Netherworld Falling in love with a beautiful street artist named Rose Zane is devastated when Rose is murdered at the beach and seeks revenge with the aid of a vampire clan known as the Kindred Original

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  • Title: Netherworld
  • Author: Richard Lee Byers
  • ISBN: 9780061054730
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • Falling in love with a beautiful street artist named Rose, Zane is devastated when Rose is murdered at the beach and seeks revenge with the aid of a vampire clan known as the Kindred Original.

    One thought on “Netherworld”

    1. It's not the best book ever written, but it wasn't that bad either. I think the writing was kinda simple, but who am I to judge? At first I thought this book was pretty predictable, which it kinda was, but it did have some things that pleasantly surprised me. Overall if you're a fan of World of Darkness you'll enjoy this books because it's accurate when it comes to the lore of the game.

    2. I bought this book over a decade ago, and I think I've outgrown it already and so didn't enjoy it so much. It was just an okay read, but I found it a bit lacking. I might have liked it more if I'd read it back when I got it, but I just found myself rushing through it.

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