Cupid's Choice

Cupid s Choice Guineveve s mother plans to have her daughter married off soon with or without love But shy Guin fears she s doomed until while at a dance she meets Sir Frederick who is determined to draw her out o

  • Title: Cupid's Choice
  • Author: Gayle Buck
  • ISBN: 9780451206947
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • Guineveve s mother plans to have her daughter married off soon with or without love But shy Guin fears she s doomed, until while at a dance she meets Sir Frederick, who is determined to draw her out of her shell and into his arms.

    One thought on “Cupid's Choice”

    1. Gayle Buck does an amazing job with character development and dialogue, and by using setting as the icing on the cake. Cupid's Choice introduces 19-year-old twins Guinevere and Percival Holland who are very close and yet so different. Percy has just come into his title of Earl, and gains a great deal of 'town bronze' because he is confident and outgoing, friendly and likable. Guin is quite beautiful, but shy and awkward due to poor self-esteem and isolation. The twin's narcissist mother, Mrs. Au [...]

    2. Good written book as you would expect from the author. This was less of a romance but more of a story of one shy, suppressed young woman finding herself and growing up. The heroine's awful mother (chief architect of her daughter's suppression) occupied more story lines than the hero. This was one of the reasons for 3-star rating. Also the heroine's turned around came very late in the story and I was very frustrated with her for most of the book. I also wish the story had more hero's POV as his f [...]

    3. Excellent read -- one of Buck's bestIf you love emergency romances, you will like this one by Gayle Buck. I have been reading through her books and this is one of my favorites, with some villainous characters, both male and female. As usual, the happy ending ensues. My only complaint about Buck's stories is that they end a bit precipitously. I would wish for fuller endings and even epilogue.

    4. I love regency romances and like them best without bodice-ripping scenes. This one filled that preference nicely. I enjoyed the way Guin, a shy and verbally abused mouse of a girl, gained strength of character and confidence during her first season in London. Her vain, unkind mother was worth a few boos and hisses; making Guin's development and the ending quite satisfying.

    5. Guineveve Holland is embarking on her first season and is having the most miserable time of her life. Her overbearing mother ruins every social event they attend and Guin's shy personality and fear of making mistakes have not won her many friends in society. Charming diplomat, Sir Frederick Hawkesworth, sees the true Guineveve underneath her social ineptness and comes to her rescue. She immediately falls in love with him, but does he return her affection and will her mother ever approve of the m [...]

    6. Good writerI prefer her books that DON'T have a steamy scene, but she is much better than most current regency writers. She handles plot, situation and language well except when the occasional modernism creeps in. (It is "good A friend", folks, no "of" needed. That goes for any such phrase except "much of" "many of" or "few of" or any other expression dealing with a quantity out of a whole.) However, she can't be blamed since teachers of English now confine their attention to modern gloomy write [...]

    7. I really wanted to like this book. It was an ugly duckling theme, which is one of my favorites, but something was missing here. I think the h/h didn't get to spend enough time together for me to see the developing relationship.

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