Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego These nine stories of adventure exploration and voyage are peopled with ravenous explorers fortune hunters foreign revolutionaries ill fated seafarers intrepid ship s captains and ruthless smugg

  • Title: Tierra del Fuego
  • Author: Francisco Coloane Howard Curtis David Petreman
  • ISBN: 9781933372631
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • These nine stories of adventure, exploration and voyage are peopled with ravenous explorers, fortune hunters, foreign revolutionaries, ill fated seafarers, intrepid ship s captains, and ruthless smugglers.

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    1. four reasons i dig this book:1. maggie swung her tail and knocked over a glass of merlot. like a sponge, the back half of tierra del fuego soaked it up and now the pages are deliciously crinkled and warped and stained red. as w/all of us, i'm wildly romantic about books -- coffee rings, wine stains, yellowed pages, dusty fingerprints all good stuff.2. blurb from ALVARO MUTIS. author of one of the best books ever written and all-around badass. if y'all haven't read the adventures and misadventure [...]

    2. Chile is a discontinuous country: One can drive all the way from the border of Peru near Arica, but one's southward progress is halted by the Andes marching all the way to the shore. Beyond Villa O'Higgins, there are no roads. All travel must be by plane or boat. South of the Torres del Paine, you encounter roads and population once again, but not very much.It is this Southernmost extension of the Chilean mainland and the islands of the Strait of Magellan and the Beagle Channel that are the loca [...]

    3. Protagonista primaria di tutti questi racconti brevi è la natura, descritta in modo straordinario, bella ma sopratutto aspra e dura, che porta allo stremo chi vuole vivere in questa regione. C'è una strana atmosfera cupa e irreale nella maggior parte delle storie, dove le persone sono trasformate dal vivere in isolamento, ma anche dalla corsa all'oro, che dà tanto solo a pochi e toglie umanità a tanti.

    4. " brezza dell’amicizia non sarebbe più tornata a lambire i loro cuori." "Terra del fuoco" è il primo di nove racconti dello scrittore cileno Francisco Coloane (1910/2002). «Francisco Coloane è il Jack London dei nostri tempi » disse Alvàro Mutis.Ciò è vero nella misura in cui si racconta di contesti isolati e insidiosi dove la vera padrona è la Natura. Trovo, tuttavia, che, a differenza di London, i personaggi di questi racconti giochino ruoli differenti.In London predomina l'immagine [...]

    5. This left a palpable yet ghostly impression in my mind. These are stories of extreme geography: ice, mountains, desert. Alvaro Mutis calls Coloane the South American Jack London; I think this may be understating the case. The story 'How the Chilote Otey Died' is an all-time classic, a picture of true heroism - if a story could be an anthem this is it. The rest vary in tone and rove around restlessly and turn up surprises enough to suggest that Coloane may have a fair few more tricks up his sleev [...]

    6. Here is the magic of libraries again, those fathomless oceans of story that cast up rare marvels and monstrosities, and unimagined jewels lost to time in their obscuring depths, for us beachcombers to find. Coloane was a much beloved writer in his native Chile, and is only just now reaching America with this and one other collection of tales. I think there are some other things in English, and hopefully much more to follow. A jacket blurb compares him to Jack London, which is apt in a number of [...]

    7. Leggere Coloane è sempre un'esperienza profonda come profonde sono le vite dei suoi personaggi, anzi più che profonde direi quasi "sprofondate". Ingoiate dalle terre in bianco e nero che stanno ai confini del mondo, in quella Patagonia di praterie, montagne, ghiaccio e oceano, dove la forza della natura selvaggia mette alla prova quegli animi induriti e ruvidi come la roccia e dove la legge suprema della sopravvivenza è l'unica dottrina. Il prossimo è già sullo scaffale. Ora passo a qualcos [...]

    8. 9 μικρές ιστορίες με κοινό στοιχείο την Γη του Πυρός και την Παταγονία. Η ανθρώπινη συμπεριφορά και οι ανθρώπινες σχέσεις μέσα σ'ενα περιβάλλον που σε καθηλώνει, σ'επηρεάζει και σε αλλάζει. Η γραφή του Coloane άμεση, περιγραφική, λιτή και καθαρή. Μου θύμισε τις φωτογραφίες του Seba [...]

    9. I love short stories and I read this book while I was traveling in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego which is where most of the stories here are set. The stories are dark, adventurous, profoundly disgusting in their brutal honesty of the treatment of indigenous people in the southern tip of the Americas and full of old school style morals and lessons. But he paints vivid worlds of a long ago time that make you want to learn to horseback ride and dig for gold.

    10. The stories of 'Tierra del Fuego' are reminiscent of the stories sailors spin during long voyages; that night watchmen tell each other during the hours before dawn; and that working men might remember during hours of delay caused by equipment failure. People tell them in that peculiar time when all superficial subjects have been exhausted and the silence stretches for several moments and the prospect of the rest of the night seems just as long as it did before. Thus, the stories are not 'literar [...]

    11. Me encantaron los cuentos, aunque no me explico porqué me tardé tanto en leerlos.Tienen un poco de esa confusión que me gusta, ese no tener claro qué es lo que quiso decir el autor con esa historia.El tono me recuerda mucho al lugar del que habla. Me llegó a enternecer y me llenó de una nostalgia por mi tierra muy grande. La descripción de los escenarios, si bien pueden considerarse algo extensos, son necesarios y ayudan al tono de los cuentos. Incluso si no terminas aprendiendo algo de l [...]

    12. The jacket description mentions the main protagonist of these stories being the natural landscape of Chile itself. The stories are gripping, haunting, violent and fierce. The characters may not be so likable, but you feel their world.

    13. Una terra discontinua, uomini forti che perdono la loro anima dietro l'oro, luoghi remoti in cui la convivenza non sempre è semplice non so se Coloane sia stato davvero il Jack London, ma il suoo linguaggio diretto e chiaro mi piace assai.

    14. What a delightful collection of short stories. Coloane weaves tales of sheepherders, sailors, builders, gold miners and others set in southern Chile. Humor, suspense, bravery and craziness drive these wonderful stories of adventure in a beautiful, bleak and challenging part of the world. The stories seem to be set in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and provide some interesting history. Labor strikes, mining the beaches for gold using tidal hydraulics, the tenuous link of coaster steamers [...]

    15. Please read blurb first. Any book both Alvaro Mutis and Pablo Neruda love is aces. For starters. Coloane has the initial great gift of a vast and terrifying beautiful landscape on which human beings stand as if on the moon. And he does it justice, mostly, in his tales of human beings living their lives out, scratching small marks in this country. Many lives-and-deaths he depicts as single events-- it's a scale issue. This is instinctively brilliant, and limns the true size of his real character, [...]

    16. Memorable tales of a distant world that's been overlooked and forgotten. Almost like the Wild West but with bustards, whales, oceans of gold, and November nights that last only a couple hours. Strong, sullen men with weather-beaten exteriors and tumultuous minds, and artfully delivered themes of greed, revenge, forgiveness, and isolation. Beautiful descriptions and good plotting. Coloane deserves more recognition.

    17. Wonderfully descriptive short stories set in the brutally beautiful landscapes of Tierra del Fuego. Harsh descriptions of how this desolate landscape, sat between two hammers, the sea and the Andes, crushes all humanity before the west wind comes through to blow away the dust. I would have to believe that these stories have strongly influenced the writing of Cormac McCarthy.A beautiful read, and I really, really want to go to Tierra del Fuego now.

    18. There is something simultaneously comforting and sad about Coloane's stories. He captures the harsh reality of life and nature in Chile in a way that is both concise and lyrical, and manages to tell exceptionally emotional tales of people hardened by the landscape. There is a timelessness to the stories, and it is jarring when a detail reminds you that they are set in contemporary or quite recent times. Amazing.

    19. Phenomenal storyteller. As the reader, you are present as an active observer at all times. You feel the wind on the hilltops and marvel at the sharp blue ocean. You feel the emotions and agonies and silence. Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego are introduced and you come to know them well. A true literary experience.

    20. Pretty rugged tails about bearded, manly men surviving--and often dying--in various harsh and barren landscapes. The cover quote refers to the author as "the Jack London of our times." I'd say that's a pretty fair assessment. Just another indication that almost anything Europa editions puts out is worth reading.

    21. Un recueil de nouvelles ayant pour cadre la Patagonie, une terre qui remodèle tous ceux qui s'y frottent, Indiens, chercheurs d'or, marins et autres gauchos. Le format court me semble être plus adapté au (beau) style de Coloane que ses romans.

    22. An exceptional work. 9 allegorical stories about the life of people in Tierra del Fuego. The simplicity of the words and the power of the stories is very difficult to find in other books. An author with so much passion, a country with so much surprises. A philosopher from Chile.

    23. This is the first book of short stories I've read in a very long time. As with almost all such collections, it's rare to like them all… but I liked almost all of these.

    24. I read many years ago but as for many south Americans writer, I'm in love with atmospheres described in the book.

    25. Blurbs describing Coloane as the "South American Jack London" are spot on. Nine stories, all memorable, depicting life at the end of the world. Reminds me of Saki a little, too.

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