The Sun King Conspiracy

The Sun King Conspiracy Who can I trust in this nest of vipers is a year of destiny for France and its young king Louis XIV Cardinal Mazarin the Chief Minister who has governed throughout the King s early years lies

  • Title: The Sun King Conspiracy
  • Author: Yves Jégo Denis Lépée Sue Dyson
  • ISBN: 9781910477359
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
  • Who can I trust in this nest of vipers 1661 is a year of destiny for France and its young king, Louis XIV Cardinal Mazarin, the Chief Minister who has governed throughout the King s early years, lies dying As a fierce power struggle develops to succeed him, a religious brotherhood, guardian of a centuries old secret, also sees its chance to influence events.Gabriel de Who can I trust in this nest of vipers 1661 is a year of destiny for France and its young king, Louis XIV Cardinal Mazarin, the Chief Minister who has governed throughout the King s early years, lies dying As a fierce power struggle develops to succeed him, a religious brotherhood, guardian of a centuries old secret, also sees its chance to influence events.Gabriel de Pontbriand, an aspiring actor employed as secretary to Moliere, becomes unwittingly involved when documents stolen from Mazarin s palace fall into his hands The coded papers will alter Gabriel s life for ever, and their explosive contents have the power to change the course of history for France and the rising Sun King himself.Previously published as The Sun King Rises 2008

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    1. Actual rating something between 2.5 and 3 stars.This book has too many plot lines. And one of them, alas, is "overreaching universal religious conspiracy."With a side touch of "as you know, Bob."

    2. Find this and other reviews at: flashlightcommentary.I’d love to say an appreciation of French history led me to The Sun King Conspiracy, but I’d be lying through my teeth. The reality is that the book has a genuinely gorgeous jacket and I, as we all know, am an unashamed cover slut. And when I say unashamed, I mean unashamed. I actually requested the previous incarnation of the title, The Sun King Rises, from Gallic Books last year for the same reason. Yeah…As to the narrative itself, I h [...]

    3. It took me three tries to get through this thing. It's just not for me. There were too many characters and not enough story. Pacing was dreadfully slow. If you have a love a 1600's French history and political conspiracies, maybe you'll like this one better than I did. But, no. This was not for me at all. **I received this copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

    4. The Sun King Conspiracy by Yves Jégo and Denis Lépée is a complex historical novel with a myriad of intrigue and conspiracy swirling around Louis XIV, the famed Sun King. It’s a novel full of the movers and shakers of the 17th Century, from the Sun King himself, Louis XIV, his mother Anne of Austria, the Cardinal Mazarin, Minister of Finance Colbert, and Superintendent Fouquet with cameos by Moliere and even Charles Perrault, the author of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and many other fairy ta [...]

    5. VERDICT: Meet all the major actors of mid 17th century France through this unrelenting conspiracy and a clever plot containing an age old secret and coded documents full review is here:wordsandpeace/2017/04/04/

    6. As Cardinal Mazarin, the Chief Minister and Godfather to Louis XIV of France lies dying, someone sets fire to his palace and steals secrets and compromising documents. Various factions would like to find and use these documents for their personal benefit and to support their own political or religious causes. But as the King comes into his own with the death of his most trusted adviser, the Cardinal, he may decide to rule on his own, thereby thwarting the plans of his ministers.This historical n [...]

    7. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.I find the Sun King, Louis XIV of France, to be a fascinating figure. Between the politics and the mistresses, it is hard not to. This novel made Louis XIV something less than fascinating and I found that to be disappointing.The first half of this book was like pouring molasses on a cold day. Credit to the writer, because I had a desire to continue reading despite finding myself bored to tears at points. The mystery [...]

    8. Το βιβλίο με κράτησε σε ενδιαφέρον, αλλά κάτι δεν μου άρεσε σε αυτό που διάβαζα. Ίσως να έφταιγε το γεγονός ότι ήξερα τον νικητή του συνομωσιακού πολέμου που πραγματεύεται το βιβλίο από πριν! Ίσως να έφταιγε και η γραφή (ή ίσως η μετάφραση) που σε κάποια σημεία κούραζε (ένιωθα [...]

    9. Dalla quarta di copertina mi aspettavo molto di più da questo libro. Le premesse erano di per sé molto buone: focalizzarsi sul 1661 (l’anno di svolta per il regno di Luigi XIV) era un’idea ottima che lasciava ampio spazio di manovra, ma la resa è stata senz’altro deludente. Se, infatti, la presentazione delle premesse storiche (quali i legami della famiglia reale con Mazzarino, la rivolta della Fronda e via discorrendo) sono dipinti molto bene, il proseguo sembra quasi un guazzabuglio d [...]

    10. Nicholas Fouquet---a man associated with extraordinary rise and fall, secret societies and (rightly or wrongly) the Man in the Iron Mask. To be able to read a book that explores his downfall set against the religious and political turbulence of the time was a real treat and I enjoyed every moment spent with the book.The other characters are just as intriguing: the dying Cardinal Mazarin and his spoiled nieces, the conniving Colbert, Anne of Austria at the end of a tumultuous reign and her son Lo [...]

    11. Nous sommes ? Paris, en 1661, ann?e d?une grande importance car elle marque la prise r?elle du pouvoir par Louis XIV apr?s la mort du Cardinal Mazarin. Le roi a bien l?intention de mettre la noblesse au pas, ne lui ayant jamais pardonn? la Fronde. Un des premiers ? faire les frais de cette nouvelle politique sera Nicolas Fouquet, surintendant des Finances. C?est dans ce contexte que les deux auteurs, Yves J?go et Denis L?p?e, ont inclus leur intrigue. Ils ont, en quelque sorte, plac? leur histoi [...]

    12. In this fast paced historical thriller, we are swept into the court of France's Sun King, King Louis XIV. The authors introduce us many of the characters who lived at the time - the king, queen, mistresses, and Cardinal Mazarin and his nieces. But Cardinal Mazarin is near death and members of the secret society to which he belongs enact some dastardly and powerful maneuvers to take his place. Thus begins an exciting story of political intrigue, espionage, murder, and betrayal. I liked the fast-p [...]

    13. I received this novel for free from . This was an interesting and engaging novel about the young King Louis XIV of France, the death of his Godfather Cardinal Mazarin and the tumultuous play for power that follows. I want to preface this review by saying I know basically nothing about this time period. I've read The Three Muskateers and that's the extent of it (which, lets be honest, isn't really anything at all to go on). It seems D'Artagnan is actually a real person and serves Louis XIV, so Du [...]

    14. A secret society will stop at nothing to obtain a secret document held by the dying Cardinal Jules Mazarin, and to this end they employ one Gabriel de Pontbriand, an actor in Moliere's troupe, to retrieve the document. But now, Gabriel has become a target as those who employed him now seek to recover this mysterious document. Gabriel finds himself under the protection of Nicholas Fouquet, little realising Fouquet is not what he appears. A meeting with his father, and the secret is partly reveale [...]

    15. Non si capisce gli autori dove vogliono andare a parare con questo libro. E' un romanzo mix tra storico e mistero, molto più incentrato sul lato storico, dove agli avvenimenti realmente accaduti viene associata una sorta di storia tra sette e compagnia bella Riuscito? NO, gli autori non sono Dan Brown, quindi anche sforzandosi non ci sono riusciti, ne esce un romanzo che non ingrana (diventa interessate solo a 80 pagine dalla fine), un romanzo che annoia e che vorresti chiudere (quindi se siete [...]

    16. A great book about the France of the young, so called Sun King, Louis X1V, involving his dying Prime Minister Cardinal Mazarin.Papers have been stolen from the Cardinal, implicating him in a scandal of marriage and embezzlement. These papers could change France and alter the course of history.An exciting story with brilliant descriptions of Versailles as well.This is an English translation of a book published in France in 2005, titled 1661. I was given a digital copy of this novel by the publish [...]

    17. Political intrigue surrounds the court of Louis XIV. The king's powerful godfather and Chief Minister, Cardinal Mazarin, is dying and the ministers are vying for the power left in the Cardinal's wake. Key to this struggle for power are missing documents also sought by the enigmatic Brotherhood, protectors of the Secret that goes back to the time of Christ. This sophisticated and finely tuned historical fiction is thoroughly engaging. The lush period details enhance the spying, scheming, poisonin [...]

    18. An intriguing fictional account of the struggle by warring factions in the court of Louis XIV, to replace the dying Cardinal Mazarin, Louis chief minister with one of their own.Conspiracies and secret coded papers abound and the threats to Louis' life are real.Recommended.I was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher Gallic Books via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review.

    19. An amazing book. A story of secrets, political plots inside a well developed plot with really strong characterizations alongside with brilliant descriptions.disclaimer: I got a copy from netgalley for my honest opinion

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