To Wed a Rebel

To Wed a Rebel It was done they were bound all was finished A fighter a drinker and a notorious seducer Isaac Roscoe was the last man that innocent Ruth Osbourne would ever consider as a husband but that was bef

  • Title: To Wed a Rebel
  • Author: Sophie Dash
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It was done, they were bound, all was finished A fighter, a drinker and a notorious seducer, Isaac Roscoe was the last man that innocent Ruth Osbourne would ever consider as a husband but that was before Roscoe ruined her prospects and reputation Now destitute and disinherited Ruth is faced with an impossible choice, a life on the streets or exchanging vows with the ma It was done, they were bound, all was finished A fighter, a drinker and a notorious seducer, Isaac Roscoe was the last man that innocent Ruth Osbourne would ever consider as a husband but that was before Roscoe ruined her prospects and reputation Now destitute and disinherited Ruth is faced with an impossible choice, a life on the streets or exchanging vows with the man who put her there Yet, knowing that marriage was Roscoe s last wish, Ruth knew her revenge would be best served by saddling him with a reluctant wife.Determined to punish Isaac for his actions Ruth will stop at nothing to destroy him, body and spirit Until it becomes clear that nothing she can do will hurt her disloyal husband than he can hurt himself

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    1. Isaac Roscoe is not a good man. Handsome and charming, he takes payments to ruin women's reputations and standing, by seducing them. He enjoys doing it. He reconciles his conscience though, by telling himself the women were not of good character and would have ruined themselves anyway. Hired to break up the engagement of Ruth Osbourne and her fiancé, he recognises a good woman when he sees one. Fresh out of Miss Lamot's Academy for Young Ladies, Ruth is unworldly and kind. For once in his conte [...]

    2. *An ARC was given in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the writer and the publisher for the opportunity to read this.*DNF@17%.You know it's a bad sign when the Prologue opens up with the hero and two--yes, two!--other women on the scene:False female laughter could be heard, accompanied by a lower, amused tone. Lounging in between two women was a bruised and bloodied man"Ladies, I've already told you," said Isaac Roscoe, with an easy manner and a cocky smile, "I cannot afford your compa [...]

    3. “Here he was, a man in his prime, no more than thirty. He was beautiful.Hadn’t the Devil been beautiful too?”Oh, this was a hard book to rate. I can definitely say that the second half of the book saved it all for me. The beginning was a bit hard to get used to, especially when dealing with such serious matters & I think it could’ve been done a bit better. The summary didn’t really explain the plot the best so I went into this book without knowing much. I can definitely say I enjoy [...]

    4. I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.'To Wed a Rebel' by Sophie Dash is the story of Isaac Roscoe and Ruth Osbourne. I really thought 3.5 stars for this book. It had a few things that took me back a star or two. The beginning it had our hero with a few 'ladies' at once. The story overall was good although there did feel a little bit of a rush at the endbut overall I liked this story. Ruth has been been damaged by Roscoe so much so that she feels [...]

    5. DNF at 47%This sounded so good, exactly like the type of story I would like. However, I just couldn't get past the writing or the characters. The writing was a particular brand I dislike, which uses a lot of unnecessary words and sentences to describe simple feelings. As a result, the characters overanalyzed every single thing that crossed their minds. There was pointless drama and jealousy. For example, the heroine finds a book in the house she and the hero move into. There's a woman's name ins [...]

    6. 3 starsARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest reviewA sweet historical romance between an incorrigible rake and a demure heroine. Isaac Roscoe is paid to seduce Ruth Osborne as she's engaged to one of London's richest merchants. The plan is to find them in embarrassing and compromising positions thus breaking up the engagement. Getting to know her and realising she's not quite the gold-digger as everyone else is, Isaac decides to backtrack on his plan, only to be framed in the end. Shunne [...]

    7. 'ARC generously provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review' 3,75Rebelliousstars from me I have mixed feeling about this book when i started it i was certain that i won't like it but as the pages flew it became more and more interesting, it truly bothered that took long enough for the characters to connect and at first the hero Issac Roscoe was beyond arrogant and very confident for my tastes. Well afterwards it became more appealing why he is like that and i truly his evolving, he b [...]

    8. This was my first time reading a book by Sophie Dash. I had some difficulty to read To Wed a Rebel, I would start and quickly stop. Several times. I kept going back to it thinking the characters would be able to pull me in but it never happened. It didn’t grip me enough to keep reading, I lost interest and DNF’d at 20%.I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    9. A historical romance set in Cornwall. I could picture the surroundings when the newlyweds returned. I just adore books set in Cornwall .Isaac is the charming, good looking male with a background of spoiling young ladies reputations. Now he’s married to Ruth and she resents him and having been forced to marry him to save herself from destitution.Two strong wills have come together.Marriage seems to tame Isaac and I enjoyed the turmoil between them whilst the tensions are worked through. I loved [...]

    10. 4.5/5. Moving and beautifully written story, detailing the redemption of the hero, Isaac Roscoe, who was not quite made of heroic material at the start of the book. He grew up in a loveless aristocratic household, after losing first his mother, then father. The latter lost Isaac's inheritance, and so although on the surface, he lived on a sprawling family estate with blue blood coursing through his veins, in reality he was no better than the house he came to hate - aesthetically pleasing externa [...]

    11. Once I started reading this book I did not put it down. It was definitely a historical romance but with a different edge to it…one that I enjoyed. Isaac, the hero, was complex and so was the heroine, Ruth. Both had difficult childhoods and lost their parents early in their lives. Ruth was intelligent but a pleaser who often hid, or hid from her, true self. In her desire to please she pushed her feelings, desires and personality down - perhaps she was not even sure what they really were. Isaac [...]

    12. This was a fun read. I liked the characters, the dialogue was clever and to-the-point (without feeling rushed) -- and most importantly, I could feel and believe the tensions of the scenes. What I liked most, however, and where you could really feel the author had dedicated the most of her attention, was the setting. Cornwall was lush and tenderly rendered. As much as London was necessary to the plot, I wish I could have spent more time outdoors, as the prose here excelled (I'd imagine) in compar [...]

    13. Arc from NetGalley. I feel this is a book of two halves. The first 50% is spent setting up the main conflict and introducing the hero and heroine. However, there is not much interaction between the hero and heroine until about halfway through the book ( even though they are married by this point).The first 50% seemed really slow and felt a bit repetitive. I found myself quite bored and found it hard to keep reading. But I'm glad I did, because it really picks up from the 50% mark. The hero and h [...]

    14. It took me a while to get into the novel. However, once I got to the half-way mark, it began to pick up quickly. The characters seem to have absolutely no sense together in the beginning, which evens out later on. I really enjoyed the way they managed to 'fall' together. Though I haven't read her other novel, I will. If this novel is any indication of Dash's story telling capabilities, I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

    15. Ruth has what any young woman would want: to be engaged to one of the most eligible bachelors, but he is boring, and droll, and not at all her type. However, she is happy to have her future secure and maybe everything will work out. Someone else has other plans for her though, and they don’t involve marrying her intended, and that is where Isaac comes in. Isaac has been hired to ruin Ruth so that she is no long fit to marry in society and he’s good at his job, but the surprise result of his [...]

    16. I know this is a bit of departure from my usual reading habits, but I know the author of this book and honestly, she is an incredible writer. I’m not saying that as her friend, I’m saying that as someone that likes good writing. You can check my last review of one of her books here. But for now, here are my thoughts on To Wed a Rebel.A fighter, a drinker and a notorious seducer, Isaac Roscoe was the last man that innocent Ruth Osbourne would ever consider as a husband – but that was before [...]

    17. "Give her books, where other people did all the running around and courting; it was far easier to read about such matters than to experience them herself." This is the first romance novel I've actually read all the way through, unless you count Outlander. And I can safely say I was thoroughly surprised and delighted.Most romance novels are so annoying and contrived, all about the heated moments and not about the characters for one second. To be honest this book didn't strike me as a typical roma [...]

    18. I liked this book in spite of myself. Let me explain, when I first read the synopsis on this I loved the concept so I requested to review it. After waiting a week to get approved, reading the 3 books I already had in my queue, and re-reading the synopsis, I found I wasn't so interested in this book after all. Still, I had already made the request and been approved so I had to see this book through. I'm so happy that I did.I think every woman can relate to Ruth in some way. We've all wanted to av [...]

    19. This was an enjoyable read. Isaac was paid to ruin Ruth, but once meeting her, he couldn't go through with it. His plan backfires and she is ruined anyways. They end up marrying and we learn that there is much more to Isaac than we had originally thought.I look forward to reading more by Dash in the future.

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