Desire Lines

Desire Lines Sixteen year old Walker has discovered something potentially scandalous two of his female classmates are having an affair It is a secret he has no problem keeping to himself until it comes to protecti

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  • Title: Desire Lines
  • Author: Jack Gantos
  • ISBN: 9780374417031
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sixteen year old Walker has discovered something potentially scandalous two of his female classmates are having an affair It is a secret he has no problem keeping to himself until it comes to protecting his own reputation It is difficult to close Desire Lines without the overpowering feeling that evil s caretaker can very well be an average young man who lacks theSixteen year old Walker has discovered something potentially scandalous two of his female classmates are having an affair It is a secret he has no problem keeping to himself until it comes to protecting his own reputation It is difficult to close Desire Lines without the overpowering feeling that evil s caretaker can very well be an average young man who lacks the courage to do what he knows is right This is a morality play as painful and rage inducing as a personal betrayal Take it personally You cannot read this without getting as emotionally involved as if you were a player in the story Chris Lynch

    One thought on “Desire Lines”

    1. Monday, January 21st, 2011, I was sitting in my Honors Geometry class during Quiet Time (Transcendental Meditation). I needed some book to read. I asked my friend, Ivan, if he have any book that he could loan me. He has two in hand: "The Catching Fire" and the "Desire Lines." I chose "Desires Lines" since it's not a mainstream book that people in my school would often read. I read the synopsis and already, I got engaged. The book has the element of realism in it, not only it's an engaging book, [...]

    2. When Jack Gantos spoke at the Eric Carle Museum last week, he talked of this book and moved me. I knew I needed to read it. It is unsettling to take in Gantos' trademark vivid and off-kilter observations and descriptive passages and have none of them make you laugh. Desire lines are the paths we make straight to what we want the most, regardless of the rules or roads. Desire Lines is a devastating example of the power of bullies and our own ability to take ourselves directly down the wrong paths [...]

    3. How did I not know about this book and why did it take me so long to read it? This is one of those books that makes you pause. You shut the back cover and just stare off for a moment, moved by the insight, angered and saddened by the actions of the characters, and heartbroken by a story having to be written that is painfully necessary. Gantos is a master storyteller. His words and sentences are genuine and his stories make you think he's got a window into everyone lives they're so uber-observant [...]

    4. myeahI so expect THINGS from Mr. Gantos. This came nowhere close--too short, no role models, shallow undeveloped characters. I disliked myself momentarily for tsk tsking the author, but then I realized it was HIS book for heaven's sake! He could have done so much more. I don't know if I've evolved to being able to read homophobic novels and not emotionally react. I DO react. That being said, I could have taken this book perhaps with a bigger dose of good development. Way too shallow.

    5. Persecution over sexuality is a difficult subject to approach, and this book does not do it well. The protagonist is presumably supposed to be some kind of rebel, but basically comes across as a whining spoilt brat. The ending was predictable and didn't really evoke any kind of response from me at all. Maybe the book needed to be longer to include more to make the reader care about the characters. I wouldn't recommend this unless you're really stuck for something to read.

    6. Desire Lines is a very complex story and it is definitely one that sticks with you, one you want to talk about after you read it. It also proves once again, that Jack Gantos is one of the best writers out there.Walker is a young man living in Fort Lauderlade, FL, he seems to be kind of a loner, an average student, a sad kind of guy. But maybe part of that sadness is because he is telling the story after all of the events in the book have happened. It would be hard to happy after living through a [...]

    7. This book was about the conflict between doing what you know is right and the outside pressure from those around you. And it's about bearing the consequences of the choices you make. It is a sad story. I don't know if it is a true story, but if it is not there are plenty of true stories like it. That's part of what makes it so sad. It is about a high school boy put in the middle of a conflict between a church of haters and 2 lesbian girls in his school. The book is written in first person and le [...]

    8. I love almost everything Jack Gantos has ever written, Hole in My Life changed my life and I was so happy to have the opportunity at ALA this year to tell him so, but I was surprised to find this novel that broke my heart. It's a dark tragedy about the cruelity of high school, homophobia and how evil can arise out of inaction and peer pressure. Here is a spoiler, but I have to say this. Number one I am uncomfortable with men writing about teen girl sex. Two, the suicide pact at the end between t [...]

    9. Throughout the book it shows us about how people are judgemental about the third gender, and that the people belonging in that category are too pressured and often get bullied by other and because of this pressure, they can't express themselves openly, making them feel like they have a weird personality, and that they're unwelcome to the society which leads them (people of third gender) to think of suicide as an escape.Overall, the book was alright but could've been better. A positive affect abo [...]

    10. It took me a little bit at the beginning to decide if I liked this book, but by the time I got to the end, there was no question. It's rare to see a teen book with such a realistic narrator: a high-school sophomore catches two of his female classmates secretly dating, and rather than tell them, he keeps the secret to himself--until the rest of the school, led by a creepy Preacher Kid moving in across the street, starts accusing him of being gay. Sure, sounds very realistic, but usually there's t [...]

    11. Desire Lines was a quick plot-driven read that would likely be a strong fit for reluctant young adult readers, but it didn't do much for me. While I can appreciate that Walker was a realistic depiction of an "average" high school guy, I struggled with Gantos's narrative. While the plot of Desire Lines is ostensibly driven by homophobia and the unrest it creates in Walker's high school, LGBTQ characters are relegated to the sidelines and are totally denied a voice in the narrative and, as usual, [...]

    12. I picked this up because I thought it would be dark and different from anything I'd ever read (which is was) but I honestly don't know what appealed to me about a pervert teenager who's so obsessed with his own reputation and self-image that he would take joy purposefully harming two young lesbian women by outing them. Also the amount of slurs just made me so uncomfortable. All the important parts of this book seemed rushed through and extremely shallow while pointless details or events felt lik [...]

    13. I added this book to my to-read list after hearing Jack Gantos speak about it and the real life events that moved him to write it. It is powerful and uneasy. There are several cringe-worthy sciences. The book tackles several issues- bullying, gay acceptance, intolerant conservative religious types. It is unlike all of his other books I have read. The one thing I've been thinking about since reading it is how far (or how little) we have have come as a society since the book was written in 2006 an [...]

    14. First off I just have to say that I love the idea of a "desire line" being a straight line to what you want. I can't decide whether I should give it 3 or 4 stars. It is similiar to other books I read as a teen like "On My Honor" (living with a secret and a death in the book) or "The Chocolate War" (where the dark part of society wins). I think it should be a choice in English Lit. classrooms when those other books are read. It's not likely to though because of the GLBQT aspect. Sad because stude [...]

    15. This book talks about how people are being closed minded and judgmental about the third sex, that the people belonging in that category are too pressured to be bound by what most people see as "morally right". Because of this pressure, they can't express themselves openly, making them feel like they have a tarnished personality, and that they're resented and unwelcome to the society which leads them [the people in the third sex]to think of suicide as an escape.

    16. Overwrought story about a kid feeling guilty. A teenage lesbian couple's murder suicide related to homophobia in the community isn't the story's the backdrop to the male character's story. His feelings about his role are he story. And if you are a lesbian kid reading the story the takeaway is your life and death aren't even about you and if you come out of the closet tragedy will ensue. Really nice.

    17. Walker is a high school student who finds himself unable to withstand the harassment he becomes subject to from religious fanatic. To insulate himself from the unwelcome attention he joins up with the schools bullies. As part of an initiation he is suppose to give up some secret. This story is how a young man finds himself unable to have the courage to stand up for his convictions. It is very well written; it has a great plot and wonderful prose. I liked it a great deal.

    18. Emotionally, this was a difficult book to read. Gantos manages to squeeze so much ugliness, hatred, confusion and fear into just over 100 pages, that the reader needs time to collect themselves - as though they had just run a marathon. It is an important read, granting readers a front row seat to self-preservation - at the expense of someone else.

    19. I can't say this was the best book I've ever read, but it certainly was interesting and kept my attention. The way Gantos paints a picture of each character is excellent, and you find yourself very black and white in whether you like or dislike each character. This is a good, quick read and you'll find yourself sucked in to find out what happens to all the characters in this story.

    20. Hated this book. Didn't like the topic or the characters. Didn't think it was very well-written or believable. And where were the adults? The only adults were bad guys. No caring, concerned mature people. This idea, "witch-hunts" for homosexuals, could be and has been done much better.

    21. It was exceptionally difficult to finish this book. The whole time I wanted to take the main character and shake him, as though that would have made any difference. This book is a tragedy, and also a warning about the consequences of not standing up and doing what you know is right.

    22. This is a good book by Gantos. Maybe a little mediocre Not as good as Hole In My Life or Love Curse of the Rumbaghs. Those two are way cool (OMG+ factor) a must read for teens or anyone!

    23. A pretty biting exploration of peer-pressure and cowardice that's ultimately hurt by poorly drawn, cookie-cutter characters.

    24. Interesting in its prospects, but not well executed. Definitely disturbing at points, but not in a way that most readers will find particularly moving, I think. This was kind of a let-down.

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