The Physics Of The Dead

The Physics Of The Dead What do the dead do when they can t leaved don t know why The afterlife doesn t come with a manual In fact Hart and Bowler two ordinary but dead men have had to work out the rules of their new exist

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  • Title: The Physics Of The Dead
  • Author: Luke Smitherd
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What do the dead do when they can t leaved don t know why The afterlife doesn t come with a manual In fact, Hart and Bowler two ordinary, but dead men have had to work out the rules of their new existence for themselves It s that fact along with being unable to leave the boundaries of their city centre, unable to communicate with the other lost souls, unable to reWhat do the dead do when they can t leaved don t know why The afterlife doesn t come with a manual In fact, Hart and Bowler two ordinary, but dead men have had to work out the rules of their new existence for themselves It s that fact along with being unable to leave the boundaries of their city centre, unable to communicate with the other lost souls, unable to rest in case The Beast should catch up to them, unable to even sleep that makes getting out of their situation a priority.But Hart and Bowler don t know why they re there in the first place, and if they ever want to leave, they will have to find all the answers in order to understand the physics of the dead What are the strange, glowing objects that pass across the sky Who are the living people surrounded by a blue glow What are their physical limitations in that place, and have they fully explored the possibilities of what they can do Time is running out their afterlife was never supposed to be this way, and if they don t make it out soon, they re destined to end up like the others.Insane, and alone foreverThis is an alternate cover edition The original ISBN was 1522908536

    One thought on “The Physics Of The Dead”

    1. This book is not exciting. I mean, it's about people who are dead and bored. This book is about bored, dead people. They are stuck in Coventry, they can't read, they can't change TV channels, they don't sleep, and for the most part they can't talk to each other. They can sign. And they can sometimes tune in to someone else. But mostly they just hang around. Many of them go crazy.Is this what death becomes for everyone? And is it forever? Is there anything else?And yet, even without the excitemen [...]

    2. I have read a lot of books in my time and I thoroughly recommend this book. Although I read a lot of different types of book, I'd say nowadays I'm mostly a sci fi fan, although I used to read a lot of horror. I decided to give this book a go as one of my friends recommended it. I'm glad I did as I have now found another author I like! This is a difficult book to classify, but it is definitely a page turner. It has a different tone to most books, the relationship between the characters feels a lo [...]

    3. Say What?Say What?I read and read and read thinking something would happen - something would approximate a plot. Then I thought of Waiting for Godot. If you have nothing else to read, go for it. Just remember Godot. Sadly, I guess I've missed what so many others liked about this story.

    4. Having read a few books by Luke Smitherd now, I've grown rather fond of his style as an author. The Physics of the Dead was a peculiar book to start reading, taking a while for me to get into the story. However, that only added to its charm, as "life" in The Foyer—this limited prison-like section of Coventry which is home to a handful of dead people and The Beast—gradually unfolds.To say that the characters are dead, and essentially a group of bored, non-corporeal prisoners, this book has a [...]

    5. First Impression: Another book on the afterlife so soon? Well it was an indie author who is getting a lot of praise at the moment so I thought I would give it a go. The Physics Of The Dead is maps out the possibilities for an alternative afterlife beyond the ones we already assume to be there. This book has elements of science, suffering and severe britishness. A nice little read that will open your mindSummary Of The Book:Welcome to the not so conventional afterlife. In The Physics Of The Dead [...]

    6. Another Awesome read. After TSM, this slowed to a different beat, and still engaged me from very early on. I have lived in Coventry over thirty years, so that helped a great deal. The author managed to make me really care about the two main characters, even though neither was all that likeable. As good as the first book I read of his, and sure not to be the last.

    7. An unusual read, very original, but it just did not work for me. The problem as i see it is twofold - firstly as all the characters are dead you don't really build any empathy for them. Whilst you are interested to see where the story takes them it doesn't grab you as much as it could, or should. Secondly the story jumps between current and past events often to build and expose new parts of the story which at times got confusing - especially if you are not reading this in one session (and i read [...]

    8. I’ve recently watched black mirror s4 which is some of the greatest tv I’ve ever seen. Smitherds books are every bit as good, never a let down. These are concepts that you could imagine pondering as a child and it’s the greatest compliment I can give that luke seems to take this and turn it into a great story. It’s like a child’s drawing in the hands of a great painter. Wonderful.

    9. Some great terrifying scenes, but I wouldn't technically call this a horror book. There are also plenty of funny moments that remind me of Ghost and Beetlejuice in how their version of the afterlife. There are also average paragraphs where it beats down what it means to be a ghost and how it would suck. Definitely a fascinating read.

    10. 3.5 stars. Starts very slowly and it almost lost me but it really picked up after the half way point and I quite enjoyed this in the end

    11. Perhaps I set my hopes too high, the storyline seemed to have great potential, but in the end this was something of a disappointment. The blurb suggested something interesting and unusual, and it was unusual. Sadly, it wasn't especially interesting. To me the story moved too slowly, and even the ploy of dodging around in time couldn't quite overcome the fact that the writer used too many words, allowed the characters to 'say' too much. In basing the story on two main characters who were portraye [...]

    12. I received this ebook from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.Frank Bowler finds himself dead and in a place called The Foyer. He meets a man called Hart that has been there awhile and who essentially teaches him how to be a ghost. Throughout this book are excerpts from Hart's fictional book on how to be dead. Bowler and Frank are both extremely bored with their lives as ghosts. The Foyer consists of the town of Coventry where they are both born and raised. They can go to differ [...]

    13. Although I REALLY enjoyed this book, I found it desperately hard to follow at times And the typos on my kindle (and app) left me having to guess at the intent of particular sentences I also felt that the book was a little too long, some elements had little effect on the goings on, and just made the perfect opportunity for boredom to set In!! Luckily, This was only occasional!!So, negatives aside I LOVED the two main characters and their relationship made me giggle at times!! I hated the 'live' B [...]

    14. I can almost guarantee there is no other book like, "Physics of the Dead". On the surface, it is a story of two men trapped in an afterlife they don't understand. Where are they? Why are they there? Most importantly, is there any chance they can get out?Beneath that story is the true brilliance of this book. You learn about these men. You feel what they feel--bored, lost, sad, scared, and alone. They only have each other to help pass the time and how long will that be? Forever? They don't know a [...]

    15. I ended up enjoying The Physics of the Dead by Luke Smitherd. I wasn't sure at first. It's the story of two dead guys, trying to get by in this place they have found themselves. They are apparently stuck in a smallish area of Coventry. They spend their days trying to keep their minds engaged to fight off going crazy like so many of the ghosts seem to do. The book flashes around to earlier in their deaths and even a bit of their lives. I ended up getting really invested in these characters, Bowle [...]

    16. The afterlife - a place where all the trials and troubles of the living world are finally left behind and a soul can find peace and succour well, mostly, maybe. Probably. Ish. Not so for Hart and Bowler, two lost souls trapped in "The Foyer" - which looks a lot like central Coventry. I'm not going to spoil any of this by telling you what happens, you can read it and find out. Suffice to say, the author skilfully weaves his revelations about the afterlife through his narrative, introducing us to [...]

    17. I finished The Physics Of The Dead about two weeks ago, and it's stayed with me-I mean this in a good way-in a really pleasant fashion. Not just because of my mind ticking over the various mysteries and their answers (naming no names, I was rather shocked to read a review of this book that talks about only reading 6% of it and then complains about not getting all the answers and character backgroundsting approach! What made me happiest about this book, personally, is how all the emotional and in [...]

    18. What do the dead do when they’re stuck in limbo and can’t move on? Hart and Bowler, two ordinary, but dead, men, find themselves trapped in the center of a rather ordinary city, unable to pass through the wall, unable to sleep, and unable to communicate with most of the other dead ‘souls’ who transit their restrictive domain. They can see the living, some of whom are surrounded by a mysterious blue glow. They can also see the Beast, and be seen by him—and, be hurt by him.There are no i [...]

    19. Seriously - this is an excellent book to read, for how not to write. 6% into the Ebook. Yet still trying work out where we are. Is it heaven, hell or someplace in between?Hart, Bowler and George are busy wandering around within 1 square mile of each other, yet we still have no idea of where they are, who they are and why they are visiting so so while she is in afternoon nap mode, whilst they are busy taking up residence in the lounge watching afternoon sitcoms.There is no background, no characte [...]

    20. I bought this based on the title, thinking it was a non-fiction book, but I was happily surprised when I realised it was fiction. I finished it in two days, listening to it literally every spare moment I had. I was hooked from the start. I found the premise thought-provoking and I loved the complexity of the characters and their interactions. The story had a good pace and lots of layers. I laughed, cried, and didn't want it to end. But when it did end, it was a good, satisfying end. I also love [...]

    21. Interesting book by an author I really like. It follows two guys who are dead and stuck wandering a tiny part of London wondering why they are still on this Earth. They can't talk to other ghosts, they can't sleep (yikes!), and there's a homicidal beast that will beat the crap out of them if it catches them. And, if the other ghosts they see are any indication, they will eventually go insane. Quite the conundrumThe story is not linear, so if you dislike discontinuity or you really want to know w [...]

    22. The Physics of the Dead by Luke Smitherd is a free bi ebook that was gifted to me by the author. Having not gotten my bearings after A Head Full of Knives, I wasn't quite sure as to how to approach this book; with trepidation or with open arms. Or some of both. Sweaty folded arms?My favorite Smitherd tale yet! Its world, rules, and nominclature are firm, resolute, and simple to grasp onto (and easy to link toward other works, like In the Darkness, That's Where I'll Know You), plus the story itse [...]

    23. An engaging and relatively clever story with far more narrative structure than the premise would suggest. The gradual reveal of plot and character background was quite well done and gave the book a great pacing.This particular edition is padded with over 20 pages of preview and ads for other books (by the same author). The author's afterward is interesting, but the weird, all-caps plea for amazon reviews by the author at the end cheapens the experience a little, and I hope is not part of a growi [...]

    24. This was SO good, so thought-provoking. The idea of "what happens after we die" has been explored so many times, it's hard to believe someone could come up with a fresh concept in regard to it, but Smitherd has done so. I was fascinated with the setting and the characters from the beginning; somehow they and their world reminded me of Neil Gaiman's - people living inside a world parallel to ours, trapped and trying to find their way out. I can't see how you'd do it really, but I kind of wish thi [...]

    25. I was going to give this book 2stars (worth reading but not on my hot list) but the ending was good enough to earn that extra star! The author succeeded in portraying the confusion of his characters in this particular afterlife world as that is how I felt reading it. Numerous flashbacks add to the confusion as does the 'Pinteresque' writing style. (Harold Pinter fans would love it!) The subject drew me in and the author won me over by the end. If I finish a book caring about the characters and t [...]

    26. The Physics of the Dead What are flyers? What is a check-in?Given the impression that they're in "The Foyer", while also being in some person's home, but they can see the sky. Bowler has been there 2 years (so it says at one point) but he can't see properly. All over the place. Twenty-three pages in and still in the first chapter, still nothing makes sense. Why can Hart and Bowler speak to one another but others cannot? It's a shame, the premise seems like a really great idea, it's just poorly e [...]

    27. I struggled with this story. Early on I just couldn't get a feel for the characters and ended up feeling as lost as they did. That may have been the author's intention, but I find it hard to imagine that an author would want the reader (or in this case, listener), to have their mind wandering and unable to focus on the plot. I can see plenty of others really enjoyed it and I have to admit that science fiction really isn't my thing, so I possibly just picked up the wrong book for me.

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