One thought on “The Aviary (Colouring Books)”

  1. With a mesmerising metallic blue jay on the cover, I couldn't wait to turn the pages of The Aviary and get my colouring pencils out. There is such an excellent variety of birds in this colouring book and each drawing is so highly detailed that it will always result in the most breathtaking finished picture.Within the book, there are 31 birds to colour: Atlantic puffin, barn swallows, Indian peafowl, macaw, grey crowned crane, bald eagle, swallow-tailed hummingbird, mallard ducks, brown pelican, [...]

  2. What is it about birds that makes them so very special to colour?I guess it's all these things and more - colour, shape, light, texture in feathers and of course the huge variety of species and environments. Every bird is a different challenge.This is the first book out this year by these two artists and the next one, The Aquarium, is due out in September. There are some birds in here that I've never heard of before so that brings in the research element which I love in a colouring book. Yes, I' [...]

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