Alice in Wonderland - Special Collector's Manga

Alice in Wonderland Special Collector s Manga Manga publishing pioneer TOKYOPOP is back bringing readers Disney Tim Burton s Alice in Wonderland a retelling of the film in manga style as buzz builds for the Alice Through the Looking Glass May f

  • Title: Alice in Wonderland - Special Collector's Manga
  • Author: Jun Abe
  • ISBN: 9781427856562
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Manga publishing pioneer TOKYOPOP is back bringing readers Disney Tim Burton s Alice in Wonderland, a retelling of the film in manga style, as buzz builds for the Alice Through the Looking Glass May film release Hardcover collectible with exclusive bonus features and illustrations from renowned artist Jun Abe Alice Kingsleigh was a young girl when she visited theManga publishing pioneer TOKYOPOP is back bringing readers Disney Tim Burton s Alice in Wonderland, a retelling of the film in manga style, as buzz builds for the Alice Through the Looking Glass May film release Hardcover collectible with exclusive bonus features and illustrations from renowned artist Jun Abe Alice Kingsleigh was a young girl when she visited the magical world of Underland for the first time Now a teenager, she spots a white rabbit at a garden party and tumbles down a hole after him where she is reunited with her old friends Alice soon learns it is her destiny to end the Red Queen s reign of terror.

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    1. If you’re a fan of Disney’s Alice In Wonderland movie (from year 2010), there’s a great chance you will LOVE this manga.Why?Because it is almost exactly the same.For those of you who still haven’t seen that fantastic movie produced by Tim Burton (What you are waiting for??!), here is what the story is about:Several years has passed and Alice is a grown girl now, old enough to get married and start her own family. However, Alice does not feel comfortable with that and she still finds hers [...]

    2. 3.5 StarsRead all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes Tokyopop is back with some new manga versions of popular movies. First up is Alice in Wonderland, based on the 2010 Disney movie by Tim Burton. I was never such a big fan of the movie and that didn't change after I read the manga, but I enjoyed the manga nevertheless. The story is very much the same as in the movie, and basically everything reminded me of it. If you're looking for something original, or with a new twist to it, you'll not find [...]

    3. **I received a free copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**This is a manga adaptation of Tim Burton's 2010 movie Alice in Wonderland. I really love that movie, and I'm very happy to say that I enjoyed this manga a lot!The art is amazing and it has a lot of charm. The movie is very crazy, with lots of colors and CGI, which gives it a lot of expression, and I thought it could be a bit difficult for the mangaka to recreate the same story with the same level of crazi [...]

    4. 'Alice in Wonderland: Special Collector's Manga' by Jun Abe is a manga adaptation of the Tim Burton film from a few years back. My review copy stopped about halfway through the story, but it looks like the full copy is what is available.Alice Kingsleigh had nightmares as a young child. Her father was able to help her get over them. Years later, he is gone and she is about to be put into an arranged marriage. A white hare in a suit causes her to chase after it, and she finds herself on a differen [...]

    5. I received a copy via netgalley.First off I haven't read any manga in a long time. I was beyond ecstatic to find they'd redone the movie version of this into a manga and was extrodinary pleased with the art and how well it followed the movie. It's a quick read though I'll probably go back and do a reread and pay more attention to the art and absorb it better.Highly recommendable for fairytale lovers.

    6. When I was the age to have Alice in Wonderland read to me, the pictures terrified me. I could never sit until the book was finished for fear that the awful creatures could possibly be real. When I was the age to read on my own, I was no longer interested. When I went to see the animated movie, I hid under the seat during the Mad Hatter's Tea Party that seemed so very out of control I feared the creatures may jump out at me. Why put this in a review? To let you know that I've NEVER read, nor seen [...]

    7. I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.This manga is based upon the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, by Tim Burton. I absolutely loved the movie and I think this book did a great job at replicating it, however I am unable to leave a totally fair review for this title because my review copy didn't contain the entire collection. Still, what I was able to read did provide me with a wonderful insight into the quality of this mang [...]

    8. I absolutely loved these! A wonderful retelling with great art and lots of action. Fast-paced and entertaining!

    9. Ehhh not really a fan of manga. I only picked it up because I’m obsessed with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

    10. Only a month ago I read a complete Wonderland/Looking Glass graphic novel done as faithfully as can possibly be expected. This one didn’t figure to be at all the same, not with Tim Burton’s name on it. If you’ve seen the Burton movie, you know this already, but for others, no matter what the title, this is not the same story; it’s more of a direct sequel than Looking Glass. I’m reading this in digital form, but there’s a warning right at the beginning that tells the reader you’re d [...]

    11. I got this from Netgalley for an honest review. Ive never read the book Alice in Wonderland and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get aquainted with the story. It will be interesting to see how much of the cartoon I remember and how closely this manga follows it.This was my first manga and I know they're read differently so I wasnt surprised that I had to start reading the right corner of the right page first. The confusing part was having to go all the way to the end of the book and [...]

    12. I have not seen the Tim Burton movie because I do not fancy Johnny Depp, but I thought reading a manga interpretation of it would be entertaining. There was good and bad. The good: the art. It is much more traditionally Japanese manga than the Finding Nemo book. Characters have been styled after the movie ones with a definite manga touch while Alice is any typical young girl found in a manga. The bad: the story. I had no idea what this was going to be about but was thinking it would be a retelli [...]

    13. This is not the original Alice in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll. Its the graphic story from the Disney movie.The manga is almost exactly the same as the movie except for the opening scene, where we can see small Alice having nightmares and playing with her father. In the movie we are only told about this. All the other scenes are exactly the same as they are in the movie. The drawings are spectacular. I loved Alice's eyes and I just find the White Rabbit to be absolutely adorable. Alicia a [...]

    14. I received a copy of Alice in Wonderland from Netgalley for an honest review.I have never read a manga before, so this was my first step into a whole new world. Being a complete noob, I wanted to start somewhere nice and easy, so Alice in Wonderland was my ‘safe’ choice.My initial reaction was confusion because I didn’t realise manga is almost always in black and white, and that it’s read right to left (I told you I was a noob ). I was apprehensive about an insanely colourful and vivid w [...]

    15. *I received an ecopy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review *I have yet to read many Mangas in my life but I figured it would be good to read something I already sort of knew and I was very happy with this. I did find myself forgetting to read the right way and I got confused but it's a learning curve and by the end I had it down. I loved the art it is so beautiful and I don't think I have anything to say on the story as it is one that moat of us know well. Overall I'm very happy with m [...]

    16. If you were expecting the Disney animated version of Alice in Wonderland here, you will be sorely diappointed. This is a retelling of the Tim Burton version with the same scary looking characters and story. The book is in black and white, typical of Tim Burton movies. The illustrations are simple without a lot of background and the dialogue is limited so it is easy to read and quite a quick read. I loved the drawings of the cheshire cat! If you like Magna, you will love this book.I received a co [...]

    17. I receieved a free digital copy of this book from NetGally for an honest review. This manga is a retelling of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, the first half of it. The story is nothing new, and the book really doesn't do anything you haven't seen before. With so much awesome Alice in Wonderland things out there, picking up a drawn version of the movie isn't what I would recommend. The only thing that is really different is the Mad Hatter, whom they have given the super creepy look only manga c [...]

    18. I received the ebook in exchange for an honest review. I liked this manga very much. It is not the typical Alice in Wonderland story that everyone knows, but some scenes are still very familiar. The design is more adult then for example the disney movie and I liked that very much.

    19. This is the exact same story from the Tim Burton film version. It's illustrations are great, and I loved the expected dialog after seeing the movie. The shouting does happen in all CAPS. LOL.

    20. Great black and white artwork to go along with the classic story of Alice in Wonderland.I received an advanced copy of this from NetGalley and the publisher. .

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