Identity Unknown

Identity Unknown MISSING MEMORIES When a John Doe washes up on the shores of Calico Bay no one knows who he is including him But one thing s instantly clear to deputy sheriff Audrey Martin the man s marked for murder

  • Title: Identity Unknown
  • Author: Terri Reed
  • ISBN: 9780373677795
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • MISSING MEMORIES When a John Doe washes up on the shores of Calico Bay, no one knows who he is including him But one thing s instantly clear to deputy sheriff Audrey Martin the man s marked for murder And she s the only one who can protect him from the assassins who lurk at every turn The arrival of a team of men claiming he s Canadian Border Services officer NathanialMISSING MEMORIES When a John Doe washes up on the shores of Calico Bay, no one knows who he is including him But one thing s instantly clear to deputy sheriff Audrey Martin the man s marked for murder And she s the only one who can protect him from the assassins who lurk at every turn The arrival of a team of men claiming he s Canadian Border Services officer Nathanial Longhorn only further complicates the matter As his memories slowly start drifting back, Nathanial s determined to work with Audrey to uncover who wants him dead and why But he s tangled in something that threatens to submerge them both And unless Audrey can help him figure out what, this Christmas might be their last.

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    1. IDENTITY UNKNOWN is one of the better romantic suspenses I've read recently. An unknown man washing up on shore, a female police officer desperate to protect him, and someone trying to kill him -- a twist on the tried and true woman on the run plot line, this read fresh. I enjoyed getting to know Audrey and John aka Nathanial and finding out what and who was behind the attempted killings. I thought I had it figured out once but at the last minute there was a twist, and well, I was wrong. Fans of [...]

    2. Whoa! You'll need an oxygen mask and a defibrillator for this one! Action-packed and deliciously romantical. Nathaniel's struggle to try to figure out what kind of man he is gives the love story an alluring edge. And Audrey, intent on proving herself in a man's world, has absolutely no intention of falling for a stranger who doesn't remember anything before he opened his eyes and saw her bending over him. Sigh. Like I said, romantical. Of course, the author leads these two on a not-so-merry chas [...]

    3. I love it when I get a story in my hands, that pulls me in from the first page, and makes me forget everything else I was supposed to do while I'm flipping the pages as fast as I can. Identity Unknown was that to me, and I enjoyed every moment of it. The suspense and action are explosive in the story. The constant fear and danger in the air, lift the tension high, and the amnesia makes it so intense, it is nearly tangible. The fact that there are very few whom Audrey and Nathanial can trust tigh [...]

    4. Identity Unknown is a love inspired suspense by Terri Reed. It is one of the Northern Border Patrol books. It is set in Calico Bay, Maine and in Canada. Deputy Audrey Martin is on patrol in Calico Bay when she gets a call to check out something on the beach. When she arrives, she sees a masked man pulling another man back into the ocean. As she closes in on them, the masked man fires on her and then runs. She immediately radios it in and chases after the masked man. She loses him when he takes o [...]

    5. I seem to be reading a lot of books lately with retrograde amnesia. This one was interesting since he still remembered his training even though he didn't remember anything else. Kind of reminds me of the girl in Blindspot who is still quite lethal even though she can't remember anything else.I really liked Audrey. I like women who know what they want and are strong enough to handle anything. I love how protective she was. But I must admit I didn't like the complete role reversal. I"m still a tra [...]

    6. Title: Identity Unknown - Northern Border Patrol Book 5Author: Terri ReedPublisher: Love Inspired SuspensePublished: 10-4-2016Pages: 224Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & SuspenseSub-Genre: Contemporary Romance; Police Procedurals; InspirationalISBN: 9780373447701ASIN: B01CZ5SVAIReviewed For NetGalley and HarlequinReviewer: DelAnneRating: 4.75 StarsMISSING MEMORIES When a John Doe washes up on the shores of Calico Bay, no one knows who he is—including him. But one thing's instantly clear to deput [...]

    7. Identity Unknown, book five in the Northern Border Patrol, was very good and possibly the best of the series! I liked the characters and the plot was so interesting. I loved learning, along with the MC, his memory and what happened that day.The romance was great. A little quick, but not too bad. The suspense was superb and pretty much non-stop. I didn't guess the little twist in the end.All in all, a great read. I really enjoyed it and recommend Identity Unknown.*I received a complimentary eBook [...]

    8. This is the last book in the Northern Border Patrol Series and is an awesome addition to the series. I don't know about you but I love Terri's work. This book is well written, action packed, and full of adventure. This is a wonderful way to end her series.Deputy Sheriff Audrey Martin is called out to a large object that has been washed up on the beach. When she arrives she find it's a man. She's surprised to find out that he is still alive. While she wait for the ambulance; she tries to get eye [...]

    9. This is the first book I've read by Terri Reed. I enjoy romantic suspense and this book delivers. I really enjoyed the story and characters. And I liked that the setting carried the reader across the US border into Canada. I will definitely read more of Terri's books!

    10. Title: Identity Unknown (Northern Border Patrol #5)Author: Terri ReedPages: 220Year: 2016Publisher: Love InspiredMy rating is 4 stars.Nathaniel Longhorn wakes up in a strange place with no memory of who he is now or who he was in the past. He is in the hospital and a pretty deputy sheriff, Audrey Martin, is responsible for that. She found him washed up on the Maine shoreline, unconscious and about to be thrown back in by an unknown assailant. She rescues Nathaniel and gets him safely to the hosp [...]

    11. Let me begin by saying that although this is book #5 in a series, it can be read as a stand alone novel. I have not read anything else from this series, and at no point did I feel like I missed anything by not reading any of the prior novels. I also want to point out (as I know this may not be everyone's cup of tea), but the character do pray together a few times, and there are some references to God laced within the story. That being said. This story felt so unrealistic for me that it was hard [...]

    12. "Identity Unknown" is a Christian romantic suspense novel. It's the fifth book in a series, but each novel can be read as a stand alone. There were plenty of gun fights as the people out to kill Nathanial were very determined. The continuous threat posed by the bad guys created suspense. However, there were a number of unrealistic details, like prying open elevator doors with one's bare hands and throwing with great precision a knife not designed for this.The romance didn't work for me, especial [...]

    13. Ambushed, hit in the head, thrown into the ocean, washed up on the beach and left for dead, Nathanial Longhorn doesn’t know who he is when Deputy sheriff Audrey Martin finds him. Even just getting him to the hospital is riddled with danger! Sworn to protect him at all costs, they have to work together to not only find out who he is, but why someone is out to kill him! Can they unravel the truth before it’s too late? This is a thrill ride from the get-go! I love this authors style of storytel [...]

    14. I loved this book! I didn't want to put it down! So glad I received an early copy of this book from the author Terri Reed in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed reading all the Northern Border Patrol books and am sorry that this is the last book in the series.Even though this book is part of the Northern Border Patrol series, it can be read alone. Author Terri Reed did a great job by using Canadian Border Services officer Nathanial's amnesia as an opportunity for the other members of his te [...]

    15. This is book 5 in the Northern Border Patrol series, however I feel it is a stand alone book. I have not read any other books in this series and had no trouble keeping up with what was going on. I would now like to go back and read them all though if they are all as good as this one. I am sure there is background on many of the sub characters in this book, in the previous ones.This book is full of mystery, suspense, drama, romance, gun fights, car chases and much much more. It is well written, w [...]

    16. I found this book to be very exciting! It held and kept my interest from the first page. I've always enjoyed amnesia stories and this was a good one. I'm fascinated by them! In this case, imagine washing up on the shore of a Maine beach and not knowing if you are a good guy or a bad guy??!! That is the case with this John Doe (aka Nathanial Longhorn). All he knows is that someone is trying to kill him, as if washing up on a freezing beach isn't bad enough! Thankfully, Deputy Sheriff Audrey Marti [...]

    17. A man washes up on the shore in Calico Bay, but he has no idea who he is doesn't remember his nameBut their is one instantly clear to Deputy Sheriff Audrey Martin the man's is marked for murder.She's the only one who can protect the man from a assassins who could be lurking at every turn or corner. Canadian Border Services Officer Nathaniel Longhorn only further complicates the matter. As his memories slowly start to come back they drifting in and out.Nathaniel's determined that he want's to wor [...]

    18. Identity Unknown by Terri Reed is the final installment in the Border Patrol series. It has a captivating opening scene and is full of action. I've been following the series and this was a satisfying ending to it. We have been waiting for Nathaniel’s story and we were not disappointed. Characters from the other books made appearances however each of the books stand alone and can be read separately. I received this book from NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive reviewYou can see my [...]

    19. John Doe washes up on the shores of Calico Bay, he doesn't even know who he is. Deputy sheriff Audrey Martin found him and saved his life on several occasions. It seems she's the only one who can protect him from the assassins who lurk everywhere. A team of men claiming he's Canadian Border Services officer Nathanial Longhorn don't reduce his risk. No wonder Audrey thinks she has to personally protect him even if it puts her at risk. How are they keeping track of them? Who on the inside is a tra [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book there was so much going on to keep me hooked and it was hard to put down. I loved that there was plenty mystery of what was going on and questioning if there was really someone doing an inside job working for the bad guys. I loved that the Audrey worked hard to be where she was in a male dominated work force or at least made dominated where she comes from. She made a name for herself and doesn't back down. She makes sure she gets her job done and well. I enjoyed watchi [...]

    21. "This is a thrill ride from the get-go!" (review @ Harlequin) To read more, go HERE> harlequin/storeitemMiniseries: Northern Border Patrol

    22. Identity Unknown is a thrill ride! From start to finish, I was hooked and wanted to see what would happen next. I like the twist in character stereotypeere was no damsel in distress, the damsel was the police officer helping the man. Great story - Kudos to Terri Reed for a strong book.

    23. That was crazy going around with no memory and people trying to kill you. Just when I thought I figured out who the mole was, it turns out that he wasn't the mole but was forced to do something and the guy I didn't suspect ends up being the bad cop.

    24. Quick, easy read. I loved that Audrey is a strong woman in her own right and was able to hold her own among the other police officers and other agents.

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