Rum & Razors

Rum Razors Jessica is on vacation in St Thomas when she discovers the corpse of hotel owner Walter Marschalk The island police suspect a hot tempered ex employee but cool headed Jessica will discover who s the r

  • Title: Rum & Razors
  • Author: Jessica Fletcher Donald Bain
  • ISBN: 9780451183835
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jessica is on vacation in St Thomas when she discovers the corpse of hotel owner Walter Marschalk The island police suspect a hot tempered ex employee but cool headed Jessica will discover who s the real serpent in Eden Second in a 4 book series.

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    1. Jessica Fletcher goes on a much needed vacation to the Caribbean island of St. Thomas. She is visiting old friends of hers, Laurie and Walter Marschalk, who are the owners of the beautiful Lovers Lagoon Inn where Jessica is staying. While there, she finds out that her friends might be having marital problems, financial troubles, and competition from neighboring hotel Diamond Reef. One night while taking a late night stroll, Jessica discovers Walter’s dead body in the lagoon—murdered. Of cour [...]

    2. Jessica is going on vacation after being sick and with the encouragement of her friend and doctor Seth. So after many invitations from her married friends, she has decided to go to St. Thomas and visit her friends there that own the hotel she will be staying at. When she gets there, she then begins to understand that her friends are in financial trouble and at risk of losing there hotel. Unfortunately, she discovers the husband dead and begins to look into why. She discovers a lot more than what [...]

    3. An early Murder, She Wrote from the mid-nineties. The US Virgin Islands provided an interesting setting for the murder of a local hotel proprietor. Sadly, we didn't see as much of the Island (St. Thomas) as I would have liked, but it was still nice to "be there."Jessica is in St. Thomas visiting her former neighbors who had bought a hotel in the Caribbean and moved there. When the husband is murdered, Jessica has questions. There were some neat coincidences that contributed to her involvement in [...]

    4. On a vacation to sunny St. Thomas, Jessica Fletcher can't escape a murder mystery in this early entry in the series. Things begin amiss when the friends she is visiting (Laurie & Walter Marschalk) end up under investigation for money issues & she witnesses the firing of an employee of the resort. When the one owner turns up dead, a rather atypical mystery ensues even for this series. Bain leaves us guessing throughout the story as the clues are so widely scattered that there are more sus [...]

    5. This is the perfect book to read during a snowy winter. Set on St. Thomas, there is a real island feel and I really felt transported to the Caribbean beaches!

    6. Jessica is off to the carribean in this book for a much needed holiday after finishing her latest book.Her holiday is all the more exciting as she is going to visit old friends who now live there and own a 4 * inn. Unfortuately Jessica finds her holiday to be anything but relaxing when she comes across a dead body.As usual Jessica puts her thinking cap on and starts her own investigation and thats where the fun begins.This is another great whodunnit by this writer. I love that this book is set i [...]

    7. Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars I really [...]

    8. well jessica had went on vacation after writing her latest book and went too see some of her friends. the friends she went to go see had some problems. a lot of ppl had wanted walter dead. So jessica had went on a walk and come to find out she finds walter dead. so jessica goes and finds out that walter was having a lot of troble and his wife had wanted a divorece. well jessica is on the case and finds out who had killed walter and his wife had knew also

    9. This is characteristic of the early MSW books in that it is not quite as neatly plotted as later stories. Big loose ends are left dangling at the close of the action. And why is it that so many of the early books end with some kind of unbelievable conspiracy plot? It doesn't work, and damages credibility.

    10. I do like the MSW books a lot. Lansbury, no matter what she's part of, can do no wrong in my opinion. With that said these books kind of iritate me in that tbey are based on the series yet Jessica says in one of the 'booze' titled books that she knows nothing about teaching. Hello?! JB was an English teacher by profession. That bugged me. But I still adore her character and the stories.

    11. I liked this Jessica Fletcher mystery a little more than most. It takes place in the Virgin Islands. Dr. Seth Hazlett, Jessica's good friend assists her in solving not only a murder but political, and corporate mis doings is also in the mix. Light reading. G rated language, sex and violence.

    12. Jessica is on vacation in St. Thomas when she discovers the corpse of hotel owner Walter Marschalk. The island police suspect a hot-tempered ex-employee but cool-headed Jessica will discover who's the real serpent in Eden.Love these books

    13. Loved the Carribbean setting. Nice story line-keeps you guessing. Easy to read, light fare book. Great for plane travel or relaxing by the pool or a lagoon.

    14. 3 Stars. Rather simplistic but I enjoyed it. The author, Donald Bain, obviously knows and loves the Caribbean and specifically St. Thomas. Jessica has just completed her latest mystery novel and, as a reward to herself, has accepted a 2 week holiday with her close Cabot Cove friends, now island hoteliers, Laurie and Walter Marschalk. It isn't long before she finds Walter's body floating in Lover's Lagoon with his neck sliced. Numerous suspects - rival hotel owners, upset employees, disgruntled i [...]

    15. I really loved reading Rum & Razors (Murder, She Wrote #3). It did the trick and took my mind off of reality for a while. However, the ending could have used some additional questions & answers. The side intrigues were not fully detailed as I would have liked. It was if the author had another idea who, what and why did it, but changed it and forgot to fill in the blanks.Spoiler Alert: Detective Calid never saw Jacob's body or lack of body to question that part? Was he in on it? Or, was g [...]

    16. My favourite book of the Murder, She Wrote series so far!Jessica Fletcher is taking some time off and going down to visit her friends in St. Thomas. Once there, she discovers that her friends, who left Cabot Cove to open a hotel resort in St. Thomas, are having problems. Laurie and Walter are in financial trouble as well as fighting off bids from the neighbouring resort. Jessica is walking along the beach when she finds the body of Walter and she realizes how much trouble they were in.I got hook [...]

    17. I've watched Murder She Wrote shows for years but this is the first book I've read and was not disappointed. There's lots of action and suspense set on the beautiful island of St. Thomas. Jessica is at the top of her game trying to find out who the murder of her good friend is. There are twists and turns to the story that make you wonder who the murderer really is? Was if his wife, partner, business rival, or someone else? Read as Jessica follows the clues while enjoying the sights and food of S [...]

    18. When I saw this come across my BookBub feed for just $1.99 I couldn't resist! Murder, She Wrote was my favorite TV show in college (yeah I know, I sort of defied the demographic profile for this show) and I had no idea there were books written based on the Jessica Fletcher character and her knack for solving murders everywhere she goes. When she arrives in your town - get out! Anyway, it turns out there are about two dozen of these books. Wow. I might have to check out some more of them. This bo [...]

    19. Rum and RazorsI really enjoyed reading this mystery. I watched the whole series of Murder She Wrote on TV. It was one of my favorite shows. As always Jessica Fletcher finds herself involved in solving another mystery. She is invited to go to St Thomas to vacation on the resort her friends had bought. The first night there her friend had been killed. She can't keep herself from getting involved with the investigation.

    20. This was another okay MSW read for me. I would have given it a 3 star rating which was my plan until a few pages from the end when there was a twist I did NOT see coming and liked. That twist alone received a star, making my rating 4 stars. I liked the tropical location of the book very much. The mystery was interesting, a little bit complicated for my liking though. Not my favorite MSW but an okay read nonetheless.

    21. DON' T MIX RUM AND RAZORSI chose the rating because once again there were too many characters with a thin final wrap up. Why wouldn't the Police Chief seen the body of Jacob at least after it was taken down from the bed sheets. Don't get me wrong, I was very glad he was still alive, but that was pretty thin. Also the continous meetings of all the people who had reason to murder Walter seemed like a contrivance.

    22. ShockedThis book kept me on the edge of my seat, just when I thought I had it figured out the ending surprised me. The only thing I didn't like was the use of the word "black" to describe characters in the book; meaning if you're going that route point out the "white" characters as well. If you like mysteries this is a book for you!!

    23. I have continued reading this series, after a while. Anything can happen when Jessica Fletcher gets involved, even on the island of St. Thomas. I've never been there, but I would like to visit sometime.

    24. My first read of these books. I enjoyed it, but occasionally wondered at how Jessica got from place to place safely.

    25. The writing style is very smooth and easy. I did find unbelievable the change in personality of a couple of the characters.

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