Vampire Diary: The Embrace

Vampire Diary The Embrace In the shadows of Los Angeles an ancient vamper courts Auston Jacobson a nightclub bartender Slowly but surely Auston succumbs to the dark call Can he resist the Embrace the gateway to an eternity

  • Title: Vampire Diary: The Embrace
  • Author: Robert E. Weinberg Mark Rein-Hagen Ken Meyer
  • ISBN: 9781565048003
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the shadows of Los Angeles, an ancient vamper courts Auston Jacobson, a nightclub bartender Slowly but surely, Auston succumbs to the dark call Can he resist the Embrace, the gateway to an eternity of damnation And will his master s dark command threaten the most beautiful, most perfect love he has ever felt

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    1. This book has earned one of the "best of all times" awards in my collection. It stands the proud king of the Vampire books, because it excels in all categories: engaging characters, top notch setting (courtesy of the World of Darkness game line), solid (if now usual) story. And after re-reading it -- I remembered why -- not that I did need much being reminded.I first read it compiled in the "Essential World of Darkness", a gathering of tales of the five World of Darkness games (Vampire, Werewolf [...]

    2. What I love about this book is how it tells the story through a journal, doodles and all. I really enjoyed how the book was laid out, how visually the book itself plays a part in the story. The author starts out bored with little to say, but as the story grows he has more to get out and onto the page and his handwriting changes.I only wish I hadn't lost the little keys that came with it. It's such a nice touch that the exterior of the book says, "my diary" on it and it even has a lock on it. The [...]

    3. "The pain is getting worse. Deserve it. You deserve it. I deserve nothing, not even my own pity. I won't even give myself that. Poor fucking Kary. I must not drink again never never never. I am my own master."WARNING: This review does contain spoilers.Vampire Diary: The Embrace is a short book written by Robert Weinberg and Mark Rein-Hagen and published in 1994 by White Wolf Publishing.It was the first book written within the World of Darkness setting. The book itself is written as the diary of [...]

    4. Took a little bit to get into it, but once the vampire stuff started, it was worth the build up. The doodles are nice, and the handwriting, though it did seem like more than one hand actually did the writing. There were a few misspellings in the text, but it fit the idea of a personal journal, so they pleased me.Overall, a cool concept and executed better than I thought when I started reading. I wish there was a sequel, but then, would that be in a journal, too?It made me smile when the protagon [...]

    5. Always a fan of epistolary style, particularly here with the use of handwritten entries and drawings. Adds a great personable touch that really helps to convey the protagonist's emotions and rapid decline.

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