Surfacing Used to luxurious high profile city life Chris s world is shattered when tragedy takes his husband and young son Seeking a life free from pain Chris returns to his grandfather s cabin on the shores

  • Title: Surfacing
  • Author: Daniel Stephens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Used to luxurious, high profile city life, Chris s world is shattered when tragedy takes his husband and young son Seeking a life free from pain, Chris returns to his grandfather s cabin on the shores of Wolf Thorn Lake, Maine.When Chris meets Jake, the earthy young man who resides across the lake, Chris faces his most challenging decision yet Does he continue his life aUsed to luxurious, high profile city life, Chris s world is shattered when tragedy takes his husband and young son Seeking a life free from pain, Chris returns to his grandfather s cabin on the shores of Wolf Thorn Lake, Maine.When Chris meets Jake, the earthy young man who resides across the lake, Chris faces his most challenging decision yet Does he continue his life alone, or does he risk his heart and the potential of love he sees illuminated in Jake s warm eyes A young man running from pain, a rural free spirit with the ability to heal, and a wolf who haunts the shore line of Wolf Thorn Lake illustrate the endurance of the human heart, the capacity to learn how to love again, and the heart s ability to restore even the most wounded of men.

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    1. After the tragic loss of both his husband and his son, Chris decides to leave the city and head up to Maine where his grandfather has left him a cabin by Wolf Thorn Lake. Still very much at a loss as to what to do with his life now, he figures he can fix up the cabin that has been left alone for far too long and try to make sense of everything. But while the cabin is much as expected, the town and the people in it are more than a little surprising. Especially the laid-back hippie cook at the loc [...]

    2. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.25 starsSurfacing is an interesting book. I liked it, but I’m having a difficult time trying to put why I liked it into words. Sure, I love when a character overcomes adversity and falls in love. However, as a started to read Surfacing, I began to worry. Chris was so overwhelmed by his grief, and he didn’t seem to actually want to get past it, even though he told his friends he did. He knew he should, but it was so difficult for him. I had a knot in my stomach, and I [...]

    3. This is a story of grief and new hope. Chris’ grief is wrenching and overwhelming at the start of the story and there are times where honesty of his grief makes this a difficult book to read.The grief in this book is tempered by a hope of new beginnings and the beauty of the New England setting. I really loved the lyrical quality of the writing in this story. Some passages are really beautiful to read and some of the descriptions are incredibly moving. But while the prose was moving, there wer [...]

    4. Gentle and heartbreakingIt's a sad story that ends up being an emotional rollercoaster. Not a typical MM romance, but that's the part of this story that works. Chris is dealing, well, trying to deal with a loss that has spent two years overcome with grief. It brings a lot of emotions in the story, and the writing style takes a little getting used to, but it works. It works for the writer, for the story and for the characters. It's written how it's supposed to be, and if you like MM romances, tha [...]

    5. Surfacing is without a doubt one of the best romances I have read. I just loved it! Mr. Stephens mixes deep emotions with Native American lore to make a love story that is absolutely unforgettable. I know that I will be reading and re-reading Surfacing for many years to come. If you read only one book before the end of 2017, then make it Surfacing by Mr. Stephens; it is a phenomenal love story.ReginaReviewer for Coffee Time Romance & MoreFull Review @ Coffee Time Romance & More

    6. Loved his book.Great storyline, interesting characters - main and secondary, and just enough angst.I was given a copy of this novel by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    7. I really liked this story. It is about a man who has lost his partner and child at the same time and he is trying to find himself again. He can’t do it in the home they built together so he goes to his grandfather’s cabin. He meets the people of the town and they all are so happy to have him there. They welcome him like family. One in particular has an eye for him, Jake. Jake is a great guy but pushes too soon and Chris runs back to the city fighting his feelings for Jake.Jake is lost withou [...]

    8. This is my first book by this author and it was very different them what I’m used to. I really didn’t understand the wolf thing but overall it was a really a great story. This book starts a year and a half after Chris lost his husband and his son in a tragic car accident. This was a story about hope and strength and finding new love. As I read I found myself feeling the loss that Chris was feeling. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see what Chris was going through. I really love an author t [...]

    9. ~I received a free copy of this book to read for Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review~3 stars M/MThe blurb for this book made me want to read the book right off the bat. The first few chapters were good, I really got into the book and then it took a strange turn. The whole wolf legend threw me off and the way the author tried to write as if they were writing poetry or something. I can’t put my finger on it but it just took a nose dive for me. I wanted more Chris and Jake and le [...]

    10. Chris is lost, and he is trying to find his way again by moving into the house that his grandfather left for him.Jake is carefree guy, and when he meets Chris he thinks Chris is out of his reach, but he knows he’s the man for him.They have a connection, they both know it, but Chris has to find his way out of the pain.The premises behind the book and Chris’ journey to finding himself keeps you turning the page. I swear I wanted to know why the wolf was so important. Jake’s grandmother was a [...]

    11. Original review on Molly LollyFour stars!This was a lovely story though it was heart wrenching to see the pan Chris went through in this story. There’s also a bit of mysticism throughout that adds an interesting dynamic. I enjoyed how it was woven into the story. I enjoyed seeing how the changing of the seasons and Chris’s stages of grief and growth paralleled each other.Chris was fascinating. He was so hurt at the start of the story that I wondered if he and Jake were going to make it. But [...]

    12. Surfacing is the engrossing story of a young man, hurt beyond belief and grieving, lost to his world but desperately trying to reconnect. Everywhere he turns, he drowns in memories of the life and loves that have been taken from him. So he returns to his roots, to the cabin where he spent the summers with his grandparents, hoping to find some solace. What he finds is a family - a group of people where many of them remember him from his youth. Where he can find out just who he is, and learn to de [...]

    13. This is a more uncommon romance, about two men. But it's about so much more, namely the way community can become a chosen family, and how love can overcome just about anything, especially grief. In fact, maybe it's the only thing that really can. I hate reviews that tell the story, so suffice to say that the author is a keen observer of human emotion and interaction, and is masterful at choosing the telling detail to conjure exactly the right one he wishes to evoke in his readers at any given po [...]

    14. C+ AAR review allaboutromance/book-review/sDaniel Stephens has written an interesting romance about starting again. Some parts are reminiscent of Call of the Wild by Jack London whilst the main story is rife with rather over stylised metaphors.…a soft song rose from her chest in a series of howls. It rose and fell over the lake as though carried on wings of ruby-black silk. A subtle howl, uniting the living, honouring the dead, and bringing a peaceful close to another night on Wolf Thorn Lake. [...]

    15. This is a book about coming home again. A book about finding your way into the light after being in the dark for too long. It's a book about letting go of the past and looking to the future. It is a book about letting go of fear and learning to love again.It is an amazing book and has so much depth too it.Jake has been to H€LL and back. He lost his husband and son at the same time to a drunk driver. When he lost them he quit living. He just remained in the time and space but he did not really [...]

    16. This was an emotional and healing read about Chris, who lost his husband and son in one accident. It has been 18 months and Chris cannot live anymore in the penthouse they built as a home. He has decided to move back to Wolf Thorn Lake, Maine, and start fresh in his Grandfather’s cabin that was left to him. Jake, is a laid-back, easy-going, sexy man who lives for the now. He went through his own personal demons and has moved on with the help of his extended family at Wolf Thorn Lake. When thes [...]

    17. By Daniel Stephens (mm/romance)A copy of this book was provided to me by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.***3 STARS***I'm really not sure What to think of This book. The writing style kind of threw me off. It wasn't bad, just unexpected. The story is about A Man who lost two of the most important ppl in his life. Almost 2 years later, he moves Back Into his grandfather's cabin, hoping for A new beginning. Chris meets Jake and realizes That he Isn't over his past and Is drown [...]

    18. It would seem that healing with a touch of Native spiritualism is a thing for me. This is the 2nd book I have read this year with these themes and both of them moved me beyond words. Perhaps it's the wisdom found in native healing that draws me, I don't know. What I do know is that they are a powerful combination. This book is about the process of life and having to choose between the safety of stagnating or the risk of letting go and allowing oneself to grow.

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