Follow Me Down

Follow Me Down Mia Haas has built a life for herself far from the North Dakota town where she grew up but when she receives word that her twin brother is missing she s forced to return home Once hailed as the gold

  • Title: Follow Me Down
  • Author: Sherri Smith
  • ISBN: 9780765386700
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mia Haas has built a life for herself far from the North Dakota town where she grew up, but when she receives word that her twin brother is missing, she s forced to return home Once hailed as the golden boy of their small town, Lucas Haas disappeared the same day the body of one of his high school students is pulled from the river Trying to wrap her head around the rumorMia Haas has built a life for herself far from the North Dakota town where she grew up, but when she receives word that her twin brother is missing, she s forced to return home Once hailed as the golden boy of their small town, Lucas Haas disappeared the same day the body of one of his high school students is pulled from the river Trying to wrap her head around the rumors of Lucas s affair with the teen, and unable to reconcile the media s portrayal of Lucas as a murderer with her own memories of him, Mia is desperate to find another suspect.All the while, she wonders, if he s innocent, why did he run As Mia reevaluates their difficult, shared history and launches her own investigation into the grisly murder, she uncovers secrets that could exonerate Lucas or seal his fate In a small town where everyone s history is intertwined, Mia will be forced to confront her own demons, placing her right in the killer s crosshairs.Follow Me Down is a rare find a gutsy, visceral, and beautifully crafted psychological thriller.At the Publisher s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied.

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    1. I'm fully confident this will be one of the most talked about book of the Spring 2017 season, and why shouldn't it be? It was a deliciously compulsive read, has an attention grabbing cover, and even the title hints at dragging us down the rabbit hole of deceit and despair alongside the characters. It's almost as if it taunts the reader to come along for the ride, if you dare. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love dark and twisty psychological thrillers, yet it's been really hard to find one [...]

    2. Small town secrets.High school teacher Lucas stands accused of rape and murdering one of his students in a small town in North Dakota. And now he’s missing. Lucas’s twin sister Mia refuses to believe that he could ever be capable of these crimes. She hops the first flight from Chicago to help find her brother and clear his name. After graduating high school, Mia had left North Dakota far behind, never looking back. She and Lucas were raised by an alcoholic mother, now in a care home due to a [...]

    3. FOLLOW ME DOWN by author Sherri Smith is her first thriller…and a psychological thriller, my favourite! This novel packed a punch and kept me guessing until the very end. I was so involved in this story that I resented any interruptions. Just leave me alone and let me read! I loved this book! “LOCAL TEACHER PERSON OF INTEREST IN STUDENTS MURDER.”“Mia Haas has built a life for herself far from the North Dakota town where she grew up, but when she receives word that her twin brother is mis [...]

    4. 4.5 starsNormally the singular POV stories bore me to death, but I enjoyed this one because it was the perfect concoction of unlikable characters versus the most unlikable characters and written very well! Sure, Mia's thoughts flip-flopped as she spent much of her time constantly ruling her twin brother in and out of tragic scenarios. Between her chemical dependency issues and unfocused thoughts, she was at times annoying, even silly, and had a questionable spree of TSTL moments. But I liked her [...]

    5. I think I'm officially in a book slump. I'm BEYOND annoyed with reading all these psychological thriller duds :(.I'm not exactly sure if I'm ridiculously picky with my thrillers but MAN what is with these books lately? I did enjoy the quirky personality of our main character Mia Haas. She was pretty funny I have to give the author that. BUT, I almost felt like this had a feel of the Breakdown by B.A Paris. DUDE, the paranoia has GOT TO GO. That does not make the reader want to continue reading. [...]

    6. This is what a psychological thriller is all about!Such a great combination of red herrings, twists and turns, and flawed characters, all woven together to make this one heck of a mystery to try to figure out. The cover art is what first drew me to this book, throw along an enticing synopsis and I was in!Again we have the running thriller theme of small town girl who gets murdered, but the author did a great job going above and beyond the usual stereotypes that this theme so often presents. All [...]

    7. This is my first read of a Sherri Smith novel and her first psychological thriller. The story was well paced and showed plenty of promise.The novel is about a High school teacher named Lucas who is accused of rape and murdering one of his students in a small town in North Dakota. His case is not helped by the fact that he is now missing disappearing on the same day the body of one of his students is pulled from the river. Rumours of Lucas’s affair with the dead student also don't help his case [...]

    8. Don't you love a book that really keeps you guessing?This is one such book. Even my best book detective skills didn't have me uncovering the twists and reveals before their time. This one kept me captivated.Mia heads back to the small "hick" town she was brought up in from her life in Chicago because her twin brother Lucas has been accused of murder. Nobody can find Lucas and Mia just can't accept that he's murdered a young woman in cold blood. The town on the other hand are ready to lynch him.W [...]

    9. Follow Me Down came highly recommended from several of my book friends, and after reading it, yeah!!! This is an engrossing, suspenseful book! Mia's brother is a teacher accused of murdering one of his students. From the very beginning, you don't know who to believe- who's really guilty of the murder? A red herring here, a twist there; this book consumed me until I figured it out. Sherri Smith is a new powerhouse of suspense! Cannot wait to read what she writes next! Thanks to Caryn, the Book Wh [...]

    10. Big fan of this one. I seem to be on a run of really excellent books at the moment.Follow Me Down is a taut and atmospheric psychological thriller/small town drama which is enhanced by its main protagonist, Mia, who is divisive and multi faceted – as she hunts for the truth surrounding her brother’s disappearance she will challenge your ability to sympathise with her whilst absolutely making sure that you do.Set in its majority over 16 days, each day brings Mia new challenges, both personall [...]

    11. Lukas, a much-loved high school teacher, disappears on the same day one of his students is found dead. All evidence points to him being the killer. His twin sister Mia comes home from Chicago initially to answer questions about her brother. She decides to see if she can prove he is innocent.Mia's mother is in a senior living center with a mind addled by alcohol and an accident. Talk about a dysfunctional family. The mother has really done a number on this family.Read this book and then stay away [...]

    12. Mia fled the small town in North Dakota that she grew up in with her twin brother Lucas and alcoholic mother, and now has a new life in Chicago. When she gets a call from the local police telling her that her brother is being accused of having a sexual relationship and subsequently murdering of one of his underage students, she immediately returns home. Convinced that he is innocent, Mia wants to do everything she can to help her brother - she just needs to know why he ranOverall, I loved Follow [...]

    13. Well, what to say about this one. It wasn't terrible but it was a bit of a chore to read. I struggled through it and it felt a lot longer than it was. Not one for me. Mia Haas gets a call to say her twin brother Lucas, who lives in their home town in Dakota has gone missing. The golden boy growing up and now a school teacher there. When Mia gets there she finds out from the police that on the same day that Lucas went missing, the body of a missing teenage girl, one of his students, was pulled fr [...]

    14. 3.5 Stars - Video Review: youtu/aEb_AMuPjKcThe premise of this story was very compelling, involving a troubled woman returning home to solve a mystery and uncover the secrets of her small town. The main character, Mia, is a strong-willed, tough female protagonist. She is a wonderfully flawed character, who reacts emotionally and then proceeds to make poor decisions. As a pharmacist, she takes advantage of her professional position to self medicate and feed her drug addiction. She is determined t [...]

    15. Follow Me Down, the debut thriller by Sherri Smith, had been on my radar for a few months. When I found out that Chevy Stevens, my newest author obsession, gave a blurb on the front cover of this one, I knew I had to move it to the top of my TBR pile.So I did. And I am thrilled to say that this was an excellent choice. The novel opens with Mia, a struggling addict with a less than stellar childhood, receiving a call from the police. A teenage girl is dead. Her twin brother (Lucas) is missing. An [...]

    16. Review to come soon.Quick thoughts:Everyone is a suspect in this book. Everyone lies. Fibs. Stretches the truth. Mia as the main character is not entirely likeable Nor is she entirely unlikeable. She's trying to find out the truth about her brother and what really happened with his student. But her constant pill popping blurs her take on things. She sees things and she's putting stuff together, but just not in right order. It's like she has all the pieces, but in her haze she can't see all the p [...]

    17. When Mia takes a call at her nighttime pharmacy job from the local police in her old home town enquiring if she knows where her twin brother Lucas is it sets a fantastically brilliant series of events into action. The book centres around Mia who returns to her hometown to try and find her missing twin brother who is a "person of interest" in the murder of a popular teenage girl. It is very rare that I have wanted to reach into a book and grab a charachter by the shoulders slap them across the fa [...]

    18. Release Date:March 28, 2017 Genre:Murder MysteryFollow Me Down is a well written and cleverly crafted murder mystery that kept me hooked to the pages from beginning to end. The dark atmosphere adds to the quality of the story and the unfolding of events are taught and thrilling. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and impressed with Sherri Smith's storytelling ability and based on this novel, I would gladly read more of her novels in the future. This novel is about a dead teenage girl, a missing tea [...]

    19. Sherri Smith has written two historical novels, but her newest book, Follow Me Down, is a thriller. Smith takes us to Wayouta, North Dakota. Mia and her twin brother Lucas could not wait to escape this small town, their drunken mother and the claustrophobic nature of everyone knowing you - and your business. Mia has made a life for herself in Chicago and works as a pharmacist. A pharmacist who tends to sample the product too much. Her brother went back though and works as a teacher at the local [...]

    20. The sins of the mother are imparted on the children… or so it seems, in this fast paced, well-written page turner! Mia nearly loses her life as she tries to find her missing twin brother, and prove his innocence in the murder of one of his teen-aged students, all the while living with her own demons and discovering long hidden truths from her past. The setting in a small town in N. Dakota where everyone knows everyone and secrets and scandals abound helps to set the tone for this exciting debu [...]

    21. When everyone doubts her and it seems like everyone agrees to one version of the truth, it’s a matter of will to stick to what she believes is true. In the wonderful debut, Follow Me Down, Sherri Smith brings to us a very compelling and suspenseful psychological thriller.Mia Haas receives a very disturbing call at 6 am. The call is from Wayoata police chief. Her twin brother Lucas is nowhere to be found. Moreover, the body of Joanna, his high school student, has been discovered on the same day [...]

    22. Follow me down to the riverBook Title: Follow Me DownAuthor: Sherri SmithSeries: Stand-AloneGenre: MysterySetting: Wayoata, North DakotaSource: Kindle eBook (Library)✧✧✧OVERALL RATING✧4.3/5 STARS✧A-✧✧✧SEE MY FULL REVIEW HERE AND SEE MY VIDEO FOR BOOK THEME SONG HEREThat ending had me like…⇝My Thoughts⇜Follow Me Down kept me guessing all the way to the end, I thought, for sure, I knew who it was, and then I flip-flopped…again and again. Right up to that ending. I believe, [...]

    23. Follow Me Down is about a high school teacher, Lucas, who is suspected of having a relationship with one of his students and subsequently murdering her. When he disappears, his twin sister, Mia returns to her hometown to prove her brother’s innocence. Mia is hard to like at times, but I found her determination to locate her brother as well as her support for him to be endearing. Follow Me Down is a dark psychological thriller that contains quite a few twists and turns along the way and I think [...]

    24. *** Actual rating 4.5 / 5 ***Follow Me Down is an intoxicating circus of evidence vs instinct. We all have strong feelings about a loved one’s guilt or innocence, but how well do we really know them? Our gut tells us one thing, yet glaringly obvious circumstances suggest the person we thought we knew may be hiding more than we could ever know.From the opening chapters I was sitting to attention straight away as there’s a colossal question mark dangling over the head of Mia’s twin brother, [...]

    25. This book was like a milder relative to Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects — troubled and complex leading ladies, their return to a small and unsettling hometown, their grossly dysfunctional families, their struggle to uncover the truth. The two books still stand entirely on their own, however. While Sharp Objects is deeply disturbing and a beast on its own, Follow Me Down has a lighter tone and a plot that more closely resembles a police procedural. What I admired most about Follow Me Down was the [...]

    26. **overall rating 4.5**I loved Follow me down. As a twin myself, I really felt connected to Mia and Lucas. Everything they've been through either together or separately really played with my emotions. I felt anger, guilt, frustration etcThe book really played out vividly in my mind, it was almost like I was watching a movie rather than reading a book.Sherri has crafted some brilliant characters in which I felt were all relevant in their own ways. There are some twisty twists along the way that I [...]

    27. Well, this went very bad. I had no empathy with Mia, in fact I hated her! I didn't like her choices, her behavior and her thoughts. I also did not understand the choice of Smith to place so many people who did not have a well defined role in history. So many characters without any function. It has only confused the story and left many questions unanswered.

    28. If you like gritty psychological thrillers combined with the dynamics of messed up families then this is a book for you.  Follow Me Down is a very dark and twisted tale and when I say twisted I mean it, in every possible sense.The reader is thrown right into the story from the first page, when protagonist Mia, a Chicago based pharmacist, receives a call from the police alerting her to the fact her twin brother Lucas, popular school teacher who still lives in the small minded town they grew up i [...]

    29. For those who enjoy quick, twisted murder mysteries, Follow Me Down is for you! With well-developed characters and plot, this book will grab you from the first page to last and I guarantee you will be suspecting everyone throughout it all! Follow Me Down tells of Mia, the twin sister of the suspected murderer of a student and she will stop at nothing to find out the truth and clear her brother's name. Is her brother really the person behind this brutal murder? Or is there something much more big [...]

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