The Case for Reparations

The Case for Reparations None

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  • Title: The Case for Reparations
  • Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 250
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    One thought on “The Case for Reparations”

    1. One of those milestones of leveling up on understanding my own white privilege, and understanding to a new and deeper level exactly what "if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem" really means. We white Americans have so many blinders (my autocorrect suggested "blunders" yeah, these too, though perhaps too lightweight a word in this context.)I'm so angry I wasn't taught any of this in my civics, social studies or history classes in school.Starting this year, my US House [...]

    2. YES history! The history they didn't tell us in school and how it affects communities now. Coates lays out a perfect case for how completely legal discrimination created enormous disparities in wealth that was (or was not) passed down generation after generation.

    3. This blew me away. I portioned it out over the course of a few days and found that doing that gave me space to seek out more information about slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation, housing discrimination, and mass incarceration as I slowly worked through the article. Coates is a massively talented writer.

    4. let us just get it right out there now: America, as it stands today, is a world power because of slavery the nation is founded by slave owners, the economy was built and sustained by slavery, and even though it has been outlawed, slavery in many other unseemly guises still exists today ANY American who denies we are a racist nation (not that every person is racist, note the difference) and until we can come to terms with our history not much is going to improve Coates does a fabulous job, again, [...]

    5. Unbelievable prose. Truth bombs every paragraph. One critique I had, or really question that I had for the text, was how Coates would incorporate reparations into the larger context of colonialism and oppression--in other words, where do arrivants of color (immigrants of color over the last 400 years) and indigenous peoples fall into this reparations process? Another observation I had was that the quotes in the beginning of the text set a moral tone for a variety of audiences. The Bible and John [...]

    6. Very well researched history, and certainly a solid argument for the need to treat HR40 and the study of discrimination very seriously. I believe this article falls a bit short of the bigger picture however. It relies heavily on anecdotal stories to make larger claims on the inequality that still exists today. It suggests to the reader that the generalized form of those stories lead to the inequality that still exists today. Though it would be hard to imagine that this is wrong, it is perhaps on [...]

    7. Coates does an incredible job of clearly charting the history of the evolvement of racial caste in American sociopolitical culture, especially in his narrative of North Lawndale and his residents. He explores the question of African American identity in a way that is often ignored; where and when is the term 'African American' accepted as a citizen of America (America as a place, as well as America as an idea), and opens up an important dialogue. His prose is reliant on the historic romantic sen [...]

    8. The Case for ReparationsI found this a chilling read. Coates gives case after case after case of injustice and abuse and I found it harrowing to read, let alone imagining living through that. I don't know if reparations are the solution but I do think that acknowledging the truth of what happened long ago and continues to happen to this day is the only way to heal. Denying and hiding wounds only excabrates them.I wish he has not tied this case to the German/Israeli reparisions model Ta-Nehisi Co [...]

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