One thought on “Catching fire”

  1. Hot damn! This book is hilarious and sad and sweet and mad and lovely. My favorite book of the summer? Let’s say it was.

  2. Imagine you just won The Hunger Games with your friend Peeta but only one person was supposed to win. In Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, the capitol puts Katniss and Peeta back in the Hunger Games once again with winning tributes from all the other districts. President Snow is trying to kill Katniss because outsmarted him in the first book when they had two winners. I like this book because it kept your suspense up and you didn't know what was coming next. My favorite part is at the end of the [...]

  3. very good follow-up to The Hunger Games. Collins brings more characters into the mix and they are all integral to the story and build the plot. The second time in the arena is a blow to Katniss and Peeta, and I was afraid Collins would keep the reader there too long, but it was just enough. Great ending, one that makes it absolutely necessary to read the 3d installment, Mocking Jay.

  4. Great cliff hanger!! I need to read Mockingjay now, but I have to read my book club book first. So many books, so little time

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