The Barn

The Barn The schoolmaster says nine year old Benjamin is the finest student he s ever seen fit for than farming destined for great things someday But his father s grave illness brings Ben home from school and

  • Title: The Barn
  • Author: Avi
  • ISBN: 9780380725625
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • The schoolmaster says nine year old Benjamin is the finest student he s ever seen fit for than farming destined for great things someday But his father s grave illness brings Ben home,from school and compels him to strive forsomething great right now to do the one thing that will please Father so much he ll want to live But first Ben must convince his older sisteThe schoolmaster says nine year old Benjamin is the finest student he s ever seen fit for than farming destined for great things someday But his father s grave illness brings Ben home,from school and compels him to strive forsomething great right now to do the one thing that will please Father so much he ll want to live But first Ben must convince his older sister andbrother to work with him And together, they succeed in ways they never dreamed possible.

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    1. Ben, away at school in Portland, Oregon, fulfilling his dead mother’s dream, is told his father is sick, and his sister is there to take him home.In fact, his father has had a severe stroke, can’t move or speak, and has left 9 year old Ben, his 13 year old brother and older sister to fend for themselves.Out of potential tragedy and a need to survive, his two older siblings plow and plant the fields, while Ben tends to his dad, and then decides to fulfill his dad’s dream – to build a much [...]

    2. This historical fiction book by Avi, was engaging, yet very gloomy. In 1855, set in Oregon, a young boy named Benjamin, preferred name Ben, must return home from boarding school due to his father's ailing health. Early on, Ben’s parents realized his academic potential and following his mother's death, his father decided to honor her death by sending Ben to school. His brother Harrison and sister Nettie stayed behind to help their father on the farm. After their father suffered from Palsy, or a [...]

    3. This was a story set in 1855. The youngest son was sent away to school. His older brother was at home helping the father and the daugther was playing mother since the mother was sick. The son at school, Benjamin was sent home after an accident involving his father. He always thought he would go back to school. He went home to find out his father had a stroke like condition. He would not talk, communicate and could not feed or clean himself. The three young children learned to work as a team. Ben [...]

    4. Nine-year-old Benjamin, one of the finest students his schoolmaster has seen, is called home to the farm when his father falls ill. Benjamin and his older brother and sister must decide if they will stay on the land and keep working, or leave and lose the property their father worked so hard for. Interesting tale showing the interaction between Benjamin, the smartest in the family, and his older siblings as they struggle to take care of the farm and make decisions that will affect all of them fo [...]

    5. This is considered a children's book but it is a lot to take in for a third grader. The little boy in the story has his world ripped apart and he has to become the adult. His older siblings are aching to start their own lives and he is just a little kid trying to make his father's wish come true, to build a barn. He pins all his hopes for a normal life again on completing the barn. This story is intense.

    6. I thought this was a very touching story about three siblings working together under extreme circumstances and coming out on top. My only reservation is that the author plainly describes a very sad thing. I’m not sure how that would be interpreted by an audience younger than twelve. For myself, an adult, I found the book to be both heart-wrenching and heart-warming.

    7. Nine-year old Benjamin didn’t even know that his father had met with an accident until the day his big sister, Nettie came to pick him up from the boarding school where he was living. His father had sent him to that school; said that he’d promised Ben’s mother before she died that he would give Ben an education. Ben’s school teacher agrees that Ben is a promising student. Maybe he can be a scholar one day. But now Father’s gone and gotten hurt. Ben will have to return home with his sis [...]

    8. Avi’s novel, The Barn had a sparse, swift narrative pace. The initial shock of finding this boy’s father bedridden by “the palsy” (a neurological stroke) gave the whole story so much momentum that I almost didn’t realize I was finished by the end. I also thought Avi did an excellent job introducing and moving moment to moment, scene to scene, character to character. He slips characters in and out of this book without disrupting the flow of the story. Granted, the cast is pretty small i [...]

    9. "You were meant to go off and be different. To *be* somebody. Not like us". I struggled with how to rate this book because as an adult reader of many books it felt like the same story told a different way. So I rated this book from the perspective of the young audience it was written for and from that perspective the book is marvelous. The story centers around an ailing father and his three children, two sons one daughter, in 1855 Oregon. The children are struggling to take care of their father. [...]

    10. I felt that the book "The Barn" was a really interesting book about how hard people worked in the 1800's. The three kids did all of the work such as working in the fields, cooking meals, and doing chores because their father was very sick and dying. My favorite part of the book was Ben's determination for them to build a barn as a gift to their father who had dreamed of building a barn for himself one day. It was amazing that the three children were able to cut down trees, trim and split them in [...]

    11. Another solid Avi book.It's a sad, sweet story about a young boy coming to terms with his father's stroke (or stroke-ish ailment. They call it the palsy). The setting of Oregon Territory times was cute. Not over-done, but potentially under-done. In fact, the whole book was possibly under-done. Avi typically does a good job of packing in character, setting and plot development in a minimum of words, but this book could have been fleshed out more.I would hesitate to suggest this book to young chil [...]

    12. Ben is called away from school by his brother and sister when their father falls ill. Ben, who is the only child they sent to school, has always felt different because of this. When he comes home, he finds he must help plow the fields and take care of his invalid father. Ben believes that his father is going to recover and starts bringing him out of the bedroom. He is the only one that seems to be able to communicate with his father through his eyes. It is the communication that leads Ben to be [...]

    13. I always feel it is a little severe to give a fair book only two stars, but I just couldn't bring myself to give it three. I felt the writing was below average, even for a book written for children. The story was totally unrealistic, which made the ending much less meaningful for me. I have really liked some of Avi's other books, but sorry to say, this one just didn't make the grade.The story concerns three children, ages 9,13,15, who's father suffers a stroke. They manage to work the farm, care [...]

    14. I never get tired of reading Avi! Such a versatile, prolific and gifted author of books for all ages. Set in late 1800s Oregon, nine-year old Ben is sent away to school to fulfill his mother's dying wish that he get an education. She felt Ben, the youngest of three, was "different" than the rest of this family of pioneer farmers, and was destined for great things. When the book opens, Ben is being fetched back to the farm because his dad has "met with an accident." Avi manages to pack an amazing [...]

    15. This story is about three children who have to run their family farm after their father becomes gravely ill. They end up fulfilling one of his dreams by building a barn. They do a little growing up along the way and become closer to each other.I thought the book was okay. It is fairly short with small chapters, which I like, but it is a little depressing.This might be a good book for reluctant readers, since it is a pretty quick read. It does show how life was for some people when the Oregon cou [...]

    16. This historical fiction book is about a young boy growing up in the Oregon Territory in 1855. When his father becomes critically ill, Benjamin has to come home from his private school to help take care of him. The book is really blunt about the wretchedness of taking care of someone who can't control their bodily functions: "For there I was, nine years of age, having to undress my father and clean his privates both back and front. What shame I felt that he should be like a baby to me, who was hi [...]

    17. This book is for younger children but I really like this book because after reading this story I can think about kindness and relationship with my family. It is a heart-warming story. Ben is a main character of this story and he is a only person who try to communicate with his father. His father has disability and can't move or speak. His family give up to communicate with him. However, he does not. He found a way to communicate. He listened his father's dream and his family try to fulfill it wi [...]

    18. Benjamin and his family live in a farm. He is very smart and his teachers say he's the best student they have ever seen, but with his dad being sick he wants to do something great for him. With the help of his sister and brother, will they do something great for their dad?I would recommend this book because it talks about unity with the siblings. I also think people who have sick relatives may take something away after reading this book and may be inspired to do something nice for them.L.G.Grade [...]

    19. I love this book! It's about a young boy nine named Ben he an his brother an sister both older,Ben go's to school while Nettie-daughter an Harrison-brother stay home an help on the farm!well there dad has a palsy fit (palzy) an cant do ANYTHING on his own he can hardly lift a finger!An ALOT of exciting things happen through out the story,although the beginning was a little confusing,but I was a little off that day.I hope you all LOVE the book as much as me,an believe me I don't like books,except [...]

    20. gr 3-6 106pgs1855, Oregon Territory. 9 year old Ben is horrified when he is brought home from school and finds his family suffering from "a fit of palsy"/a stroke. Ben is convinced that his father is still there and is determined to help him recover. His brother and sister are skeptical, but allow him to try. Ben knows that his father's dream had been to build a huge barn and is convinced that seeing that dream come true is the key to his recovery, but can his siblings be convinced.I didn't like [...]

    21. Clean. This was an short intense exploration of how a youth would feel to take care of the basic, daily needs of a father who has had a stroke. It would be most appropriate for youth who have had experience giving very intimate care to someone(dealing with incontinence, feeding someone, etc.) or for older youth who are researching a care-giving career or reading other empathetic pieces like Wonder by Palacio and Out of My Mind by Draper.

    22. In this novella, Nettie and Harrison, sister and brother to Ben, live on the farm with their father while Ben is "destined for something more". He is the fortunate of three children to be sent away to school. Ben is brought home from school when his father becomes gravely ill. To help his father heal Ben becomes determined to reach his father's dream of building a barn. A story about belonging and letting go. I would recommend this for ages 10+.

    23. The schoolmaster says nine-year-old Benjamin is the finest student he's ever seen-fit for more than farming; destined for great things someday But his father's grave illness brings Ben home, from school and compels him to strive forsomething great right now -- to do the one thing that will please Father so much he'll want to live. But first Ben must convince his older sist

    24. Somehow this book adds up to less than the sum of its parts. I liked a lot of things about it, but I didn't really enjoy much of it. The payoff at the end is maybe a little too understated.But I liked the writing, and I feel like I got what he was trying to do, so I'll probably give Avi another try.

    25. This was an interesting book to pick up just after reading Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper. Two stories about people who can't speak or control their bodies very well. I didn't find this story depressing, as many other reviewers have. It was a quick read, developed more like a short story. I liked it. I won't go running out recommending it to everyone, but I liked it.

    26. I think this would be a good book for late elementary school or middle school readers. A young boy (while attending boarding school) is notified of his father's poor health and his need to return home. He works with his older brother and sister to build the barn his father had wanted before he was struck with "the palsy." A sad, sweet story.

    27. The barn is an excellent book for children to learn about the importance of family. This book also can be considered good to show how children lived long ago. This book teaches sacrifices that people have to make can sometimes pay off. The boy came home from school because his father was ill, which to the boy was a sacrifice. However, he built his father the barn he had longed to build.

    28. What I thought of The Barn was well it really didn't make any since the ending kinda ended off to soon I think and also it was a kinda boring story but it was a pretty good book other then the things that I thought wrong about this book but I suggest people who can figure confusing things to read this.

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