved fanfic to published story I’ve ever read. A big problem I had with the fanfic version of this story was the fanfic thing of over using hair color, profession or eye color as a descriptor for the characters. Previously she had a thing for eye color such as “Chocolate sank into jade” However in this book it is all gone. Kudos for the editin [...]

    3. Real talk: I've seen some episodes of OUAT. Not a fan. Thankfully, that has no bearing on the beauty of SwanQueen fics! They're so good and I can't deny a lovely romance. In fact, I had my own characters in mind, still able to follow the story without a hitch. :)Regina Mills' character is the pure embodiment of all things hot. She's smart, in-charge, sexy, interesting, and her deafness adds layers of amazing nuance. I want her to step on me in her high heels. Mmm.Emma Swan's character is grand a [...]

    4. A great book to me usually has a few key elements. Dialogue is first and foremost the most important aspect. The dialogue in a story is absolutely crucial. Second, interesting characters. I want them to captivate me, I want to love them or loathe them, but please have them be amazing one way or the other. If I can get some tension and angst thrown in I will love you forever. So when you have it all wrapped into one delicious story, if you are me, your heart sings with happiness. The Loudest Sile [...]

    5. I've read The Loudest Silence back when it was a Swan Queen (the romantic pairing of Regina Mills and Emma Swan from the TV show Once Upon a Time) fanfic and I was extremely happy to find out that Olivia Janae was going to be published by Heartsome because she is a terrificly talented writer and a very sweet person who deserves a wider audience.The Loudest Silence is cut into a multiple part series (I would guess two parts?) and that makes sense if you consider the length of this one (438 pages) [...]

    6. NOTE: This review was for the online Uber fanfic version. 4.5 stars. I enjoyed this book and it will be re-read, I'm sure. This is an AU "SwanQueen" or Once Upon a Time fanfic. I've only seen a few episodes of the first season, so I was only familiar with the two leads. So definitely, you do not have to be familiar with the TV series to enjoy the book. In fact it might be best that you are unfamiliar. Well written for the most part, there is angst, well written best friends, Max (the son) is a v [...]

    7. Great read. A single mom and cellist meets a fascinating ice queen. Loved the emphasis on the challenges faced by the deaf in a hearing world. Also loved the realistic portrayal of the life of a working single mom. Well done.

    8. Very good read. I think it's my first deaf character in lesfic. It's done well and realistically. Nice chemistry between the mains.

    9. I don't read a lot of romance but this one really hooked me the first time I read it. I knew then that I would love to help publish it! This book's combo of the interesting backdrop of a classical orchestra and the engaging main characters, Kate and Vivian, meant I couldn't stop reading. Oh and Ash is one of those characters that it very easy to love to hate!

    10. I totally loved it. The book has a good pace and all the ingredients to get your attention. The main characters are amazing and the secondaries are brilliant. The story has all the ingredients that I love in a book: sexy characters, emotional and heart-wrenching story and yet not so much drama as to be agonizing. I can't wait to read the second part.

    11. Great book. It does a great job of providing insight into the lives of the non-hearing. A sweet romance too. I'm looking forward to more in this series.

    12. Detailed score: 4.0 (4.5 if you consider its free)Sometimes the best things in life really are free. This was good good, not just fanfic good.I'm not familiar w the tv show this fic is based on but i really seem to enjoy the docs produced by this paring (Popcorn Love immediately springs to mind).One of the publishers should get on to this - it really doesn't need much to make it as a published work I'd say the ending needs to Be a bit cleaner but other than it's pretty much ready to go.Really we [...]

    13. Did I read the same story as everyone else?I have to admit this story started out well enough and I was really into it. Until Killian donned a monocle and top hat and chained Emma to the railroad tracks. OK so that didn't happen but that's what his character felt like at one point. It couldn't be any clearer that he was to be one of the bad guys. Because of this I started taking the story a lot less serious until we got more exclusive interaction between Emma and Regina. At this point I was full [...]

    14. It's a lovely story that make shine a deaf character. Making us dive into her world, and make us rethink our own. Learning about those character is a real treat. Must warned for a minor character with abusive tendance. I can't wait for the second part of the book.Lost one start because of where the book ended. I am not sure it is a good place to break, will revise my rating after the second part is published. I received this ARC I'm exchange of an honest review.

    15. I am not sure I have seen such eloquent writing like this from a first time author in a while. Olivia Jenea seriously knocked it out of the park.Kate and her son Max have just moved to Chicago for her new job with the Windy City Chamber Ensemble. They have moved a lot but this job is her longest contract to date and she’s excited about the stability for Max finally. When she starts her new job she is automatically annoyed by her new boss, Vivian, and after a brief altercation that she must mak [...]

    16. I originally read this when it was a fanfic. It was outstanding then and it is outstanding now. It’s a completely original and wonderful story, with well-written characters and a compelling plot that continuously moves forward. Musicians will particularly enjoy this book.

    17. I really enjoyed the character of Vivian in this book; she is nicely drawn and I got a feel for some of the frustrations of being deaf. The relationship she develops with Kate and her son Max is my favorite part of the story. Unfortunately, the first part of the book is taken up with the drama of Kate dating Ash. I found Ash to be a challenging character and the Kate/Ash relationship went on much too long for my interest level. If you enjoy emotional drama that comes from outside the relationshi [...]

    18. I very much enjoyed The Loudest Silence by Olivia Janae. OMG the Feels! Truthfully this is such a good book. I’m impatiently waiting for Part 2. Although I can’t say I loved everything about this book because I seriously wanted to punch Ash in the face! I am hoping there aren’t truly people like Ash’s character because I didn’t care for her at all. Well-written and evenly paced to keep the reader engaged. While this was originally a fanfic based on Once Upon a Time, I haven't read the [...]

    19. I loved this story. Two very different women have a difficult start to their relationship. When cellist Kate moves to Chicago with her son Max she hopes they can be settled for a while after so much moving around. She makes a bad impression on her new boss Vivian, who is deaf. Seen as an Ice Queen, Vivian comes across as abrasive, cold and unfriendly. Kate soon discovers there is more to her and when the ice thaws she is someone she begins to feel close to. Their friendship begins amidst drama w [...]

    20. First of all, I am a sucker for strong single mums. This is so much more than that. I enjoyed and loved every moment of my reading.Both Kate and Vivian are strong characters with strong personalities. Kate had to fight for survival from a very young age until she finds her place in the world through her music. Vivian had to survive in a world that wasn't supposed to be in silence but she also finds her place.The first time they met, it didn't go well. Her lack of a love life leads Kate to the wr [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this book. Really like the interactions between some of the Characters, Especially Kate, Vivian and Max. I got frustrated with Ash, I was not a fan of her character and how she was and interacted with everyone. Loved Max and Vivian together, Max is so accepting and is so eager to learn to speak Vivian's language. Was excited to see the book took place in Chicago, and I knew the places they went to.I look forward to seeing where the story goes in the next book. I will be recommen [...]

    22. This is such an amazing book! I am definitely anxiously waiting for the 2nd to come out. You see Kate and her son, Max take a journey in Chicago, they just moved there for Kate's new job. You see Kate go through a pretty bad relationship where she also befriends Vivian, where they eventually fall for each other. It's an amazing story where you get to see into a different kind of life some may not be used to.

    23. The Loudest Silence was a book that I very much enjoyed. It was able to make me feel things and get reactions out of me. The book is about a cellist, Kate, who moves to Chicago with her son, Max, for work. Then she meets Vivian a deaf woman who turns out to be her boss. The two of them start off on the wrong foot when Kate accidentally insults Vivian. Kate apologizes and a sort of friendship forms between the two women. But Kate is dating a coworker, Ash, and isn't sure if Ash is who she wants i [...]

    24. This is one of the books i waited for ever tob e released, the moment i heard one of my favorite storys will be released i counted the days to get it. I was the happiest girl ever to receive an ARC for a honest review, but I will definitely order my hardcopy right away. The story is brilliant, a deaf businesswoman who had to fight her whole life to be “heard”. Vivien had to fight all her life first against her ignorant mother who couldn’t handle her disability. For her being deaf doesn’t [...]

    25. Main reason I gave this book a 4 star is because of Vivian. I absolutely loved this character. Sure she comes off as a bitch, but a lot of times these characters have a much deeper story to tell and she was no different. And her relationship throughout with Kate was entertaining, endearing, agonizing (because of stubbornness lol), and all around enjoyable to read. I adored Kate as well and her little son, Max. His friendship with Vivian was completely freaking adorable beyond words. Huge reason [...]

    26. The Loudest Silence used to be a fanfic that always high up on my list of favorites. It's hard to find a lesfic story in which disabilities are shown, so I soaked this story up as it was. Now that it's been published, it's still high up on my list of favorites. Olivia Janae is a brilliant writer, although she'll tell you she's not. She knows her way around words, can show you scenes that play like movies in your head and she tugs at your heart strings. So yes, she's a brilliant writer. I know ne [...]

    27. The first time I read tgis story was back when it was just an SQ fanfiction and at that time I fell in love with it, Years later I find out it was gonna be published right around the time I was thinking on re-reading the fanfiction one more time.It was a light reading, the adds she wrote to the story it gave it more meaning to the whole story. The mother-son dynamic between Kate and Max gave me hope for the parenting in the world and the way Max was so in love with Olivia and how he was talking [...]

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