Kaks kaaki

Kaks kaaki Miles Murphy pole kohe ldse nnelik kui ta peab kolima Haigutuse Orgu linna mis on kuulus ainult he asja lehmade poolest Oma eelmises koolis oli Miles tuntud kui k ige suurem krutskivend kuid Haigu

  • Title: Kaks kaaki
  • Author: Mac Barnett Jory John Kevin Cornell Kristel Liiv
  • ISBN: 9789949343478
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Miles Murphy pole kohe ldse nnelik, kui ta peab kolima Haigutuse Orgu, linna, mis on kuulus ainult he asja lehmade poolest Oma eelmises koolis oli Miles tuntud kui k ige suurem krutskivend, kuid Haigutuse Orus on juba oma krutskivend kes on oma ametis pealegi eriti osav Kui Miles tahab oma kurikuulsat mainet s ilitada, tuleb tal astuda enneolematuid ulakusi t Miles Murphy pole kohe ldse nnelik, kui ta peab kolima Haigutuse Orgu, linna, mis on kuulus ainult he asja lehmade poolest Oma eelmises koolis oli Miles tuntud kui k ige suurem krutskivend, kuid Haigutuse Orus on juba oma krutskivend kes on oma ametis pealegi eriti osav Kui Miles tahab oma kurikuulsat mainet s ilitada, tuleb tal astuda enneolematuid ulakusi t is samme.Algab eepiline riukalik s da, kus ks vembumees astub vastu teisele, relvadeks ainult vigurid, tembud ja salasepitsused hel p eval aga otsustavad need kaks oma j ud hendada, et toime panna k ige suurem koerus, mida maamunal n htud.

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    1. Review update: I quite literally have 12 year old boys lining up at the door asking for copies of this book by name, which, coming from the kinds of kids who don't remember to write down homework, really says something about the story's appeal.My book talk for Terrible Two was minimal: I asked kids for examples of pranks, I told them that Miles Murphy would find those pranks junior league, and then I read out loud the passage towards the beginning where Miles Murphy is deciding what kind of pers [...]

    2. So much fun! I love this way more than Big Nate or Wimpy Kid, but I think it will appeal to the same audience :)

    3. Miles ist ein fabulöser Streichespieler, doch dann muss er mit seiner Mom in ein Kuhkaff ziehen und all seine harte Arbeit und sein Ruf sind dahin. Als er sich mit dem ruhigen Niles anfreundet wird aber das Streiche-spielen-Feuer neu entfacht und besonders der Direktor der Schule muss sich in acht nehmen! Die Illustrationen im Roman haben mir mit am besten gefallen - diese sind einfach super cool und reichlich vorhanden. Fast auf jeder Seite gibt es passend zum Inhalt Illustrationen, die mir de [...]

    4. I'm not sure why this book doesn't have a solid 5.0 rating. Or at least a 4.99. This book is EXCELLENT! And I'm not just saying that because I am a huge fan of Mac Barnett and Kevin Cornell.Miles is a new student in the town of Yawnee- a town that is mostly famous for it's cows. He hates that he had to move to this town; in his old town by the ocean, he was known as the Prankster. And on his first day of school, Miles finds out that another student already holds the title of Prankster- someone w [...]

    5. This was a cute, quick read--great for fans of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and the Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life series. There are lots of jokes and pranks and facts about cows (yup.). Perfect for struggling and/or reluctant readers.

    6. Better than Patterson's Middle School series about Rafe, because it doesn't try too hard to be so much. There's a lot of craftsmanship here, but it doesn't show - this reads very light, funny of course, but not overly silly or crazy. The bully, and how he is dealt with, is different than any other I've met. Instead of getting to know the families of the boys, we get to know the principal (kind of; I have to admit he's just a bit implausible). There are no diversions to mean girls, or kindly jani [...]

    7. Multi-award winning humorous middle school chapter book that will draw in even reluctant readers. The characters were mischievous makers of chaos, but I enjoyed that they were above average intelligent and creative ones with a code of honor. Also enjoyed the collaborating illustrator's comic panels randomly through out this chapter book that added to the story line.Language: No profanitySensuality content: Squeaky G clean.Source: Prime Reading Loan.

    8. A book for all readers, particularly "particular ones" as Jon Scieska would call them. It is full of cow facts that seem to make no sense until the final resolution and what a resolution it is. A school story, a story about a bully who gets what he deserves (though his dad may shape up a bit sooner than seems real), a story about unlikely friends and about pranks.d oh what pranks they are This book should almost come with a cautionary statement, don't try these in your school. Light-hearted but [...]

    9. Closer to a 3.5.I'm always impressed that the trope of pranks and pranksters persists within middle grade books. This is another one of those stories, this time about a new kid at school who was the great pranksters at his old school up against the kid who consistently outsmarts him.This is a fun, fast read with wide middle grade appeal even if it's not too deep and feels understandably derivative. Still a good time, though, and worth a read for this age group.

    10. This was a quick and entertaining read about two boys who want to be their school's biggest pranksters. Fans of Big Nate and Diary of a Wimpy Kid series would find much to enjoy in this book.

    11. Out of the many, many books I've read over my lifetime, I can safely say that I've never read one quite like The Terrible Two. Which isn't two surprising considering Mac Barnett is one of the authors. His books are always a bit wacky, in a fun way of course. I'm not particularly big on pranks myself, I think they cause too much trouble, but I did quite enjoy this book. The magnitude and quality of the pranks that Miles and his opponent conjure up are quite impressive. It would be easier to be sy [...]

    12. Um livro juvenil muito divertido cheio de partidas geniais! Gostei especialmente da última com as vaquinhas, mas a dos grilos também não ficou atrás. A história é complementada por boas ilustrações que ajudam a criar a ilusão de que estamos a ler e a ver ao mesmo tempo o filme a desenrolar-se na nossa mente. E foi essa a sensação que tive ao longo do livro, de que as personagens pareciam saídas de um filme de animação. Diverti-me muito com Miles & Niles, até com o director Bar [...]

    13. I wasn't too sure about this book once I started listening to it. The narrator wasn't doing it for me. I really like Barnett's other books so I switched over to reading it myself. It was so much better and the illustrations were great! They reminded me of Blake's illustrations for Roald Dahl's books. I enjoyed how much planning went into the pranks that were pulled in the book. Very clever.

    14. Yawnee Valley and Principal Barkin of Yawnee Valley Science and Letters Academy are both obsessed with cows, pranks, and the pranksters who committed the pranks. Enter Miles Murphy, a kid who moved from a school far away where he was top prankster. He expects he will be top prankster at Yawnee Valley Science and Letters Academy, too.However, the top prankster (a name I will leave unknown), has something to say about Miles expectation. This prankster is out to out-prank the supposed king of prank [...]

    15. Class pranks, evolving friendships, and buffoonish adults -- goofy fun! Looking forward to reading the next books in the series.

    16. You know what makes this book better? Listening to it with a 6 & 8 year old who found the whole thing very funny!

    17. Rating and review by my 9yo.This book is about 2 little annoying kids that are bad pranksters.I didn't like it because they were annoying and bad pranksters.

    18. Някои от вас може би си спомнят едно свежо сериалче, което навремето вървеше по Fox Kids. Заглавието беше „What’s with Andy?” (в преводите варираше между „Анди, разкажи!” и „Ах, този Анди!”), и главният герой, Анди Ларкин, беше професионален калпазанин, клоунът на класа и шегобиец по [...]

    19. Hey, This Wasn't Terrible At AllThere are a lot of middle grade books out there that are funny. Some are clever. Some are manic. Some are silly. But very few have the kind of deadpan wit and subtle throwaway lines that you will find in this book. The plot is antic enough. Our hero, Miles, is the new kid at school, plans to be the school's top prankster, and has to dethrone the current anonymous top prankster. Right off the bat I was concerned, because usually prankster books turn on farts, booge [...]

    20. ***Spoiler Alert*** This book is called The Terrible Two. It's a fiction book. It is in the humorous genre. I really liked this book it was a great story.This is character vs character. This story takes place in Yawnee Valley. A kid named Miles moved into a new school in Yawnee Valley. He wanted to become the biggest prankster in school. First he had to find out if the school already had a prankster. Since Miles is the new kid he has to stay with the school helper for the year. This kid is named [...]

    21. Miles is moving to Yawnee Valley along with his parents, a place with larger spaces, bigger lawns, and lots of cows. He had been known in his last school as the prankster, but upon arrival at his first day of school Miles discovers that there is another prankster already at work. That prankster has put the principal’s car at the top of the stairs to the entrance to the school, blocking it so that no one can enter. So Principal Barkin is forced to have each and every kid at school climb through [...]

    22. Miles is not thrilled about moving to Yawnee Valley; it's so boring there that the most interesting thing to talk about appears to be COWS. Miles was a great prankster at his old school and has a notebook of his pranks, so he doesn't quite know what to think when the first day of school is marked by Principal Barkin's hatchback being placed at the top of the school's stairs, blocking the entry way! Barkin immediately accuses Miles, who is annoyed that he has to be in the company of Niles, the "s [...]

    23. Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meuMiles este nefericit. Pentru că a fost nevoit să se mute în Valea Căscatului (Yawnee Valley) și pentru că s-a despărțit de prietenii săi cei mai buni. Pentru că-n Valea Ionii nu sunt decât vaci. Pentru că e înscris la o nouă școală unde nu știe pe nimeni și unde trebuie să-și refacă numele de cel mai mare farsor al școlii. Doar că la Academia de Științe Exacte și Socio-Umane din Valea Ionii este deja un farsor. [...]

    24. This is the first book in The Terrible Two series by Mac Barnett. The story is short and humorous and I loved the narration by Adam Verner - his character voices are hilarious and over-the-top, but in a wonderful way. (I love his voice for Stuart).The concept of trying to carve out an identity, especially after having to move and start a new school is something that many children will identify with. When Miles and his family move to Yawnee, Wyoming "Come Look at Our Cows," he decides that he is [...]

    25. Yawnee Valley is a small town with not much going for it, except for cows. Miles Murphy is not very happy when his family moves there. He was quite comfortable with his old home, school, and friends. Most importantly he was the uncontested best prankster at his old school. Now he has to start all over. It gets worse when he gets to his new school only to find they already have a prankster, and he is quite good. In order to take the lead spot, Miles must engage in an all out prank war!I am not ge [...]

    26. Confidence. Mischief. Danger. Those are three things you do NOT want to see in your rival's smile. All Miles Murphy lives and breathes are pranks. Pranking is all he knows. It's what he's a master at. When he moves to the boring town of Yawnee Valley, famous for cows-yes, COWS, he is determined to do what he does best-prank. However, there is already a master pranker in Yawnee. Someone, dare I say it, BETTER than Miles! Miles must figure out who this pranker is and how to beat him at his game, b [...]

    27. This book was seriously funny and I highly recommend the audiobook. Miles is the best prankster at his school. It's what he's known for. So when his family moves from their seaside town to the town of Yawnee (about as exciting as it sounds), Miles knows he's going to have to pull some awesome pranks so that the kids at this new school know exactly who they're dealing with. But when Miles gets to school on the first day and sees that someone has parked the principal's car on top of the steps, rig [...]

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