Dear Mr. Weaver

Dear Mr Weaver Mail Order Bride Ink Mischief Marriage and Mayhem these brides have something to write about Mrs Pettigrew of the Pettigrew Mail Order Bride Agency sees to that She likes to hear from all her bride

  • Title: Dear Mr. Weaver
  • Author: Kit Morgan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mail Order Bride Ink Mischief, Marriage and Mayhem, these brides have something to write about Mrs Pettigrew, of the Pettigrew Mail Order Bride Agency sees to that She likes to hear from all her brides and loves a happy ending But to ensure her brides get one, she does things to help love along Sometimes, however, those things don t always go as planned Dear Mrs PeMail Order Bride Ink Mischief, Marriage and Mayhem, these brides have something to write about Mrs Pettigrew, of the Pettigrew Mail Order Bride Agency sees to that She likes to hear from all her brides and loves a happy ending But to ensure her brides get one, she does things to help love along Sometimes, however, those things don t always go as planned Dear Mrs Pettigrew, I ve reached my destination and I must say that the Washington territory is not what I expected, neither is my new husband for that matter His family is huge, loud and boisterous We haven t had a moment s peace since our wedding I don t mean to complain, but I wasn t prepared to become a schoolteacher for seven children Seven mischievous, prank pulling, children no less No, they are not my husband s, thank heaven They belong to his older brother and his wife In short, I should have been warned He said nothing in his letters about any of this I don t know how much longer I can endure it Please write back to me as soon as you can before I go mad Sincerely, Ebba Weaver Daniel Weaver was ready for a wife His three older brothers had been married for several years and now it was his turn So, like his brothers Arlan, Benjamin and Calvin, he sends for a mail order bride, with a little help from their cousin Matthew of course After all, he helped his brothers write their letters to their prospective brides, so why not him But when the letter from his bride comes, it s got than her acceptance of his proposal written in it Worse, it gets picked up and read by the town s worst gossip, Nellie Davis Ebba Knudson can t figure out why folks in her intended s town of Nowhere would be giving her such odd looks It was bad enough she had other things to deal with by coming to the Washington territory to marry a farmer, but now this Was there something wrong with her future husband Or just with her Of which she knew there was plenty Enough to make her think she might not get married at all Enjoy this sweet, historical, western romance and the first book in this laugh out loud new series

    One thought on “Dear Mr. Weaver”

    1. I can't in good conscience give a good rating to a book just because of its relatively clean content. This was not well written and I probably won't be finishing this series. There was a lot of telling, not showing, and no chance for the reader to discover anything about the characters on his/her own. The author tried so hard to be funny, but it was mostly too silly and not funny at all. The h was one of the whiniest MCs I've ever read, with completely ridiculous reasoning for becoming a mail or [...]

    2. Finally, a book overflowing with enough humor to reach my Irish funny bone! The author sets the curiosity hook deep right at the beginning by planting this mysterious question: What on earth did matchmaker Mrs. Pettigrew secretly add to the end of mail order bride Ebba Knudson's letter of introduction? Husband-to-be Daniel Weaver never got far enough to read the whole missive before it was stolen by the nasty town gossip in Nowhere, Washington. Even with the best intentions, neither the prospect [...]

    3. I liked this novel, it was an interesting and fast read; however, there was way more sexual content that I am comfortable reading. Now, I am not a prude, I just try to limit myself to what I am exposed to on a daily basis. I try to not read anything I wouldn't read out loud in front of my children. To place it in perspective, this novel did not go into specific details about what transpires between a man and woman in their bedroom; however, the story line did follow an added note to a letter tha [...]

    4. Human ConditionI really liked this book. It does a wonderful job with the characters and hotline can overcome. I hope there are more in this series

    5. What an absolute charm this book is! Told as a recounting, this is the tale of yet another "Nowhere" in the Washington Territory, and it's welcome, or lack thereof, mail order bride. Ebba finds herself alone in the world, having lost both her parents in the past year, and the rest of her family five years ago to the dreaded influenza. Not having many options, she decides to try her luck as a mail order bride, enlisting the help of the highly recommended Mrs. Pettigrew, a well known matchmaker. H [...]

    6. Oh, what a delight this book was! It is beautifully written and I couldn't wait to discover the outcome of all the shenanigans.It is written from Mrs Pettigrew's point of view while she tells it to a potential Assistant of her Mail-Order Bride Agency.This particular story is about Ebba and Daniel and how a meddling gossip dirtied Ebba's name in the town of Nowhere and causes people to look at her in a funny way.It tells how Ebba and Daniel realised that if they wanted a good marriage, they would [...]

    7. Poor character :-(This story has a feeling of humor throughout. It is a great set-up to the series as the matchmaker is telling the story to a new hire. I definitely love the concept ideas, but I just felt so bad for the main character. By no fault of her own - and all fault of the matchmaker - she was faced with so many trials. She has a severe allergy to hay and pollen yet was sent to a farming community. She wrote her own letter, but the matchmaker added a postscript that caused a gossiped to [...]

    8. Ebba sought help to be a mail order bride. Mrs Pettigrew ran the agency that put potential brides with husbands. When responding to Daniel Weaver's letter, Mrs. Pettigrew added a line at the very end. This added fuel to a gossips fire and hurt poor Ebba's reputation. From the start, Daniel wasn't exactly truthful with Ebba. The wedding was planned and took place. The whole town was talking behind Ebba's back. A most violent incident almost took place. A quick read full of suspense.

    9. HmmmmI love Kit Morgan stories. They don't have graphic sex scenes , they do have chuckles and great characters. This story was as good as ever, however, I was a bit disappointed with how the "hero" was written. I realize she was trying to make him sound " western" but he came off as a complete idiot compared to how the rest of the family spoke. It didn't move for me.

    10. A delightful read! A matchmaker, looking for an assistant relates a story about one of her mail order brides. Ebba comes west to marry Daniel, whose extended family numbers 24 and whose older brothers have all married mail order brides. Will Ebba marry Daniel or will the magnitude of his family & circumstances pull them apart ?

    11. Love those WeaversI loved getting to read Daniel & Ebba's story. I love the Weaver family. They are a good, down home family who takes care of those they love. My only complaint is that I would have loved to see an epilogue. I look forward to reading more by this awesome author!!!!

    12. Good and as always full of humor!As always, Kit Morgan made me chuckle throughout the book. She also kept me wondering throughout the book what was written in the letter. I enjoy her writing so much and I’m glad she keeps the characters and previous towns alive with each book. It feels like you visit old friends with each new book and series. Can’t wait for the next one!!!

    13. Mail-Order Bride InkVery sweet old fashion romance story with a little twist. It reminds you that several different folks can read something and each one see's it differently. The Weaver's are very large family and Ma, runs it. I could see how a young mail-order bride might be a little frightened about what she's getting herself into. Sweet read!

    14. Clean romanceAlthough I found some of the country dialect to be forced, I enjoyed the story very much. The characters are believable and endearing, and there was just enough intrigue to keep everything moving forward at a friendly pace. Look forward to reading the series.

    15. A delightful tale! Well worth curling up to read with a favorite libation I enjoyed this story from start to finish. Amusing and heartwarming,you love the characters (or most of them) from the get go. I couldn't put it down!

    16. Great book I loved reading this book. It kept me entertained all the way through. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series. I highly recommend this book.

    17. Finding Respected FamiliesI enjoyed the sweet loving trust shared by especially the men in this story, it is a true romantic ending

    18. Enjoy kit Morgan seriesAs always, kit Morgan’s characters are delightful. I enjoy reading the series and how they entertwine with previous characters from her other series.

    19. Loved it!I truly recommend this book, you will enjoy it. When I started reading I couldn't stop until I finish it.

    20. Enjoyed It is well written and held my interest. I like good clean books. It also shows the harm a gossip can do.

    21. Love What a great story! Ms. Kit Morgan has delivered another hit! The weavers are a very unique, but relatable clan!

    22. So funny!This book kept me laughing! The characters are absolutely wonderful. I wish the world put this book on the high schools reading list.

    23. EnjoyableThis story was really a nice read. It’s romance but clean. I enjoy the characters from having read some of this author’s other books. The story can stand on its own.

    24. What a delightful read. Characters came alive, I could just picture each one. Will definitely be reading more stories by Kit Morgan.

    25. I really enjoyed this book. It was a short, sweet story. It was clean and funny with a little mystery thrown in. I’d recommend this book.

    26. Mail-Order Bride Ink: Dear Mr. Weaver set in 1886, Nowhere, Washington by Kit Morgan. A sweet, funny, clean Western Historical Romance. While, part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone. I would suggest readers to read the other stories in series, however, it is not necessary to follow this story. This was my first time reading Ms. Morgan and this series, and I had no issues following the story. I hope to go back and the others of the Weaver brothers, Arlan, Benjamin, Calvin, and their co [...]

    27. The Last of The Endearing Weavers Finds Himself A Bride!This is the latest tale of the Weaver boys to find himself a mail order bride and it was as good as the older brother's stories! Another book by Kit Morgan that is a page turner you can't put down until the very last page. I can't wait to see what tale Ms. Morgan weaves next!!

    28. Dear Mr. Weaver starts in an unusual way; not with either of the main characters, but in than Pettigrew mail-order bride office; where Mrs. Pettigrew is telling Fantine Le Blanc about her business and how working for her will change her life dramatically. She starts by telling her the story of the Weavers…is is their story.Ebba Knudsen is alone in the world and in 1876 Denver, there is not many choices for a single women. Which is how she found herself at Pettigrew Mail-order bride agency. And [...]

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