Realm of Mirrors

Realm of Mirrors The dead must answer to you and no one else Remember that Gideon He may be the DeathSpeaker but Gideon Black has no idea what he s doing The job didn t come with an instruction manual That s why hi

  • Title: Realm of Mirrors
  • Author: Sonya Bateman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The dead must answer to you, and no one else Remember that, Gideon He may be the DeathSpeaker, but Gideon Black has no idea what he s doing The job didn t come with an instruction manual That s why his half brother Taeral plans to bring him across the Veil to the Fae realm of Arcadia, to consult with an ancient Fae who knew the previous DeathSpeaker personally Tho The dead must answer to you, and no one else Remember that, Gideon He may be the DeathSpeaker, but Gideon Black has no idea what he s doing The job didn t come with an instruction manual That s why his half brother Taeral plans to bring him across the Veil to the Fae realm of Arcadia, to consult with an ancient Fae who knew the previous DeathSpeaker personally Those plans are violently interrupted when the royal Unseelie Guard invade their home, dragging Taeral and their father, Daoin, to Arcadia ahead of schedule And Gideon will do anything to get them back But the concrete jungles of Manhattan are nothing compared to the threats waiting in Arcadia Facing deadly wildlife, even deadlier enemies, and magic he never imagined possible, Gideon must learn quickly to wield his power as both a Fae and the DeathSpeaker before the vengeful Unseelie Queen can exact a cost higher than death from his family, and everyone he holds dear.

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    1. Realm of Mirrors is the third installment in Sonya Bateman's The DeathSpeaker Code series. In this book Gideon finally visits the land of his father's ancestry, Arcadia, although not exactly in an advantage situation. Daoin and Taeral are captured and taken to Arcadia, while Reun followed along trying to save the two. So Gideon and Sadie are going to Arcadia to help saving them with the help of a new character, an Unseelie cast-off named UriskelI really thought Gideon kicked ass here!! Basically [...]

    2. 3.5 starsSo this was a well-written book with some good action/fight scenes and likeable characters, but I wasn't as crazy about the storyline in this book as I was with books 1 and 2. I know I previously said that I liked the fact that we get happy-ish endings, but now I kinda wish it wasn't so perfect and happy. I think it could do with a little bit of angst that goes beyond the story or beyond one book. The character development or relationships are not at a satisfying point yet for me. The I [...]

    3. Good fun readingIt's creAtive and light enough to be fun, conflict enough to be interesting with out airhead heroes/heroines who do stupid stuff just to create unnecessary drama. The good guys are likable while flawed enough to be relatable. and the bad guys are evil despite being cliches they add to the tales. I am really enjoying this series and look forward to the next. Thanks to the author for making each book in the series a complete novelNO CLIFFHANGERS!!! That's an A plus in my gradebook. [...]

    4. This is easily the best book in the series as it takes place in the mysterious Arcadia. The pace and the writing was mind blowing and I finished the book in a single sitting. Gideon evolves by leaps and bounds and I had to cheer him on as he discovers himself and embraces multiple facets of his personality. His relationships also mature and you get to know more about his past and his family. There are a lot of new characters introduced in the book and the author does a great job in bringing out [...]

    5. The DeathSpeaker CodexAnother great Instalment of life of Gideon the Deathspeaker, reading about being in Arcadia the land of the fae . I could almost touch and taste the life there, really unbelievably good characters. Grim and forbidding enemies, great and loyal friends. A storyline to die for, what more can you ask for from a book. Fab

    6. Smart, fun, funny, sweet, tough. I'm in love with the writing. A paranormal fantasy where the characters are smart, funny, and don't create unnecessary drama because there's already enough inherent in the plot? Where they act kindly and like mature adults instead of like hormonal teenagers? Be still my heart!

    7. THIS WAS AN AWESOME STORY!! And having it read to me not only seemed quicker, with some of the words being difficult to pronounce, I was able to enjoy it better!! I hope someone will give Sonya a chance, pick up this series, and make it into a show our a movie!! I'd definitely watch it!!!

    8. A great seriesA great urban fantasy story,I'd definitely recommend it to any urban fantasy fan, Gideon is a fab protagonist ,the series just gets better

    9. This book was great on so many levels. There was a lot of badass-ery, cool magic, fun humor, unique characters, and heart-stopping suspense. It's one of those stories where you can't imagine how everything is going to work out--surely they can't beat these odds!--and then they come out on top in a totally believable way. One thing I loved is that there is character development for everyone. Relationships, old wounds, family dynamics, and many proficiencies are advanced here. Everyone returns fro [...]

    10. Great book. Awesome SeriesGideon Black goes from one adventure in the previous book to another one. Several days have passed since Gideon's adventure in the second book. While there is action in this series and an awesome plot, this book is mostly centered around personal reflection, discovery, and growth. It seems as though each of the characters in this book go through some sort of growth, and/or change. Gideon also learned more about his powers as a DeathSpeaker. I cannot WAIT for the next in [...]

    11. Wonderful storytellingSuch beautiful storytelling. Ms. Bateman took us on a journey to the realm of Arcadia and we got a peak into a wonderful world of the fae. She built a fantastic world full of wonders and dangers and such intrigue that between this realm and the humans, she has set up a whole host of idea on which to build upon. I am so excited, no only for the way that this book has turn out, but for the many possibilities to come. The first three books feel like the tip of the iceberg. I c [...]

    12. I actually really liked this story except for the overuse of the word 'smirk'. Use a thesaurus if you have to, but find another word!In this third installment in the tale of the DeathSpeaker you get to visit fairyland aka Arcadia. You get a chance to meet some new people and although there is a villain, they are always in the background until the final showdown. I did feel as if the ending was kind of sudden and anti-climactic. Overall it was a good solid story.

    13. just like the other books in the series it is a very compelling read with lots of twist, turns and exciting ideas. i love the deathspeaker books and always find myself wanting to read the next installment straight away. i do not know what i will do when i have read number 5 and i have to wait for the next book to be written. i have also purchased the other books by sonya as i really enjoy the pace, characters and ideas in her books.

    14. Sonya Bateman takes us into the Fae realm for the first time. Many elements of this realm will feel familiar to those who have read any Celtic related/based stories in the past. The writing is quick and dialogue between the characters is still enjoyable. I particularly liked the addition of the new characters that added a level of diversity without feeling like it was forced into the story simply to have diversity.

    15. A good story that maintains interest and momentum.Despite being an avid reader, I do not often manage to follow a series. Generally, the sweet has been chewed out of the characters by a third book, and that's being generous. However Ms. Bateman has constructed a world with plenty of interesting characters (but not too many), and enough genocidal threats to keep me entertained as we march towards Othergeddon. And she writes beautifully too.

    16. Realm of Mirrors was really good installment in The DeathSpeaker Codex series. The main plot developed fast and was really pulling. Gideon had to rescue his brother and father from evil Queen, on his path Gideon learned what means to be a DeathSpeaker. So yeah, really great book. It's just sad we don't have this series in an audiobook edition.

    17. I just love this serie. It is all you might want on a book about seelie and unseelie and much more. Well written, with strong characters, a good hero and a very good storyline. I liked it a lot.

    18. Ugh how long do I need to wait til book 4 is available?! I'm really impressed with the author's ability to bring new hurdles into the series while ain't aiming the overall plot. Really looking forward to the next one!

    19. Great storyI'm loving this world more and more. Each book draws me deeper and deeper into a new world and I am enjoying learning about the Fae. Can't wait to get hands on the next book.

    20. In the third book of "DeathSpeaker" we get some questions answered and some problems resolved. Now it will be interesting to see what will come next.

    21. Great seriesI love the story line,the characters and think the story is unique. I'm having a fantastic time leaving the real world and going into the one the writer created.

    22. This series is a fast read. Lots of action, world building and a group of mismatched friends who support each other on their collective journey toward understanding Gideon Black's powers.

    23. The Deathspeaker ReturnsThis was a very creative work of urban fantasy. This book was just as good, maybe better than the first book.I highly recommend you buy this book.

    24. Nobel readI'm reallY enjoying the DeathSpeaker books. Realm of Mirrors gives additional depth to the characters and a trip to the fae realm.

    25. Im stuckU can't stop reading this series in officially hooked!!!!!!! I can't put it down I must know what happens !

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