Where There's Smoke

Where There s Smoke From RITA award winning author Susan May Warren comes a new action romance Book in the Montana Fire Summer of Fire trilogy She s a smokejumper afraid of fire Kate Burns is a legendary smoke jumper

  • Title: Where There's Smoke
  • Author: Susan May Warren
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From RITA award winning author Susan May Warren comes a new action romance Book 1 in the Montana Fire Summer of Fire trilogy She s a smokejumper afraid of fire Kate Burns is a legendary smoke jumper, known for her courage and willingness to risk everything to get the job done Only she has a secret, one she won t admit to anyone He can t forget the love they once sharFrom RITA award winning author Susan May Warren comes a new action romance Book 1 in the Montana Fire Summer of Fire trilogy She s a smokejumper afraid of fire Kate Burns is a legendary smoke jumper, known for her courage and willingness to risk everything to get the job done Only she has a secret, one she won t admit to anyone He can t forget the love they once shared Supervisor Jed Ransom commands the Jude County Smoke Jumpers with a reputation as a calm, level headed leader Kate is the only one who s ever gotten under his skin They must face the flames together A raging wildfire in the mountains of Montana brings Kate and Jed together to train up a new team of jumpers Suddenly, they must face the past they ve been running from and the secrets that keep them apart When an arsonist goes after their team, Kate and Jed must face their deepest fears and learn to rely on each other as they fight a blaze that could destroy them all In this first book of the Montana Fire Summer of Fire trilogy, Kate and Jed are about to discover that where there s smoke, there just might be a chance to start again Don t miss the next books in the series Playing with Fire Book 2 Burnin For You Book 3

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    1. 2.5 starsIf the entire book had been like the last third, it would easily have gotten five stars, or at least 4.5. However, the raging hormones in the early part of the book really cheapened it. It's totally inappropriate for the hero to be going into the heroine's tent alone and kissing her out of a nightmaree beginning of it was bad enough, but when they start using their tongues and rubbing their bodies together and the hero wants to climb in her sleeping bag with her.!! Tone it down!! And th [...]

    2. I really enjoyed learning about the details and the lives of smoke jumpers in this book. Sometimes, I felt like the pacing was a little slow at times, but I am sure it was just me. The characters in this story are very easy to like. My favorite part of the story was when Jed sang the hymn, to Kate, over his walkie talkie. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    3. Love, love, love this series! I read one right after the other and then re-read my favorite parts from all three again when I was done. In all the books, there are deep emotions simmering beneath the surface in the characters, brought to light by the highly dangerous circumstances they find themselves in, resulting in explosive sparks! There is a blend of vulnerability and strength that is appealing. I think we all feel flawed and vulnerable in some way, but want to believe that we will have the [...]

    4. *An update to my original review - I "re-read" this wonderful story by listening to the audiobook. Just like the other books in the series, this narrator was great and did a wonderful job. This is a story I will be reading and listening to again and again!Having spent the last couple of years reading every Christiansen Family novel and anxiously awaiting more books by Susan May Warren, I was so excited when her newest series came out this summer. Where There’s Smoke, book one in the series, wa [...]

    5. I've read about smoke jumpers before and really enjoyed it so I didn't hesitate to add this book to my to-read list.I did enjoy it quite a lot. It was a pretty fast read for me. I was actually kinda surprised to find that it's over 200 pages long-- it just seemed to fly by!A warning to the more sensitive readers out there: this book gets a little steamy. And by that I mean that some of the kissing is a bit "over-described" and it's obvious that Jed would really like to go far beyond kissing.

    6. Where There's Smoke is an exciting and spark-filled romance.It was stressful reading Where There's Smoke, but in a good way. I was on edge most of the time with jumping from planes, parachutes that won't open, tangled chute lines and deadly wildfires. And when all that wasn't happening the tension from the romance is off the charts. Kate grew up wanting to be a smokejumper just like her father, fighting the deadly fires that roar through the Montana landscape. But her father never wanted her in [...]

    7. This was a quick read/listen. The setting was very clear and the story couldn't have happened anywhere else. The characters are unique and wounded. I enjoyed reading their romance.

    8. Every time I see a new book by Susan May Warren, I absolutely MUST have it! I treasure her novels. She writes with an amazing depth and a true, powerful spiritual message. It's like sitting down and hearing a wonderful message at church! Blazin' Katie Burns is a legendary smokejumper, known for her courage and willingness to risk everything to get the job done. But she has a secret she won't admit to anyone.Supervisor Jed Ransom commands the Jude County Smoke Jumpers with a reputation as a calm, [...]

    9. WHERE THERE'S SMOKE is the first book in Ms. Warren's new Indie series dealing with smoke jumpers. I don't know about you, but I've enjoyed books by others written about this topic, and since Susan May Warren is one of my favorite authors I jumped when this book was offered at the preorder special of only 99 cents. WHERE THERE'S SMOKE is action packed, with plenty of fire of both kinds. Jed and Kate have loved each other since they first met as teenagers, and Kate did everything to impress Jed a [...]

    10. Really enjoyed this book, although the romance was a bit much at times. Look forward to reading the next book!

    11. Well. There’s only one word for this novel: Smokin’! From the first word to the last. If you like your romantic suspense with plenty of genuine emotional tension, some sizzling kisses, and a decent whack of adrenaline, then this is the series for you. I didn’t need quite so many references to Jed’s muscled torso, and the couple’s physical attraction and emotional angst were conveyed with less subtlety than I generally enjoy, but then again, Jed and Kate are intense by nature. They work [...]

    12. 5 "You're brilliant. And terrifying. And I'm so in love with you I don't care. I want it all." stars!Wow! I'm not entirely sure what to say about this book other than WOW! It was amazing, heart warming, deeply emotional and enlightening. A rocky romance between childhood friends turned more and the bond of grief that tears lives apart all wrapped in a smoke-jumping/firefighting backdrop made for a deliciously chaste yet wholly fulfilling read.Kate and Jed are two people grieving the loss of thei [...]

    13. Please view on my blog: christianfictionforfunspoJed and Kate have so much anger and distrust between them. They have been friends ever since they were teens. Kate's father, the head of the Jude County Smokejumping team is now way going to let his daughter join the team. Smokejumping is way to dangerous. But when she's goes off to join another team, he is steaming mad and scared for her safety. So he sends Jed after her. Kate is mad and distrustful of Jed's reasons for being there. Jed and Kate [...]

    14. First in a new trilogy from Susan May Warren, 'Where There's Smoke' is set in the Kootenai National Forest in far northwestern Montana, where you can see the mountains of Glacier National Park - we follow the smokejumpers, those that parachute directly into hard to reach areas to fight fires. First of all, this is one of the most beautiful areas of the United States, and my most favourite. As I read this book, the descriptions are spot on and it's so easy to transport yourself there. From the ve [...]

    15. Daughter of town hero and legendary hot shot / smokejumper trainer, Jock Burns, Kate Burns is said to be made of the same stuff as her dad. However, since he didn't want Kate to become a smokejumper, they stopped speaking years before he died while fighting a forest fire.Needless to say, Kate has some issues to work through due to this. She also needs to overcome her fear of fire so she can prove her rash words to long-time crush, Jed Ransom.Jed has his own issues to work through. He was left to [...]

    16. Where There's Smoke by Susan May WarrenMontana Fire: Summer of Fire Trilogy Book OneJed Ransom has taken his mentor's place in Ember, Montana as the new jump boss. Everyone in the fire camp and community are still shaken from the loss of seven of the smokejumpers. Fathers, sons, brothers, and husbands. Including Jock Burns. The man who taught Jed everything he knew about firefighting. Blazin' Kate Burns has returned to Embers temporarily. She was asked to be one of the four people parachuting do [...]

    17. "When you know God loves you, then faith is simply the expectation that God will show up, that love in hand". Kate Burns has loved two men in her life time, Jed Ransom and Jock Burns, and lost them both; one to death by fire and the other to . . . . . what was it exactly? Now she and Jed are both back in Embers, Montana; training new recruits; young smoke jumper hopefuls, in the very place where Kate's father was a legendary leader among wild land fire fighters. Jed Ransom does not know what he [...]

    18. This series is full of action and drama, like a hang-on-to-your-seat (or parachute, if you will), thrill ride from start to end. In the middle of the chaos, moments of slightly sizzling romance (while always remaining classy), deep emotion, and strong messages of faith unfold."Complex" doesn't begin to describe the tangle of history between Jed and Kate. It was established off page and opens this story with action and tension, with ties to fire and a mutual history, both deeply respectful of Joc [...]

    19. I'm a huge Susie May Warren fan and this is a great beginning to a series about wildfire firefighters and smoke jumpers. There's plenty here to keep the series going for a few more books and it makes a great lead in to the next series about the Montana Search and Rescue Team. Kate and Jed have a history. They've known each other since they were teens, they've fought and fought fires together. They've survived a deadly fire that left them both scarred and scared. Great beginning to a great series [...]

    20. 4.5 StarsWow, this novel was smoking hot! Seriously, you could just feel the flames from the fire and it was as if you are right there with the smokejumpers! Warren definitely brought this story to life. Her trademark story writing was all in evidence; from great characters, the chemistry, faith and a story that keeps the pages flying. Really looking forward to the rest of this series!*This is what I would consider a long novella. Just the right length to give you depth. Included are some steamy [...]

    21. Oh my goodness this book! I don't even know where or how to begin to describe the awesomeness that is Where There's Smoke! This book had it all: wonderful, relatable characters, heart stopping suspense, blazing romance (sorry, I couldn't help myself), and a super powerful message of faith. I'm extremely eager for book two and highly, highly recommend this to everyone!

    22. Warren rocks it again. A great story about smokejumpers, some arson, a bit of faith seeking, and we get to reconnect with characters from other series. Loved how Jed and Kate worked through their issues and we get a bit of a cliff hanger. Glad we don't have to wait a year for book 2!!!

    23. I loved this book. Beginning to end. I just couldn't put it down. Now I need to go get the next book in this series because I want to read it NOW. :) This is a Christian Fiction book so there is talk of God and faith. Content: Clean!

    24. I liked this book. It brings former partners together after a years of not seeing each other. It's has action and romance.

    25. A really great story. Loved the actors, the setting, and the Christian theme. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

    26. Fun, clean read with the perfect blend of suspense and a second-chance romance that leaves readers swooning. Can't wait for the next book in this series to release very soon!

    27. I really enjoyed this bookChristian romantic suspense. It is the story of two smokejumpers in Montana. Quick to catch me, easy read, and I finished in a day. Without giving anything away, there was one mention of a theory about fires in the last 1/3 of the book but it was just left there with no mention again & no resolutions. This is the first of a related trilogy so I hope that carries into the 2nd book of the series and has some resolution.

    28. The narration and book were excellent. I enjoyed learning about the lives of smoke jumpers. Looking forward to the next in the series as this book ended in a cliffhanger.

    29. WHERE THERE’S SMOKE is the first book in the smokin’ hot Montana Fire series from Susan May Warren. And believe me, the forest is not the only thing on fire.Kate Burns was born with the same instincts and dedication to smoke jumping as her father. She is a legend, known to put herself at risk with her whatever it takes mentality. That’s why she can’t let anyone know she’s afraid of fire. After a near-death experience, Kate is struggling with her fears but keeps them to herself. After a [...]

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