Tell Me No Lies

Tell Me No Lies From the bestselling author of Between You and Me don t miss Lisa Hall s new gripping thriller Don t Trust Anyone It was supposed to be a fresh start A chance to forget the past and embrace the future

  • Title: Tell Me No Lies
  • Author: Lisa Hall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the bestselling author of Between You and Me don t miss Lisa Hall s new gripping thriller.Don t Trust Anyone.It was supposed to be a fresh start.A chance to forget the past and embrace the future.But can you ever really start again Or does the past follow you wherever you go

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    1. 3.5 StarsMy reviews can also be seen at: deesradreadsandreviews.wordprNO NO NO NO NOYou did not just do this to me!! I looked everywhere for more pages. What do you mean "turn the page to read an excerpt from the author's debut novel"? Where's the rest of THIS book?I've been having major problems with my Kindle and so I thought that pages must have been deleted, lostmewhere! It did NOT just end there? Did it? IT DID!I loved Lisa Hall's debut novel and I was really looking forward to reading this [...]

    2. Last year I was absolutely blown away with Lisa Hall's debut Between You and Me; I couldn't recommend it highly enough! The spectacular twist is one you don't come upon often and will stick with me for life. Perhaps this previous experience set the bar of expectations too high, and while this book held my interest and was enjoyable, it wasn't close to the same level as BYAM. This book has been getting spectacular reviews and I'm full and ready to accept that I must have read this wrong, but perh [...]

    3. I was anxious to read TELL NO LIES by Lisa Hall, a psychological thriller, after having loved her debut novel Between You and Me. This novel will appeal to a wide variety of readers and will keep the reader turning the pages, until you reach the end and know WHY? Mark and Steph Gordon and their son, Henry and a baby on the way are moving into a beautiful Victorian townhouse… to start a new beginning-a fresh start! But their relationship is not on solid ground. Steph suffered from post-natal de [...]

    4. I bought my own copy. Lisa Hall is one the UK'S best psychological thriller authors. If there is one author that I would recommend to family, friends and bloggers Lisa Hall is it. I read Between You and Me, and now I have read Tell Me No Lies. Both come highly recommend from me. I can't wait to buy the next novel buy Lisa Hall.In Tell Me No Lies. Pregnant Stephanie and her husband Mark and son Henry have moved into a new house. A new house is the perfect fresh start for Stephanie and Mark's marr [...]

    5. This was one of the most frustrating books I've read this year so far. It was my first book by Lisa Hall as I still haven't read her bestseller Between You and Me yet but it's on my Kindle. I was really excited to get an ARC of this and was looking forward to a gripping psychological thriller, but the more I read, the more frustrated I got. It actually started off well, and it never once occurred to me to not finish this. There was something addictive about it and I wanted to find out how it end [...]

    6. Oh my god Lisa Hall has only gone and done it again! Tell me No Lies was an incredible read. I really didn’t think the author could surpass Between You And Me but she has, Tell Me No Lies is seriously gripping, so much so I literally read it in one tension filled sitting. This is definitely one book that’s hard to review without giving away spoilers,so I’m going to keep it short. I love the fact this book has such a short book description as it gives nothing away regarding the plot, I’m [...]


    8. I absolutely loved this authors debut, so was very excited to see she had another one coming out.Steph and Mark have just moved to a new area hoping for a fresh start. They already have a cute little boy, Henry and Steph is pregnant with their second child. Steph is looking forward to settling into their new home and making new friends, but she gets more than what she bargained for.At Henry’s school it soon becomes very clear that she is not going to win any friends there. The mothers all seem [...]

    9. Tell Me No Lies has been one of my most anticipated reads this year. I just loved Between You and Me so I had this on my wishlist as soon as it was up on . But I was also a little bit worried-how on earth was Lisa Hall going to follow her fabulously twisted debut novel? Well I should have had more faith as I have to say that she absolutely blew my mind here! There I was smugly reading away, thinking I knew exactly what was going on, when BOOM! That ending! And the build up to that big reveal was [...]

    10. Steph and Mark Gordon are just moving in this is a new start for both of them. Earlier, when Steph delivered her little boy, she suffered from post-natal depression and did and said a lot of things. Mark made himself feet better by having an affair. This is their attempt to save their marriage. And they are both worried because she is pregnant again.Things seem to go well, but then his job takes him away for weeks at a time. Still feeling a little bit vulnerable, she does make new friends. One [...]

    11. 4.5*After reading this book I can guarantee that you will Never.Trust.Anyone.Ever.Again. When newly pregnant Steph and her husband Mark move to a new town with their young son Henry it is supposed to be a fresh start for them both. Times have been tough, for various reasons (which are revealed) but someone is determined to make Steph scared and uncomfortable. Mark has to travel a lot for his work and so Steph and Henry are left alone and vulnerable – just to add to the suspense.The characteris [...]

    12. I cannot continue with this, really I can't. Life is too short to spend any more time with this awful book.Steph is married to Mark a workaholic who indulged in an extra-marital affair after their son, Henry, was born. Steph is pregnant again but, selfishly, Mark decides to move the family out of their familiar territory to the other side of town where Steph knows no-one, suspects everyone and is a total wreck given to bouts of paranoia, depression, weeping and blushing. Oh how she blushes, but [...]

    13. Tell Me No Lies is the follow up to the rather successful Between You and Me! It was something I dived into with trepidation. Could Lisa Hall pull it off again? Course she could!!!The story is all about Steph, a pregnant mother and wife living the dream in suburbia. She seems to have it all. Events start to conspire against her, in a drip drip kind of way. Her husband was unfaithful to her. They are back together, but constrained by suspicion and doubt. Things happen, like dead flowers left on d [...]

    14. I read and LOVED Between You And Me by Lisa Hall earlier this year. I was blown away by it to be honest! I was super excited to get an early review copy of Tell Me No Lies to read, and I know I was a little apprehensive that it may not live up to BYAM. I needn’t have worried because Tell Me No Lies was absolutely brilliant!Psychological thrillers are the BIG thing this year. There has been a glut of them and I read so many, that unless there is something special in there, they all blur into on [...]

    15. this book was OK but not very exciting for me sorry Lisa hall but i did have my suspicion of one of the characters from the start

    16. I was wondering if this book would be as good as her first "Between You and Me" and I am delighted to say that it is as good and maybe even better than her first. Once I picked this book up I found it very hard to put down and also it is only approximately 180 pages but they are packed with a punch. Steph and Mark Gordon are moving into a new home and this is meant to be a new start for the couple. After the birth of her son Steph suffered from post-natal depression and Mark's answer to this was [...]

    17. Steph is a young pregnant mother with a small child who has recently moved to a new neighbourhood to save her marriage and make a fresh start. Life is not easy, with her husband Mark working away for long periods of time, leaving Steph in charge of the household without her old support network. As Steph is trying to settle into her new life, strange and scary things start happening to her, terrifying gifts appear on her doorstep and she is accused of actions she is certain she did not commit. Ev [...]

    18. I'm sorry, I'm clearly in the minority here, but this book was not for me, despite it being an easy read. One of my least favourite tropes in a film or soap opera or drama is when a character tries to tell someone something important, but gets interrupted and doesn't finish doing so - and this book is full of it and it's so frustrating. Unfortunately I thought that the who and the why of the mystery was so obvious from their first appearance that I continued to read assuming there would be a twi [...]

    19. **3.5 stars**Tell Me No Lies is a psychological mystery with bite that kept me turning turning those pages, to see whether it was madness or messing that was the cause of all Steph's problems - loved how Lisa Hall wrote it so it really could have been either.Making a new life start, Steph hopes to leave her rather emotional past behind her, but odd things keep happening and she can't really trust anyone - least of all herself. As a reader I didn't trust anyone either and whilst I was ultimately [...]

    20. Having read Lisa Hall's debut novel Between You and Me and actually suffered from my first book hangover for a couple of days (which for me is a loooong time) I was desperate to read her second book to see if she was just a one-book wonder! The answer is a huge resounding NO she is bleeding brilliant. Without wanting to give any of the clever storylines or spoilers away this book takes you on an emotional roller coaster. With characters you trust one chapter and suspect the next I didn't know if [...]

    21. I received the ebook in exchange for an honest review on Netgalley.Wow, this is a bonegripping thriller. The whole it was clear to me who was the bad guy, but I was still at the top of my seat reading this story. It is a very dangerous and anxious story.

    22. This review is from: Tell Me No Lies (Paperback)Customer review from the Vine Programme I am reviewing the book, Tell Me No Lies, by Lisa Hall. Here are my thoughts:^^ Starting afresh, Steph and Mark have decided to give their rocky marriage another go; not an easy task for anyone after an affair has wrecked the stability of their love, and it's especially difficult to avoid the elephant in the room when someone is hell bent on ruining Steph's life. But who?^^ Written in first person from Steph [...]

    23. This book frustrated me to no end. I wanted to smack Stephanie silly. No, wait - she already was silly. I needed to smack some sense back into her. I guess sometimes violence is the answer.

    24. After being totally wowed by Lisa Hall's debut novel, Between You and Me, I was ecstatic when I knew that she had written another book and I just had to have it. Moving house, expecting a second child and trying to get over the affair that her lying cheating husband had, doesn't really make for a picture perfect scene of domestic bliss for Steph. In fact from the very first chapter the tension is so electrically charged that it could light up a small town! You just know though that there must be [...]

    25. I was so looking forward to Lisa Hall's new thriller after reading Between You and Mewhich I loved and gave it five stars. Well I was disappointed, maybe I was expecting too much but it just wasn't on the same level as her debut. It's a good enough read but with a terrible ending and has none of the suspense, intrigue or surprises that I had hoped for with this author. I won't give up on Lisa Hall though as I think she is a very talented writer and will certainly be watching out for her third bo [...]

    26. I don't know quite how I felt about this book . an obvious suspect who I wanted to find out ,as the book progressed, was the wrong one and an ending that was disappointing but yet very good ! I do however like Lisa's style of writing and overall enjoyed this book . It just didn't have the wow factor for me . 3.5 stars and my thanks as always to netgally , Lisa and the publishers for my arc in exchange for an honest review

    27. Another fantastic book by Lisa Hall. This book was a fantastic psychological thriller that at times has me literally shouting at the book. Lisa Hall is an extremely talented author and her books just have me wanting to read more. This one was no exception. Brilliant characters and super storyline.

    28. Tell Me No Lies is a super-charged, fast-paced cracker of a read. The reader is warned; "Don't. Trust. Anyone." from the outset and that certainly is the case, just when you think you've totally sussed out the characters and the plot, there's an industrial sized spanner thrown into the works that changes perceptions and beliefs and kind of messes with your head.This is a domestic thriller, there's no crime to solve, but there's plenty of mystery. Steph and Mark and their small son Henry are tryi [...]

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