One thought on “از سفرنامه ناصرخسرو”

  1. Safarnama = The Book of Travels, Naser Khosrow Ghobadiani Abu Mo’in Hamid ad-Din Nasir ibn Khusraw al-Qubadiani or Nāsir Khusraw Qubādiyānī Balkhi [also spelled as Nasir Khusrow and Naser Khosrow] (1004 – 1088 CE) was a Persian poet, philosopher, Isma'ili scholar, traveler and one of the greatest writers in Persian literature. He was born in Qabodiyon, a village in middle-age Bactria in the ancient Greater Iranian province of Khorasan, now in modern Tajikistan and died in Yamagan, now Af [...]

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