Waiting For an Earl Like You

Waiting For an Earl Like You LOVE ISN T ALWAYS WHAT IT SEEMS Justin Reeve Netherwood Earl of Kempthorn a k a Thorn has never cared much for his neighbor s daughter But his twin brother Gideon befriended the wild reckless and

  • Title: Waiting For an Earl Like You
  • Author: Alexandra Hawkins
  • ISBN: 9781250064745
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • LOVE ISN T ALWAYS WHAT IT SEEMS Justin Reeve Netherwood, Earl of Kempthorn a.k.a Thorn has never cared much for his neighbor s daughter But his twin brother, Gideon, befriended the wild, reckless, and wholly inappropriate Miss Olivia Lydall in youth, and two have been close ever since So when Olivia finds herself in a state of romantic conflict and seeks out Gideon forLOVE ISN T ALWAYS WHAT IT SEEMS Justin Reeve Netherwood, Earl of Kempthorn a.k.a Thorn has never cared much for his neighbor s daughter But his twin brother, Gideon, befriended the wild, reckless, and wholly inappropriate Miss Olivia Lydall in youth, and two have been close ever since So when Olivia finds herself in a state of romantic conflict and seeks out Gideon for advice, he s only too pleased to oblige Only problem The man Olivia is speaking to is Thorn And now it s too late for him to tell Olivia the truth Thorn always believed that Olivia was too smitten with Gideon for her own good So what s the harm in steering her away from him But Thorn s charade turns out to be anything but harmless once he begins to see Olivia for who she really is A woman full of spirit and passion and someone he can t live without But how can Thorn claim Olivia s heart when their deepening connection and burning desire is built on lies and deceit

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    1. I think this is the first book I’ve wished I didn’t have the hero's POV.***3.5 Stars***I’ll start off by saying that I liked Waiting For an Earl Like You. Yes, there were parts that drove me bonkers and had me rolling my eyes but there were more times than not that I enjoyed the journey.I’d have to say that my biggest complaint was getting to see the working mind of the hero. We get a glimpse of the hero and other titled gentleman acting like scoundrels and recounts of some of their prev [...]

    2. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Thorn's twin Gideon has finally come home after abruptly taking off on his own. Finding Gideon and their neighbor Olivia back together as if they never lost a step, annoys Thorn in a way he doesn't fully want to think about. Olivia has always had a good friendship with Gideon but his twin and the heir Thorn, always seems to find something at fault with her. When [...]

    3. ARC provided by NetGally for honest review.2.5Olivia has been friends with Gideon and Thorn, who are identical twins, since she was a little tagging along after them wherever they went. Well to be fair she was more Gideon's friend then Thorn's. Thorn was to high and might, he barley tolerated Olivia at times when she was around. Oliva is all grown up now and needs to marry as her widowed father has found someone and plans to marry. Her fathers possible intended is not a very warm or loving indiv [...]

    4. Bottom Line. Don't waste your time. First book by this author, and I was far from blown away; kept wanting to put it down, but received it as an ARC so felt like I should try and finish it.My Thoughts. I wanted to try and provide a summary, but frankly that’s really difficult, because sometimes I had no idea what the hell was going on (to be blunt, lol). I don’t know if any of you watch Top Chef (I’m addicted), but there’s this one Quickfire Challenge they do where they split into groups [...]

    5. FINAL DECISION:  This book was fine, but I never felt compelled to find out what happened.  The story moved too slowly to build up interest and the premise of twin switching without the heroine knowing the difference seemed too unlikely unless the men dressed identically all the timeE STORY: Justin Reeve Netherwood, Earl of Kempthorn nicknamed Thorn has a twin brother Gideon.  The two have been at odds for years. Now that Gideon has returned from his travels, a woman from their childhood has [...]

    6. " Waiting for an Earl Like You", is what our heroine Olivia Lydall has been doing, well maybe not the Earl in particular. Olivia has been waiting eight years for her freinds the Netherwood twins to return home to Malaster Park. Olivia would spend her days running around Malaster park with them, mostly Gideon the two of them thick as thieves , but his brother Justin ( Thorn ) his nickname being the Earl of Kempthorn, and first born heir has always treated her with an aloofness which has grown ove [...]

    7. *I am voluntarily reviewing an eARC given to me by NetGalley and the publisher*2.5 starsI will be honest - I knew at 15% this book was not going to be a keeper for me. I dislike reading about a "hero's" previous sexscapades and I didn't really care for the hero kissing another woman (or in this case being kissed by another woman - but not wanting to hurt her, doesn't push her away - I guess that's his story and he is sticking to it).I am not even going to get into the plot - while the writing is [...]

    8. More like 3.5 stars. I enjoyed this title. It was a lot of fun and flowed very well.Miss Olivia Lydall and her neighbor, Justin Reeve Netherwood, Earl of Kempthorn, known as Thorn, have never much liked each other. Thorn has always considered Olivia a nuisance that trailed after he and his twin brother, Gideon. Olivia has always found Thorn to be too serious for his own good and instead befriended Gideon.Deciding Olivia is too smitten with his brother, Thorn pretends to be Gideon in an effort to [...]

    9. Waiting For an Earl Like You is the third book in the Masters of Seduction series by Alexandra Hawkins. I haven't read the previous books so can happily report that this can easily be read as a stand alone novel.This is the story of Thorn, his proper title being Justin Reeve Netherwood, Earl of Kempthorn. He has a twin brother, Gideon who for the most part he gets on famously with. That can't be said when it comes to a certain female.Miss Olivia Lydall is the female in question. She and the boys [...]

    10. Justin Netherwood, Earl of Kempthorn, better known as Thorn, has some grievances with his identical twin Gideon who has returned to England from his travels. He has never been sure of why Gideon left England. They are both attending a party at their parents’ country estate along with friends and family. Olivia Lydall is also attending the party. She lives on the neighboring estate and has been friends with Gideon since childhood. Even as a child, Thorn, as the heir, was more reserved and somew [...]

    11. This was my first book in this series, and I think that perhaps I should have started with the others. The Story-The premise of false twin identities is really cute. These brothers, Gideon and Thorne, have known Olivia since childhood, but she has always been closer to Gideon. When the guys swap places around her, all are surprised by the results.My Thoughts-As much as I really wanted to enjoy this you know I love historical, I was bogged down and confused by secondary characters and storylines. [...]

    12. Received this book from NetGalley for an honest review.I love historical romances and I read a lot of them. As a result I get bored if the book is repeating the same kind of plot as some other book I've read but, this book, oh my god, it kept me on my toes trying to anticipate the next move of the characters. I was in love with the characters and the story, the deviations were well thoughtout and necessary to the development of the plot. A mandatory read for all fans of Historical Romances and J [...]

    13. I adore the regency romance subgenre - it has a lot of my favorite tropes: the marriage of convenience, the abundance of roguish rakes thrown together with the oft-overlooked spinster/wallflower/bluestocking, the self-made American upstart seeking a prim & proper heiress, etc. etc. But my goodness, it can be rife with some really unpleasant sexist, misogynistic messages and unfortunately that's what prevented me from enjoying this particular story.The synopsis is misleading, for starters - i [...]

    14. Pages Survived: 158Reason Dropped: Lack of respect for hero, lack of compelling OTP dynamic, and discombobulated plot.

    15. I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for a fair and honest review.So basically the book is about a girl and her twin neighbors. Olivia is the daughter of a Baron and Thorn is an Earl while is Brother Gideon is the second son. Thorn gets it in his head that Olivia is in love with Gideon and decides to put a stop to it by playing what the twins consider "their favorite game." which at first I liked the idea of the twins switching places or at least Thorn pretending to be Gideon. Becaus [...]

    16. I really liked this book, but to be honest certain parts were really mixed up.I enjoyed the writing but at many points the characters would do something really uncharacteristic, almost as if they couldn't decide on who they were.Looking at the blurb I had thought the story would be going in a certain way, when it wasn't. Quite misleading!Thorn and his twin Gideon have always looked very alike, and have used it to their advantage by switching places at many times.But, one thing they don't have in [...]

    17. Waiting For an Earl Like You could easily be an old school historical romance, it was highly retrograde for its time. This was the first book I’ve read by Alexandra Hawkins. I didn’t read the previous two books in the series. I became lost at times because of all the characters (clearly from the previous books). It was complicated to figure out who was who and it brought me out of the story. I have no idea what happened here, the synopsis had nothing to do with what actually happened in the [...]

    18. The Earl of Kempthorn (Thorn) and Gideon, his identical twin have grown up as neighbors of Olivia. She was a tag-along when they were children. Gideon and she were friends, Thorn just tolerated her and at times not even that.Now they are grown. Olivia is looking for a husband, because her widowed father has found a bride-to-be. Thorn is not in the market for a wife. Gideon has returned after being gone from London for a long time and he has become very wealthy. After Thorn has compromised her, h [...]

    19. This book was alright for me, I've been binge reading a lot of Regency Romance novels lately [blame it on the winter,] and this one was just "Alright."Now, admittedly I've never read the prior books so all of the characters that were tossed into this book meant little to me and on top of it just served to confuse me, I could gather the hint that what transpired with these characters had something to do with prior tales. The end result for me was just confusion and frustration, because I wanted t [...]

    20. Olivia has known the Netherwood twins since she was a young girl. Although its nearly impossible to tell them apart physically, their over all personalities are seemingly opposite. Where Olivia finds Gideon to be charming and kind, she sees his slightly older brother Justin--the Earl of Kempthorn (a.k.a Thorn)--as a stick in the mud. Not to mention, she can deal without his chastising ways.Already, I loved Thorn. What can I say? I love the brooding types.Now, Olivia's long time attachment to Gid [...]

    21. This is the first time I have read a book of Alexandra's. She does lots of description throughout the story. It was hard to read in certain places. She does a lot with the story line and characters. This is a Love/Hate book. It makes it harder with Thorn and Gideon, the identical twin brothers! I took longer to read this book than others I have. I felt sorry for Olivia who lived in the country beside the brothers. They are beside each other in London. There are twists with Olivia's father. Spoil [...]

    22. I enjoyed parts of this book. The main character Olivia, I felt was very charming and lovable. While she was naive, I felt that is the normal for these historical romances. But in that era young ladies led very sheltered lives than today. I did not care for Thorn. I felt that his character and those of his friends were very immature. It is hard to fall in love with a hero when he acts like a teenager. I also found it very hard to believe that she couldn't tell the twins apart. She was best frien [...]

    23. Thorn and Gideon were identical twins. Even adults, people around still had a hard time figuring out who was who, including their mother.However, for a more observant person it would be easy to identify one from the other.Thorn, the heir, Earl of Kempthorn, was more serious, didn't indulge in pleasures so easily and seemed to harbor a dislike of his childhood neighbor, Olivia.Gideon, the second son, who had spent several years away from home in search of his own fortune, was more expansive, play [...]

    24. Although I enjoy this author’s writing and there were some pretty good and laugh-out moments in this book it was also a bit confusing and muddled. (view spoiler)[The main romance which was supposed to be between Olivia and Thorn was overshadowed by what I can only gather are characters from past books since I haven’t read the first two books in the series. Thorn was made out to be a rake but had his sweet moments. That attitude however gave Olivia (and me) whiplash, is he or is he not?There [...]

    25. I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads 3 Stars. With an intriguing premise, I was eager to read Waiting for an Earl Like You. Sadly, I had difficulty getting into the novel, putting it down several times, and having it take weeks to complete. This is simply a book and a reader not being a good fit situation. Thorn and Gideon are identical twins. As a neighbor, Olivia is several years younger than they are, but was the twins' shadow when they were growing up, with her [...]

    26. I found this book through netgalley. I love historical romance and the cover caught my eye. I haven't read the earlier books in the series, or anything else by the author, but I enjoy other books and authors from the publisher (St Martin's Press) and thought I'd give this one a whirl. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. And, as the two star review indicates, it was ok. While the writing had humor and the book had a fast pace and lots of action, there was nothing new here. Th [...]

    27. Waiting For an Earl Like You by Alexandra HawkinsMasters of Seduction #3Olivia Lydall grew up next door to the twins Gideon and Justin Netherwood. Justin, the Earl of Thornwood, and his brother have not seen one another for several years because Gideon left to make his mark on the world and perhaps acquire a fortune, too. At first it seemed that the brothers might be vying for Olivia’s attention or even might consider sharing her BUT that is not at all what happened. Both brothers care for Oli [...]

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