Forever Pucked

Forever Pucked Being engaged to Alex Waters team captain and the highest paid NHL player in the league is awesome How could it not be In addition to being an amazing hockey player he s an incurable romantic with

  • Title: Forever Pucked
  • Author: Helena Hunting
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Being engaged to Alex Waters, team captain and the highest paid NHL player in the league, is awesome How could it not be In addition to being an amazing hockey player, he s an incurable romantic with an XL heart, and an XXL hockey stick in his pants And he knows how to use it Incredibly, orgasmically well Alex is the whole package and Literally Like his packageBeing engaged to Alex Waters, team captain and the highest paid NHL player in the league, is awesome How could it not be In addition to being an amazing hockey player, he s an incurable romantic with an XL heart, and an XXL hockey stick in his pants And he knows how to use it Incredibly, orgasmically well Alex is the whole package and Literally Like his package is insane Total world record holder material.So it makes complete sense that Violet Hall can t wait to nail him down to the matrimonial mattress and become Mrs Violet Waters.It s so romantic.Violet is totally stoked to set a date.Eventually At some point Likely before the next millennium Or when Violet stops getting hives every time someone brings up the wedding, and their mothers stop colluding on stadium sized venues Whichever comes first Forever PUCKED is a followup to PUCKED The Pucked Series Book 1 , while it is not necessary to have read Pucked Up Book 2 or Pucked Over Book 3 it is highly recommended to that you read Pucked first.

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    1. *****FIVE SUPER MC LOVING STARS*****ARC Generously Provided by AuthorFABULOUS!!!!!!!”I will always love you, Violet. I won’t ever be perfect, and I’ll make mistakes, and I’ll definitely say things that will make you angry, but I promise to tell you every day, not just with words, but with actions, that you are the center of my universe. You’re the sun in my sky and the breath in my lungs. I promise to be yours for every second of this existence, and to cherish every moment of that lo [...]

    2. 4,5 Forever Stars. This fourth book bring us a sequel on Alex and Violet’s story. If you’re expecting a novella and a quick, sexy reading, don’t. This a full length novel (well, it is still sexy as hell) and believe me, worth every damn page. There was some drama, as you expect it will in a sequel, but the story of this couple from their engagement until their wedding, will be a long one, full of curveballs, sexy times, laugh and you will not want to miss it. This was a hilarious (okay, s [...]

    3. I have seriously loved this series. There is nothing in the world I love more than laughing and falling in love through books, so when an author is able to do both I am seriously in awe. Alex and Violet are actually the couple from the very first book in the series, Pucked. There was just something I always loved about Violet, her refusal to fit into any type of mold and her wit probably pushed it over the top. This girl is who she is and says what she means and I LOVE HER for it. She is legit m [...]

    4. Forever Pucked is infused with comedy, bursts of sweetness, a whole lot of hotness and just the right amount of drama that kept me hooked. A delightful extension to the already incredibly amusing series.Alex Waters is the real deal, the best. Not just the best NHL player. He’s a wonderful son, brother, the best hearts and flowers kind of fiancée with a beautiful mind to go along with his heart and totally fantastic in bed. So naturally Violet is in a hurry to marry him. Right? NOT! Every time [...]

    5. US: amzn/25oWAINiBooks: apple/1S9dX6INOOK: ow/ZW5wjKOBO: ow/ZUgZRGoogle Play: bit/1Ro4zwjPrint: amzn/1VJszgiChapter 1Anniversaries Suck Cheesy BallsVIOLETToday is mine and Alex’s one-year anniversary, and it sucks donkey dick. Well, it’s one of our “anniversaries.” Alex likes to celebrate every single milestone in our relationship because he’s sappy and romantic like that. He also likes to have an excuse to buy me gifts. Lots of them. Extravagant ones. For my birthday he bought me a ca [...]

    6. Reviewed by: Hello Beautiful Book BlogMore laughs and inappropriate behavior in the fourth installment of the Pucked series are sure to have you giggling and shaking your head all the way through.This is usually when a romance series based on the same characters starts to go down hill, but this actually surprised me. Not quite the quality of the first book Pucked, but not too far off the mark. Honestly, I thought this was going to be a wrap up novella or something, but no, it is a full length no [...]

    7. Fantastic book!!!! I laughed so hard. The book was about Alex and Violet‘s wedding. And of course i loved it! And i want more of them! Violet still hilarious with no filter and Alex- he is just perfect. They are soooo quirky, funny and adorable together. Beaver + Super MC lol

    8. 4 Big Stick StarsThe Beaver and the MC ride again! And I mean that literally. I had a fabulous time reading this cute and sexy end to Alex and Violet's story. Did I need to read the word "beaver" written ad nauseum? No, but the sweet hotness made up for it.

    9. When Forever Pucked landed on my kindle, I thought, ok - this will be a tiny little wedding-novella. But pfffff nope - it's a huge full-length book!Violet and Alex (from book #1 Pucked - if you've forgotten about them Beaver, Super MC, ring any bells??) have been together for a year now.And while Violet is still a bit uncomfortable with all the money she's suddenly allowed or rather forced to use, she's very very happy with her hockey god and his MC.But of course being engaged might one day lead [...]

    10. 3.5 stars.I love this series, Violet is the Queen of Awkward moments and makes me laugh and there's lots of slapstick and smut to keep me happy.Although this was funny I was uncomfortable with some of the sex talk and exhibitionism with friends and family; it kind of crossed the line from wincingly embarrassing but still funny to naff and tacky quite a few times and so that did effect my enjoyment of this instalment I'm afraid. There were still plenty of funny moments though and I enjoyed spendi [...]

    11. 4- 4.5 StarsI love this series and so thrilled Helena Hunting gave her fans another riotously hilarious, full-length novel dedicated to Alex and Violet’s journey to forever.“It’s amazing how a poorly thought-out one-night stand can turn into a forever kind of love. Because that’s exactly what Alex is: my forever ” I was excited mainly because I missed my Alex Waters ~ the super sweet, incredibly sexy hockey player and my favorite hero within the Pucked series. I definitely did not get [...]

    12. OMG, how much I loved this story! Helena Hunting is dangerously funny. There are so few books which can make me laugh so hard as I did with this one. I almost pissed my pants. My tears were running. For real.This is not a short novella. It’s a full-lenght story. I have to say that this pair deserved it. This book showed me that even in the paradise, storms can break out. But we also has the Alex-Violet kind of brutal humour. Our featherbrained pair came, saw, conquered. It was an absolute vict [...]

    13. Book Review: 5+++ StarsMORE VIOLET AND ALEX! YES! Forever Pucked is funny and sexy. It has drama, a great plot and one helluva unexpected ending! And the secondary characters have their spotlight. I loved every minute I spent reading this book. One minute I was laughing my ass off, the next I was all hot and bothered and suddenly, without a warning at all, I was crying my eyes out worried sick for my Alex! *deep sigh* I felt everything with this book. Isn’t it awesome when an author can make y [...]

    14. Alex and Violet are back, along with the Beaver and Super MC! And I am so glad we got a follow up book to this crazy ass couple.As you can see by the blurb, Alex and Violet are now engaged and planning their wedding! If the moms don’t get in the way, everything should go smoothly, right? And mothers never interfere, ever! And they, the mothers, also give us quite a bit of comic relief…Violet is still so awkward she could be anyone of us ladies without a filter, or even your best friend. She [...]

    15. So freaking wrong, but so freaking funny!4 inappropriate starsThis is the follow up (full-length) book for Alex and Violet from Pucked. If you’re a fan of this series you’ll know exactly what to expect going into this book – more laughs, more sex, more complete inappropriateness and more of Violet being rude, crude and outspoken about absolutely EVERYTHING. But at the heart of the story is a gorgeous love story, and I loved getting to see Alex and Violet finally get the wedding that they [...]

    16. So it’s been a while since I last picked up this series. So I feel like I am a little out of the loop on catching up on all the gossip with my nutty Pucked friends. Luckily for me it was just that easy to fall back in with the crew and remember all the laughs and inside jokes from the previous books.Violet was as over the top as ever and for a while it was a bit too much for me but then as I got into it I found myself in fits of giggles over her own style of cray cray. Alex was his normal swee [...]

    17. FGMAMTC Blog Review + Teasers & Book TrailerIf you've read the other books in the series, you know Violet is pretty crazy. She still brings a lot of comedy to Forever Pucked, loading it with silly fun, but this book has lots of heart moments too. I found several parts really touching. I love how some of the hockey players, friends, lovers and families have formed a special little group. Each person brings his or her own unique personality to the overall makeup. No matter if the outside worl [...]

    18. 5- I would Puck you forever- stars Ok I'm not going to lie when I saw there was a follow up to Pucked, I freaked out a little. I prefer my couple's stories to end with one book. Anything after usually screws them up somehow. This was so not the case with this one. Also this is NOT a a novella like I thought. It's a full book and I was so happy it was. Alex and Violet are back and their relationship is as funny as ever. It's not often I read a book that makes me laugh tears. They are so outrageou [...]

    19. 5 Beaver + Super MC stars!I just ADORE Helena Huntings writing style. She makes me want to be cool enough to be friends with her. LOL. I can remember reading Pucked and laughing my ass off at Violet and her mouth. And with Forever Pucked it was the same. Only with Forever Pucked there was so much more HEART with Alex and Violet. Helena can write funny romance like no other. I should also throw in the word dirty in that sentencefunny dirty romance. She's brilliant at it. I don't want this series [...]

    20. This was so much fun to read that I never wanted it to end. Alex and Violet’s life is a colorful place to be in and Helena Hunting paints a great picture.It would be an understatement to say that these two are hot for each other. Alex has a very large sexual appetite, matched equally by his gorgeous wife. There is plenty of action between Monster Cock (MC) and Violet’s Beaver throughout this story.'Alex straightens, grabs my hips, and then he rams me. It's the fuck of the ages.' - VioletAlex [...]

    21. Review by Lisa KaneForever Pucked is another great addition to this series. Alex and Violet remain my favorite characters so getting another book centering them as a couple-I'm all pucked up for it! Violet is still trying to come to terms with setting a wedding date. She just wants something simple but her mother and Alex's mom have a different vision for the wedding. And never the twain shall meet. Her career managing financial portfolios is really taking off and she's been requested to do a pr [...]

    22. ARC provided for an honest review.3.5 Beaver and Super MC StarsViolet and Alex are still engaged, but the Skye and Daisy are still trying to push a big even on them. Alex knows Violet loves him and isn't pushing her knowing she has issues. When an accident throws a wrench in their lives, Violet realizes her reservations mean nothing compared to her wanting to be with Alex as his wife.There are people who are jealous who try to create doubt in violet and play pranks that could cost her in her job [...]

    23. I remember first book,it was so amazing great overall I was speechless and then this.Nothing interesting happens,nothing funny.I just feel like this is not second part of 1 book.

    24. For fans of raunchy humor, Violet and Alex are back to fill that void in your reading schedule. There truly isn't another couple like them. Violet with her drooling beaver, and Alex with his Super MC, return and prepare for their forever in wedded bliss. That is if Violet can calm her hives, and the couples Moms stay out of the way. Early on, I was worried if Violet would even make it to the altar, but at the blink of an eye, life forces her to get her priorities straight.Violet is one of those [...]

    25. I missed Violet and Alex :))) (mostly Violet because the shit she says sometimes I just love her). Such a cute conclusion to their story.The only thing I want more than what we already have in the series, is a book for Charlene and Darren. Something weird and kinky is happening there and I need. to. know. This is the only book I've read thus far that really can't be read as a standalone, but if you've read book 1, you can read this.Till next time cuties ;)!

    26. The Beaver and the Super MC are back and they're getting married and I'm so pucking happy! Forever Pucked is everything I could have hoped for, and so much more than I could have ever even imagined, in the continuation of Alex and Violet's unconventional and kooky love story. This book is full of laughter, silliness, and sexinessl things we love about these 2 quirky characters. But it's also touching and tender, and we get to see sides of both Alex and Violet that we haven't before. Helena Hunti [...]

    27. The Beaver and Super MC to gives us more laughs, oh and Violet and Alex too, can't leave them out. So having been engaged for awhile now, Alex is the ever patient perfect fiance and not stressing Violet about their pending nuptials. He just doesn't want to see his fiancee break out in hives every time the "M" word is mentioned. Violet is still inappropriate, but you see her grow up a bit more. This woman has no filter and speaks her mind, especially under the influence. It is endearing at times [...]

    28. I love Alex and Violet! I know some people think the humor is too over the top but it made me laugh. A lot. I loved reading about all the couples together. Randy and Lily were adorable and what's up with Darren and Charlene? I hope the author continues with this series. I would love to read about all of them with a bunch of kids. This is a funny, stress free read that will make you laugh out loud.

    29. If you ever read this book don't listen to it on audible, the female narrator doesn't fit Violet at all the guy narrator is excellent. The women ugh, I couldn't finish the book because I got bored and my head hurt from her voice the book wasn't funny like the other books, she didn't make the book exciting. I prefer if you want to read this READ the book don't choose audible you will regret it.

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