Lily Lily Ramsay is the sunshine at the center of the Ramsay clan Even as a wee lassie sick with a childhood illness she had the power to spread smiles and laughter wherever she went But when Lily s belo

  • Title: Lily
  • Author: Keira Montclair
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lily Ramsay is the sunshine at the center of the Ramsay clan Even as a wee lassie, sick with a childhood illness, she had the power to spread smiles and laughter wherever she went But when Lily s beloved brother marries and becomes laird of the clan, Lily feels lost Her once steadfast companion has little time for her, and his new wife has assumed the duties she used toLily Ramsay is the sunshine at the center of the Ramsay clan Even as a wee lassie, sick with a childhood illness, she had the power to spread smiles and laughter wherever she went But when Lily s beloved brother marries and becomes laird of the clan, Lily feels lost Her once steadfast companion has little time for her, and his new wife has assumed the duties she used to carry out for the clan While she couldn t be happier for her loved ones, she longs for something for herself In truth, she longs for her brother s best friend the braw warrior she s loved all her life Kyle Maule has made it his mission to do aught he can to honor his sire s legacy His appointment as the new Ramsay laird s second is a dream come true, but Lily Ramsay s beauty and irrepressible spirit threaten to make Kyle forget himself and fumble on the job Desperate to do his duty to his laird and his fallen sire, Kyle tries to quell his feelings for Lily to protect her without succumbing to the desire to be with her But Lily is not the sort of lass to be held at arm s length When an unexpected threat befalls her, Kyle will have to decide to either let her in all the way or step away from her forever A stand alone novel.

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    1. 2.5 stars.I have read all 8 of the Grant Clan series, and am continuing with this spin off. Nothing has come close to the first book "Rescued by a Highlander" but I find her books a nice easy comforting read.This book is about Lily, who has now grown and found love with Kyle. The story is sweet, and cute. No emotional roller coasters or rakish heros, which is what I like but there was also little conflict and what little of it there was, was too easily resolved and nothing that kept me on the ed [...]

    2. Hmmmmm- so, this book started off decent enough, right? Right. Until it started getting a bit too 'special' for this reader. My favorite part of the book is the very last line- it cracked me up, and it was the perfect way to end the story. I do have to admit that I am curious as to who the lass is that Jake Grant rescues- so I will probably check his story out just to see what that's about. I hope that lass isn't a 'special' kind of brand of lass.

    3. Well I didn't hate it.but I didn't love it.I started off really liking Kyle. He's strong, ambitious, loyal and very protective of Lily. I also started off excited to see grown up Lily. Her relationship with Torrian is so unique and Montclair sort of hit on their deep bond in her last book, but unfortunately it didn't come through at all in this book.In Torrian's story Lily was stubborn and constantly standing up for her brother for her part in the story. Torrian has always been her best friend a [...]

    4. I was hoping the negative reviews about Lily were wrong but I have to agree. My biggest issue with Lily was that she was whiny and still acted like a child instead of a woman grown. Kyle is likable but his weak excuses for not marrying Lily (therefore saving us the CHORE of listening to whiny Lily) and his habit of treating her like a frigging princess. The best parts were the wolves and Logan and Gwyn & their kids.Logan and Gwyn saved yet another book IMO!I'll never read this one again. Eve [...]

    5. Bless Keira Montclair. I've read this entire series (because, honestly, it's free via Kindle Unlimited). I'm choosing to write this review for Lily because it's easily the worst book of the lot, but, spoiler alert, they're all terrible. I can tell she's trying. I really can. But Keira, girl, you gotta try harder. With everything. From your characters to your plots to your editing to your grasp of history, you gotta just put in the effort here. Lily is probably the dumbest, most asinine character [...]

    6. Binge reading at it's best! I've been living with this family for months. I keep saying I'm going to take a break and I just can't do it. It's steamy, it's funny and I just love Highlanders. Lily was not my favorite heroine. She just came across as flighty. I didn't hate her, I just had to work to accept her. Now, that I'm thinking about it, her character worked for me. Her whole story is pretty much based on her accepting who she is to her Clan. Bravo! My binge is not over. What's next?

    7. Not my favorite. Lily was a bit cloying and I found it hard to like her. Kyle's indecisiveness was also a bit too much, the arguing back and forth between the two got old fast. I normally love Keiras' heroins, but this one didn't do it for me. Looking forward to moving on to Jake.

    8. ReviewI'm really enjoying this series the characters are likeable the action is lively, the romance is richly woven, and the sex ain't bad.

    9. Can’t say enough about the decedents of the grant/Ramsey clan would highly recommend can’t wait to see how they end and continue

    10. OH my sweet LillyKindle Unlimited PurchaseThis book was so sweet here we have Lilly all grown up On to book 4 I can't stop Can't put them down 😵

    11. 1280's, Scotland The Highland Clan book 3Lily Ramsay feeling useless and sorry for herself, as of late since her brother Torrian, Lily's best friend, newly appointed Chieftain and recently married. As his wife now has his attention and took over her Lily's former duties as the lady of the keep. Lily does love Torrians new wife Heather and understands her place she still feels lonely, ignored and not sure where she fits in. Being the sweetheart of the clan she can sweet talk the guardsmen with a [...]

    12. Lily's storyI always hold my breath waiting for Keira Montclair to add to her wonderful series of spectacular stories! The author sent me this copy in exchange for my honest opinion on Lily's story. I'm a bit late in reading and reviewing as I seem to have crippled my first kindle in some way, or exhausted it reading as many books as possible and listening to the audio books as well. One really big difference in Mrs. Montclair's books from most, is that she so seamlessly weaves real life situati [...]

    13. Lily by Keira MontclairThe Highland Clan Series Book ThreeLily Ramsay has a whimsical type personality. She seems to brighten the day where ever she goes. Only now, that smile has faded a bit. Her brother Torrian has married and became chieftain of their clan and his wife Heather has taken over Lily's duties. She feels unneeded. And the only man she's ever loved.n't seem to need her either.Kyle Maule made a promise to his father before he had died. He promised to always take care of his mother a [...]

    14. Another great hit! Lily's story is combination of emotions. She is a unique character that brightens the day for all those around her. I loved her way with animals and her delight with simple pretty things. She doesn't fall apart when things go horribly wrong and uses her wits. In her worst adventure, I initially thought she was too simplistic and then came to realize that was her coping mechanism. She deserves a man like Kyle, all warrior but no rough edges. Not a perfect guy by any means but j [...]

    15. *Spoilers*I don't know where to begin. The beginning of the book started out ok. The last few chapters were ok. I liked Kyle from Torrian's book, but this Kyle was a mess. I liked Lily and was excited to read her story, but Lily went from a happy, smiling strong woman to a whiny and childish little girl. The characters in this book did not fit with how they were set up in the previous book, in my opinion. I kept thinking she was acting like a young girl, like 8, not 20. I could deal with her whi [...]

    16. This was fantastic! Keira Montclair did a superb job with Lily Ramsay's story. I have Laughed out loud throughout! It was a page turner for me. Again, I laughed from start to finish. This deserves well more than 5 stars.I knew Lily would be the charming free spirit and Kyle would strive to be the accomplished Ramsay Warrior.Logan Ramsay and Gweynie were amazing as always. This was the best of the three new Highland Clan series. I have loved them all, but this one was ball out of the park good.Co [...]

    17. More wolves please!At first I was thoroughly bored with Lily and her made up problems. She just struck me as willful and careless and grossly irresponsible. Kyle behaved like an inconsistent tongue-tied bore too but then they went to Edinburgh and things improved massively from there. Ms Montclair made more of an effort to explain Lily and her idiosyncrasies, Kyle stopped denying the undeniable but for me, the thing that made the whole book worth it was the wolves. Wish that particular idiosyncr [...]

    18. I enjoyed this novel about Lily from clan Ramsay and there were definitely some magical moments here, however I did have some issues with it. My main problem was with how childish Lily was. While she was a special girl with a wonderful way with animals and a beautiful spirit, I wondered if maybe she was mentally challenged at times. It was not clear if this was the case or if the writing of her character was just simplistic and stilted. Some of the other dialogue was very elementary as well. On [...]

    19. Lily?Lily appears, at the least mildly retarded and I found it guite difficult to maintain my interest in finishing. I did complete but skipped many pages. Hope future books will be better. Editing was well done, few short words were omitted but did not interfere with reading speed or cause need to have to concentrate to understand. With exception of this book have enjoyed series looking forward to next book.

    20. another great story by Keira Montclair I know I sound really repetitive but I cant help itwonderfully written has a great story line with some of your favourites from the series making an appearance I really cant get enough of Keira books they not only take you back in time but loose yourself and takes you on a brilliant journey.I cant wait to read more from Keira Montclair all her books are a pleasure to read

    21. A wonder.I just loved the story about Lily. The ribbons also were a great part of the story as was the love and remembrances of times past. Lily's love of animals was wonderful. Her care for them and their love for her was amazing. Another amazing novel. I can't wait for Jake's story.

    22. WonderfulI love this series so much it's hard to put into words .I like that I get to read about previous characters and find out what they are up to .It's like visiting old friends and seeing what they are up to .I have always loved Lilly and I enjoyed her story from beginning to end .She is definitely someone I would want as a friend and am so happy she got her happy ending.

    23. Wow, Lily truly is a gift I really enjoyed this story revolving around LILY. Her coming to understanding what she means to her clan is wondrous as well as disastrous at times !! but I really think this story is better suited for adults WHO aren't shy about the going's on of young couples in Love Especially when one of them seem to have no qualms expressing their desires

    24. Kyle and Lily are enough to make you daft. In the first 2 books Lily is delightful - but in her own book she is flighty and whiny - made me crazy. There isn't a lot of back story to Kyle but being Torrian's best friend he appears frequently. In this book he is depicted as a scatterbrain for a good portion of it - not the warrior he's raised to be.

    25. LilyThis was a fantastic story a change-up from the norm of Highlander's plots. I like the whimsical Lily character making the novel heart warming. With her free spirit and youthful out look of her world. Made me the reader want to finish novel to fine out if Kyle ever gives into to marriage. Love the ending with a humorous out right laugh from you readers .

    26. Sadly I did not like Kyle. It seemed like he did not want Lily at all. Lily was surprisingly a really nice character, although her relationship with the wolfs was a little bit far fetched (however the moments with the horses were lovely).It got really really cheesy at the end though. And too cheesy for me is an accomplishment

    27. Love it!!I love this series. Can't wait to for the next book. The love stories are so sweet. I love the heroes rescuing the one he loves. Great adventure and romance with some drama and humor. Love!!!

    28. A bit too sweetI love reading about the Ramsays and Grants, but this book was my least favorite. The story is too improbable and fairy tale like with guardian wolves and too sweet characterization of Lily.

    29. Simple but funnyThis is my least favorite heroine in this series so far, she seems like a simpleton or a young child which really took away from the story. I did find myself laughing out loud at some parts. I read this in an afternoon, it served it's entertaining purpose.

    30. Awesome! I have loved all of these books. (Both series) I like that there are recurring characters throughout all of the stories. I often wonder how they moved on after their own stories. Looking forward to the next one!

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