William of Orange, the Silent Prince

William of Orange the Silent Prince None

  • Title: William of Orange, the Silent Prince
  • Author: W.G. van de Hulst
  • ISBN: 9780921100157
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “William of Orange, the Silent Prince”

    1. William of Orange is one of my favorite people from history. This book does cover the facts of his life well, but is very focused on repeating over and over again how good and noble and William was. I found that to be fairly tiresome, and the book skims over some of the most exciting parts of his life.I did learn the information I was seeking about William, just not as enjoyably as I would have liked.

    2. Good introduction to William of Orange, father of the Netherlands. I've read it aloud to my children twice now, and they enjoy it.It is not, however, a typical children's biography. The story of William's life is very exciting, but this book focuses as much on celebrating his goodness as on his contributions. Only a man as great as William the Silent could live up to such praise.

    3. Good Book, did it as a read aloud with my family when we were studying the Reformation. Useful study tool.

    4. Children's book, with uneven pacing, but full of interesting history and got across the pinch William was in.

    5. My son and I read this when we were homeschooling. We both enjoyed reading this. What an honorable man and Godly role model for our youth!

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