I Wanna Be Your Shoebox

I Wanna Be Your Shoebox Because Yumi Ru z Hirsch has grandparents from Japan Cuba and Brooklyn her mother calls her a poster child for the twenty first century Yumi would laugh if only her life wasn t getting as complicat

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  • Title: I Wanna Be Your Shoebox
  • Author: Cristina García
  • ISBN: 9780739365151
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Because Yumi Ru z Hirsch has grandparents from Japan, Cuba, and Brooklyn, her mother calls her a poster child for the twenty first century Yumi would laugh if only her life wasn t getting as complicated as her heritage All of a sudden she s starting eighth grade with a girl who collects tinfoil and a boy who dresses like a squid Her mom s found a new boyfriend, and herBecause Yumi Ru z Hirsch has grandparents from Japan, Cuba, and Brooklyn, her mother calls her a poster child for the twenty first century Yumi would laugh if only her life wasn t getting as complicated as her heritage All of a sudden she s starting eighth grade with a girl who collects tinfoil and a boy who dresses like a squid Her mom s found a new boyfriend, and her punk rock father still can t sell a song She s losing her house she s losing her school orchestra And worst of all she s losing her grandfather Saul.Yumi wishes everything could stay the same But as she listens to Saul tell his story, she learns that nobody ever asks you if you re ready for life to happen It just happens The choice is either to sit and watch or to join the dance.National Book Award finalist Cristina Garc a s first middle grade novel celebrates the chaotic, crazy, and completely amazing patchwork that makes up our lives.

    One thought on “I Wanna Be Your Shoebox”

    1. Reviewed by JodiG. for TeensReadTooEverybody has one perfect moment in time upon which they will someday look back and think, "that was when everything changed." For Yumi Ruíz-Hirsch, that moment is here. Yumi lives in a perfect cross-blend of cultures and ethnicity that make her so identifiable to teenagers today. What is there in the world that can't be tackled by a part-Jewish, part-Cuban, part-Japanese, American girl? Plenty. First of all, Yumi has just found out that her grandfather, Saul, [...]

    2. Well-written with a super endearing main character. Yumi is part Cuban, part Japanese and part Russian Jew, but this book isn't really about that's more to do with her relationships with her family, friends, and how the heck to save the school orchestra. Although I really liked this book, I have a feeling this may be one that appeals more to adults than to kids.

    3. I am not a big fan of realistic fiction, but I enjoyed this one. When I finished though all I could think was, "this is the most well adjusted 13 year old around."

    4. Christina Garcia seems to have created the ultimate in non-didactic multicultural literature in the central character of her novel I Wanna Be Your Shoebox. Yumi Ruiz-Hirsch is part Cuban, part Japanese, and part Jewish. But she is also part musician, part surfer, and part historian. Yumi's eighth grade year seems to be more than a little filled up. Within the span of a few months, she has found out that her school will be cutting her beloved orchestra from its budget, her mother is remarrying, a [...]

    5. I liked this book a lot more than I thought I was going to. It's about a multiracial girl (part Russian Jew, Japanese, Guatemalan, and Cuban) who's having a hard time in life. Her parents are divorced, her dad's depressed, her mom's got a new boyfriend, they're getting kicked out of their beachfront apartment, her grandfather is sick, one of her guy friends has a crush on her, and, to top it all off, the orchestra she plays in at school is getting cut. The author ably weaves these different thin [...]

    6. Yumi's dad is half Japanese and half Jewish; her mom is Cuban. She is like no one she has ever met. But she fits in fine at school with her musician friends in the orchestra, which is all well and good, until the school announces that there is no longer a budget for the orchestra and it will be disbanded. To make things worse, Yumi's grandfather has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and her mother's boyfriend is cramping her style. Yumi, however, has a few plans. For one thing, if she is going [...]

    7. this book is kind of the perfect little-bit-of-everything read. thirteen-year-old yumi ruíz-hirsch is part cuban, part japanese, part jewish, part punk rock, part classical, part surfer, part vegetarian, part activist, and part historian. what could be a didactic nod to multiculturalism and liberal ideals is so much more. it is about family and music and moving and divorce and friendship and crushes and death and coming of age. occasionally the narrative gets a little overwhelmed with all the d [...]

    8. "I wanna be your shoebox" is a wonderful book. The plot revolves around Yumi Ruiz-Hirsh, a twelve year olf that is half Cuban, quarter Jewish, quarter Japanese and some Guatemalan thrown in there. She is a surfer, plays the clarinet, loves Mozart, the Ramones and punk music and lives in California. Needless to say, she has an interesting background. Her parents are divorced and her mom is a somewhat famous writer and her father plays in a band and tunes piano as a side job.Yumi visits her grandp [...]

    9. Yumi Ruiz-Hirsch is the poster child for biracial children. Her mother is Cuban, while her father is half-Jewish and half-Japanese. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her mother, who has a new boyfriend. Yumi worries about what any other 13-yr old girl would…school, boys, friends, orchestra, but has the added pressure of losing the apartment that she and her mom share. Add that to the fact that her school’s orchestra is losing funding, her dad is depressed, and her grandfather is dy [...]

    10. I Wanna Be Your Shoebox is a book that ends up being less than the sum of its part. Following Yumi Ruíz-Hirsch as she deals with her grandfather who is suffering from terminal cancer, an orchestra program that was shut down, learning to surf, moving, and dealing with boys all while living as a multiracial preteen in California. Yumi’s school year is very eventful, but also piecemeal. Actions happen, but don’t seem particularly seem to mesh well with the overall story. When cops show up and [...]

    11. Sweet book about a girl from a super-multi-culti background with super-diverse interests (classical music! punk! surfing! family history!). Yumi's beloved dying paternal grandfather is a Brooklyn Jew; her grandmother's Japanese, and her family on her mom's side is Cuban. The super-crammed plot is about Yumi trying to save her school orchestra, cope with her depressed songwriter dad and about-to-remarry mom, deal with boys, wrap her brain around an impending move, process her grandfather's mortal [...]

    12. How many time have reviews started out with, "this is a really good book" or "really nice writing". Yeah, simple words, but they really get the meaning. Any young-adult would be lucky to read this. Yumi's grandfather Saul has cancer, and is ready to leave this world. But not until he tells his story. Yumi takes on the responsibility of listening to Saul's story every week. But she still has her own problems. Her dad can't publish a song, her mom has a serious boyfriend, she and her mom are movin [...]

    13. Yum I is a girl going through many changes and challenges. She just wants to stop & keep everything the same. That is not an option though so she takes her grandfather's advice and gets on with the business of living. The relationship she has with her grandfather is one of the reasons I enjoyed the book so much. He shares a lot of what he believes like, "I'd rather live with uncertainty than believe easy answers, only to have something to believe in." (p 151) Yumi is Japanese, Jewish and Cub [...]

    14. Yumi is not your average teen. Her parents have been divorced for a while; her mom, a Cuban author, her dad, the punk rocking son of a Japanese mom and New York Jewish dad. Yumi's on a search to find out who she is: is she her heritage? is she a clarinet player? a surfer? a conductor? a daughter? a granddaughter? a traveler? a runaway? a friend or GIRLfriend? Find out along side Yumi as she listens to the stories of her dying grandfather's life, as she supports her dad's punk rock career, learns [...]

    15. Thirteen-year-old Yumi fits the bill as a thoroughly modern, Southern California surfing, multi-cultural teen. She lives with her Cuban mom and sees her Japanese-Jewish dad often. He's a struggling punk-rock musician still waiting for his big break. Through talks with her grandfather, Yumi comes to some understanding about family issues. The music theme is continues with a story line around Yumi's orchestra (she plays the clarinet). The story lines tie up niecely in this humorous, yet thoughtful [...]

    16. Yumi's family members are various kinds of unconventional, and she's not exactly ordinary herself: a preteen classical clarinetist and surfer who is learning about LIFE in big ways.Nothing extraordinary here except the extraordinary ways "real people" are human and live life. And that's more than enough.The writing moves smoothly from Yumi's Brooklyn-Jewish grandfather's tales of his life to Yumi's own struggles with her parents to conversations with her school friends, some passages reading lik [...]

    17. Well-done, quick read about a multicultural California girl and the changes she faces as she turns 13. Her mom is getting serious with a boyfriend, her grandpa is dying, and her school orchestra is being shut down! Might be too slow for some middle-schoolers (the parts of grandpa narrating the story of his life are great but maybe not for kids who love "ACTION") but hopefully the surfing and music stuff will keep them going through this one.

    18. Even though this book doesn't have much of a plot, it hangs together anyway. The narrator is someone I want to get to know better, so I keep reading. Her life is interesting and believable--her parents are divorced, her dad is depressed, her school's orchestra is being dropped because of budget cuts, she likes a boy who isn't interested in her, etc.--but she's not living in a storybook world. It's very much twenty-first-century southern Cal. It works well.

    19. Yumi Ruiz-Hirsch is getting ready to start eighth grade. That's enough. But the universe doesn't think so, so two different boys have asked her to the big dance. One is a good friend, and the other is a secret crush. Her school orchestra is being cut from the budget, her mother has a serious boyfriend, and her beloved grandfather Saul is dying. Who takes her to the dance? How can she save the orchestra? What about Jim and her mother? And finally, how can she say goodbye to Saul?

    20. Excellent book to tie in with an oral history project.Realistic fiction tied into some historical (all the stories her grandfather tells her). I do think anyone reading this would have to have at least some background knowledge of what it might "mean" to be a Russian Jew, Japanese (immediately post WWII), or Cuban to really understand some of it.Which might leave kids out. But all in all, good book.

    21. this book shares the viewpoint of Yumi Ruiz-Hirsch, her mother is cuban and her father is japanese on his maternal side and jewish on his paternal side.This book covers the everyday life of Yumi along with her grandfather's reminisces as he fights cancer. The grandfather's viewpoint contains historical information which I enjoyed.

    22. Very sweet story from an author I adore. Yumi is a junior high girl dealing with the news that her beloved grandfather is dying, her orchestra program has been canceled and needs saving, and her mother is planning to get married. Sometimes, your shoebox gets a little too full. I immediately encouraged my 6th-grade daughter to read it.

    23. I loved the feel of this book. It was contemporary and memoir-ish at the same time. The relationship between the girl and her dying grandfather is precious and deals with death matter-of-factly. I loved the grandfather's tone and way of speaking, the way he jumps around in his memory as he tells his granddaughter his life story.

    24. I guess I'll add Yumi to the list of characters I've gotten to know this summer. The book was fun and light. There's something to be learned. I enjoyed the emphasis on family. Saul telling Yumi his life story and what that meant to him. And of course along the way Yumi learned a little something about herself.

    25. This was a sweet story about a girl and her desire to hear her grandfather's life story before he passes away. It was a cute story, but Yumi sounded way too well adjusted to her situation especially since she's only 14 or so. All in all in was a cute story.

    26. In this book,the character Yumi is strong because she goes through many changes in her life like her grandpa dying and her moving.She doesn't like this change.Yumi handles this kind of badly but survives the prblems.I would recommened this book to anybody because it can prbably relate to anybody.

    27. Yumi is a mixed bag of Cuban, Japanese, and Jewish. She loves music, her grandpa. This book takes us thru her 90+ year old grandpa's last year of life, as he tells his story to Yumi and encourages her to think about what you want to bring to the party (life). Great read!

    28. This was one of the first books i ever intently read. Honestly, i read this book 6 years ago, and it somehow came into my memory now. I loved Yumi's grandfather's story and her awkward and emotional dad! All in all, it will stay in my childhood memories forever :)

    29. One of the first I've ever read that deals with issues of being multi-racial and multi-religious - a more and more common experience, but grounded in a strong story, great characters and lots to make it a wonderful read!

    30. It took me a little but to get into the story but once I did I really enjoyed the relationship between Yumi and her grandfather.

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