In The Darkness, That's Where I'll Know You: The Complete Black Room Story

In The Darkness That s Where I ll Know You The Complete Black Room Story This is an alternate cover edition for B V KD A FINALLY THE COMPLETE BLACK ROOM SAGA ALL IN ONE VOLUME There are hangovers there are bad hangovers and then there s waking up inside someone else

  • Title: In The Darkness, That's Where I'll Know You: The Complete Black Room Story
  • Author: Luke Smitherd
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for B00V9KD02A FINALLY, THE COMPLETE BLACK ROOM SAGA, ALL IN ONE VOLUME There are hangovers, there are bad hangovers, and then there s waking up inside someone else s head Thirty something bartender Charlie Wilkes is faced with this exact dilemma when he wakes to find finds himself trapped inside The Black Room a space consisting of imThis is an alternate cover edition for B00V9KD02A FINALLY, THE COMPLETE BLACK ROOM SAGA, ALL IN ONE VOLUME There are hangovers, there are bad hangovers, and then there s waking up inside someone else s head Thirty something bartender Charlie Wilkes is faced with this exact dilemma when he wakes to find finds himself trapped inside The Black Room a space consisting of impenetrable darkness and a huge, ethereal screen floating in its centre It is through this screen that he sees the world of his female host, Minnie.How did he get there What has happened to his life And how can he exist inside the mind of a troubled, fragile, but beautiful woman with secrets of her own Uncertain whether he s even real or if he is just a figment of his host s imagination, Charlie must enlist Minnie s help if he is to find a way out of The Black Room, a place where even the light of the screen goes out every time Minnie closes her eyesIN THE DARKNESS, THAT S WHERE I LL KNOW YOU tells the complete story of THE BLACK ROOM PARTS ONE TO FOUR all in one book, and contains all of the adventures of Charlie and Minnie All the answers are revealed in a story guaranteed to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

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    1. There are hangovers, there are bad hangovers, and then there’s waking up inside someone else’s head.And that’s exactly what happens to bartender Charlie after a night out in Coventry. He’s naked and in a very dark room. The walls are pliable and the floor has a strange quality to it: firm but not cold. Then a screen lights up throwing light into the room. He can now see a view of a bathroom and its as if he’s seeing it through the eyes of another person. Is this real? Is it a dream? Is [...]

    2. If I had to sum up this book with two words, they'd be interesting and bizarre. And yes, I'm aware that interesting is quite generic, a bland word that doesn't do this book any justice whatsoever, but seriously. It's so interesting. And trippy. I suppose those three words combined sum up my feelings nicely. I'm sure at one point, we've all wished we could be inside someone's head and in this book, that's exactly what happens to Charlie Wilkes. Only problem is, he doesn't know the head of the per [...]

    3. This book was a trip, that's for sure. I was hooked from the first few pages and wanted to know the reason WHY right away.The main character, Charlie Wilkes is in the same position we are on the first page. Why are we in this Black Room, why are we taking note of a woman's body, there are so many bloody questions that begin to pop up off the bat, too.This is one of those books that I can't really divulge much because each little nugget is something that is detrimental to the mystery of the book [...]

    4. Luke Smitherd is an excellent writer and his books always explore interesting/original themes. I have previously been frustrated at how his stories develop/end but this one did not disappoint - it kept me gripped till the last sentence. In fact, I read it (listened to the audio-book) in two days. The book was read by Luke Smitherd and although author readings aren't always a good thing, his reading was flawless, telling the story as only it's creator could. And you won't see the plot twists comi [...]

    5. Absolutely brilliant. Loved everything about it. The suspense was perpetual and the story enticing. I could hardly put it down in spots. I was totally intrigued by the multiverse psychological thriller premise, the abject nature of reality, of mindfulness and what constitutes it -- the well-crafted and engaging characters facing their personal dilemmas, the setting, language and the overall enduring love story of mind, threatened only by the darkness of the protagonist's evil alter ego surfing t [...]

    6. I very rarely write a review I'm just one of those readers that use everyone else's reviews to choose my next book however, this book blew me away. It had every genre within it and kept me on the edge of my seat! I highly recommend and will have you hooked within the first 5 pages! I happened to stumble upon this author and will now look at the other works he has written .

    7. Must ReadI just finished after reading until 3am and I just know starting another book will be impossible. I fear nothing more than turning back to page one will hold my interest right now!

    8. A mind bending, well written Romcom with lol moments and 80s pop culture references. As the concept of the story changes and progresses, the writer guides the reader with ease, like 'greased lightning!' The later chapters were a little drawn out perhaps, but that may not be a bad thing. I was looking for a British author who had similar style to Stevie King and I didn't need to look far :)

    9. I'm becoming a big fan of Luke Smitherd. His writing is just odd enough to keep me guessing and I love it. I may have to add a new shelf to my shelves just for his books though. They just don't fit into any of my existing categories.So this one. I wasn't sure what to make of it initially. I downloaded part 1 through the kindle library and when I was done, I was confused, intrigued, and nearly desperate to read the rest. So I borrowed the full version from Kindle Unlimited and devoured it.It sta [...]

    10. This book is so weirdly cool. Never read anything like it before. It's also the type of book you are instantly immersed in yet can put down and leave for a while, come back and be right back there in the story totally immersed again. So many concepts to get me head around just love!

    11. I enjoyed this book - very unusual premise and a combination of a Sci-fi, horror and love story. Whilst the storyline is a bit bonkers it was well written and kept me guessing throughout. Interested in learning more about the author after reading this.

    12. I told you.After The Stone Man I said in my review that here was a major new talent. This book confirms that in spades. Much darker, MUCH darker, but riveting. Wow. On to the next.

    13. Smithereens again! No spoilersFirstly, I am truly biased. I love this author and his writing!! Having read stone man I was simply hooked. This book worried me at first because it was much, much darker than I expected and I wasn't sure if being set in Coventry was really my thing as a Brit! But the persistence paid off and Coventry takes a back seat to the action. I have to say the characters really were well developed (and ordinary) which of course makes them more believable and ultimately more [...]

    14. This is 3.5 stars for me and one of those books that you just don't know how to classify. Charlie Wilkes ends up in someone else's head, with no clue how he got there. And better still he doesn't even know if he knows this Minnie whose brain he's in. Lots of plot twists, humor, dry wit, definitely bizarreness, and even some evil. It was originally published in 4 separate stories and I might have liked in more that way to digest it and then come back to it, but it was way different than what I ha [...]

    15. My third and favourite Luke Smitherd book so far.Mr Smitherd has an engaging style. Quick witted, full of dark humour and he drifts into fantasy stuff like time travel and horror (?) seamlessly. Apparently this is a compilation of 4 short stories. You wouldn't realise it as its so seamless. I have to say that i haven't felt so engrossed in a book for some time now. A love story of sorts. One that really gets inside your head. I strongly recommend it. P.S. watch an episode of Black Mirror recentl [...]

    16. OK I read the Stone Man and enjoyed it. This was a good price and as it turns out it was all the books in one A bonus. I started off OK nice ideas very interesting and I enjoyed it. Charlie and Minnie are lovely and I found it so shocking he was in her head. Then Chuck came along and the book changed. For me his snivelling life and warped mind went on a tad too long. Sorry Luke . I guess some people need that kind of description. I am happy with the ending. Yeah! Good imaginative reads though Ke [...]

    17. Another really fun book by Luke Smitherd, the PremiseMaster. Luke, if you're reading this, pitch some TV shows, my man. The ending wasn't quite everything I was hoping it would be, but it was emotionally satisfying which is really what matters in a book like this. Overall I really enjoyed this novel, it was affecting and gripping, and took a couple of pretty insane (in a positive sense) turns. I haven't finished a book this quickly in a while.

    18. Clearly, Smitherd gets to the heart of a lot of people. I'm just really not a fan.I attempted to get through The Stone Man but just couldn't. I stuck with this because I wanted to finish at least one book by the man before making a judgement, but what can I say? I find the writing, story, plot, characters all incredibly dull.It's a shame really, because there's great ideas. Just poor execution.

    19. Great story that really has the similar ideas from Freaky Friday and spins it on its head. Smitherd does a great job once again of making you have different expectations when you read his books. The only thing that I would give a complaint is that the pacing is a little uneven sometimes. Four out of five fortune cookies.

    20. DifferentThis book is like no other that I have read. Luke demonstrated great imagination and creativity. If you want an excellent, page turning read them look no further. I won't go into the characters and storylines as I know there's enough feedback heading that already. I am hooked and will looking for my next book from the same author. Maybe Physics of the Dead

    21. Great title, interesting concept, good plot with plenty of twists-- but the dialogue felt clunky to me, and the characters didn't have clearly distinct voices. This is a major weakness because this book is mainly dialogue (as the two main characters can't see each other and so can only communicate by talking).

    22. What an imagination this writer has. That there is much mention of lack of sleep is ironic because I have lost several hours over several nights because I needed to read just a little more. Anyone who enjoys something a little out of the ordinary written in a coherent, relatable manner would do well to buy this book.

    23. Very powerful direct writing. At its core this is a love story. If soul mates and multiverse theory had a love child this would be it. The Author chases down his vision of the theoretical consequences of believing in soul mates to an exciting and heart breaking conclusion.Couldn't stop reading. Page turning stuff.

    24. I read the books individually and thought 4 stars a good rating but as a story in its entirety I feel it deserves a 5 star rating as it keeps building momentum until the end. A very good thought provoking story

    25. What a mind cluster!Just when you think you figured it out, the plot changes. I swear I had to think about this book for a couple days after reading it just to make sure I totally understood all the twists and turns.

    26. This is the second book of Smitherd's I've read, and just like the first one (The Stone Man) he starts out with a interesting & unusual idea and thene rest of the book doesn't quite live up to it. Not to mention that the bad guy was a cartoon villain.

    27. Riveting and original! This is one of my favorite reads from Kindle Unlimited. It kept my attention from beginning to end.

    28. Loved itSo good. This is such a pleasent discovery of a new author! Looking forward to the stone man. This read surprised me even if I considered myself quite a good guesser.

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